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Zombie story

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Thriller / Humor
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Chapter 1

I dont particularly hate school, its just it gets boring when you have to do online work for the whole period, it gets tedious. "Hey lila, how do you answer this?" Madeliene is not the best in math, but she makes it up with humor, she turns her computer towards me, we sit right across from eachother. The question she wants me to help her with is '-15/-5=?' Shes really not good at math. "Thats easy 7th grade math kid, 'answer is 3." Vivi sits next to madeliene, she has a packet on her desk, but insists oh helping her, shes short but energetic, striped shirt to go with her explosive personality. Vivi starts helping madeliene, shes not the best teacher, too childish.

In the midst of vivi helping her, the bell rings, so its lunch now. We start packing up. We start walking through the hallway, the math teacher telling us our homework for today in the background. We walk together in a group through the light green hallways with the stories of different countries as we pass geography class, where destiny is. "I like geography and all, but theres just too many countries!" I would classify destiny as a smart go-to person for trivia type questions. "Right, like why is there so many countries?" Vivi has a high-pitched voice, like a chipmunk. We reach the stairwell, the paint on the metal rails is tan, though you can barely see it because its so packed. Vivi and them go down to the cafeteria, i go to library, up. Madeliene waves, i wave back, a laptop in my other hand.

The library doors have different type of books on it, all colorful, windows twice the size of me to the hallway towards the library, letting in as much light as possible. I open the metal door, the library is so spacious, the librarian on a stepstool putting books into shelves, the floor is a nice polished brown wooded pattern, the middle of the library, 4 sofas surrounding a table."Hi lila! How are you?" The librarian shouting through the spacious room. I walk towards her, handing my library pass to the librarian. "Good! Im feeling like reading that mystery book you gave me." The librarians face lights up like a dog getting a bone, i cant help but smile. I walk towards a white table with 5 chairs, connected to another table with another 5. A person sitting in one of those seats, from the back of his head i can tell hes xavier, an 8th grader. Hes a grade higher than me but acts like a person whos in 7th. He turns around, as if he heard me walking towards him, i can see what he was looking at, a packet. "Hi lila." "Hi xavier." He gets up to get the connect 4 game. I sit down and put my laptop down, he slams the connect 4 on the table right after, the sound echos the empty library, even though its a very big room, its only me, him, and the librarian. He starts setting up the board."what books do you like to read lila?" He says as he struggles to put it together. "I like fantasy or thriller, oh and romance. They are all my favorite." He starts to grin. "Thats cool, ive never heard someone openly admitting to liking romance." He finished setting the board. "You can go first." We start playing.

After somehow losing twice and a new game starting, the metal doors open, vivi and madeliene come through, giving the passes to the librarian. Madeliene starts running towards me, vivi following. "Oooh! Connect 4!" She wraps around the tables, sitting next to xavier. Xavier too focused on the game. Vivi starts to walk over here. "Hey kid." "Hi vivian." I feel like im going to win this time."whos winning anyways?" Madeliene starts leaning closer to the game board. "I am." Xavier says it in a snarky way, cocky and all. Im so close to connect 4, and with this move hes definitely not going to win."haha, i win!" He drops the token in the third colomn, dragging his finger over his victory. "Nice!" Madeliene shaking him by the shoulder."me next!" Its cool that i lost, i dont even play connect 4. The metal doors slam open, its destiny, her glasses half off her glasses, it looks like she seen a ghost.


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