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Possessive | Flash Fiction

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"Possessive" is a flash fiction where a man named James is being abducted by a psychotic nurse, who is determined to have him and use him for her own desires. Will James ever break free and escape from his torturous fate at the hand of this psychotic individual? Or is he destined to become her eternal plaything, forever trapped?

Thriller / Horror
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A machete glistens in the moonlight of a rain-soaked forest as its wielder. A nurse is pursuing him. James was sure that he can hear his own heart pounding in his ears and the sounds of dried leaves and branches crunches beneath his feet. He slows down but didn't stop, as he can still hear his captor's footfalls from behind. He was sure Quinn would hurt him if she ever caught up to him.

"Come back here!" She shouts and occasionally throws some branches that she cut off of trees, forward. "James!"

James knew her, he was sure. There was a dental clinic nearby the café he works at, and so he decided to have his yearly exam and this is where they first met. She looked normal, polite, and friendly. However, there was an underlining feeling that something was off underneath that smile. It is as if she already knows him even though they never met before.

He ignores the feeling and continued his check up as normal. After that, he didn't remember but... they become friends and on occasion they would hang out together at the café. Then... what drives her to do things like this?

He wipes the sweat that trickles down to his eyes. Now, he's definitely sure he no longer knew her. As the look in her eyes is a mixture of desperation and...and hunger? As though he was an animal and she was some sort of... a predator?

One of the branches thrown strikes James precisely in the head, causes him to disorient to trip over a tree root and fall face first on the ground. He makes a quick effort to stand up and flee from Quinn, but a blow to the back of his head renders him unconscious.

Darkness surrounded him as James wakes up. He feels a blinding pain at the back of his head... and his hand? He feels as if his limbs are being tied up. As his vision adjusts, he notices he was being tied up to what was clearly a chair. Thank goodness it was a normal chair this time, he thought.

Still, he feels completely helpless, unable to move even one of his limbs. He is tied up painfully tight. Damn that Quinn! He knew that she was never... really normal. She had this way about her that was off, but he didn't quite know why. He thought that he could be there for her, but he was wrong. He was dumb; he was naïve, and trusting, and now he was in a lot of trouble.

James could feel the tight rope cutting his circulation to his arm, bound in ropes that hurt him the more he tries to move. Desperate, he begins frantically gnaw at the rope with his teeth. He attempt to move his legs, but they too were bound so tightly he could barely wriggle them. He can't...give up now.

James begins to scan his surrounding, trying to look for something, anything that might help him escape. The surrounding, he instantly recognizes the room. It was where he was locked up before... wait something is off.

What is that? James strains his eyes, trying to see the object laid on the floor. He squints his eyes to see better in the dark.

Is that... a body?

James gasps for breath, his heart thumping in his chest. He feels a lump growing in his throat and his eyes grow wider in fear as he stares down at the dead woman. His mind swirling from everything he just witnessed. The horror he just witnessed was too... much to handle. He knew that he was going to die and Quinn would make it very painful.

The door swings open. It was James' source of horror. It was Quinn herself.

Quinn turns on the light and walks to where he is. She steps over the body, her lips curves into a sinister smile.

"Oh, you're awake. How nice." She says as her hand trails over James' shoulder, rounding him.

"Y-you killed her!"

"Am I?" she says in a mocking tone. "How did you know? Did you see me do it?"

Quinn stops dead in her tracks in front of James, her hands resting on her knees as she looks down. She tilts her head. "Hmm...no?"

"Okay," Quinn rises up. "Then...shut up!" she turns around towards the body and kicks it. The body flies off the floor onto the room's edges, slamming into the wall with a loud thump.

Quinn watches it fly, her lips forms into a sinister smile. She has a slight look of madness in her eyes, as if she has lost it and gone insane a long time ago.

Quinn spits at the body. "Serves you right, for trying to steal what is mine. Too bad you had to pay for your crimes in blood." She chuckles to herself before looking back at James, whose eye is wide, full of fear.

"Now, now. Your turn, James." She sings songs and takes out a knife from her pocket and stretches her arm pointing it towards James. "What should I do, huh!?"

The sound of boots hitting the ground causes James to shift uncomfortably, forcing him to look at those eyes. The expression of insanity.

"What should we do?" she ask placing both of her hands on each of the armrests. "Huh!?" She shakes the chair multiple times. "Huh? What should we do?"

"I-I don't know." He averts his gaze, blinking several times. Trying to hold back the tears that were about forming. "Why are you doing this?"

"Everything you did," Quinn steps back. "There will be consequences."

"W-what?" James glances at Quinn, trying to understand whatever nonsense she is spewing.

"You cheated on me." Quinn stomps her feet. "With her!" She points the knife towards the body. "Don't you feel ashamed, even for a bit?"

"What the hell Quinn!" James shouts. "I don't even know her!"

"Why are you shouting at me!" Quinn shouts back. "Her name is Olivia, if you forget!"

James contemplates for a moment. "Who the hell is Olivia?!"

"Oh?" Quinn snickers. "So you won't admit it, huh?"

"I barely even know you. We aren't even close. What the hell!" James rolls his eyes as he tries to wriggle out of his chair, ready to strangle that goddamn woman. He didn't care if he died as long as that goddamn woman died, too.


"What!?" James glances up. Quinn is holding a syringe and is now moving closer.

"What the hell is that?" James desperately wriggles and manages to pull out one of his arm. He extends the freed hand to stop Quinn from advancing further. "Stay back!"

"It's a memory altering drug." Quinn replies. "We should try this."

"Like hell I would!" James yells. "Where do you even get those!?"

"Doesn't matter."

"It matters to me."

"No, it doesn't!" Quinn takes a step even closer.

"I'm the one getting jabbed. Of course it matters!" James shouts. "It doesn't even work like what you think it will, you crazy woman!"

James wriggles a bit more and frees his leg. He kicks Quinn directly in the stomach, causing the syringe and knife to fall farther away. Quinn curls while writhing in agony. He got just enough time to escape. He wriggles frantically while looking around for the knife. There, next to Olivia. He succeeds in freeing his other legs, but from the corner of his eyes he can see Quinn has already stood up.

"You!" Quinn steadily rises, her hand rest at her stomach.

They both look at each other intensely before they both rushes for the knife. Quinn quickly reaches for the knife, her hand grasping it firmly, but when she tries to stab James, he uses the chair to hit her in the head, causing an intense pain for her to react to.

James managed to hit her square on the head, causing her to drop the knife. He then pick up the knife himself, and cut the rope around his arm.

"Should I stab you, Quinn?" James asks, while being well aware that his question is ridiculous.

Quinn didn't respond. She lay motionless on the floor, groaning and muttering something under her breath. But James doesn't want to know.

This should be his chances. Should he?

No, he shouldn't.

James begins to walk towards the door. His hand reaches for the doorknobs. But his feet hit something along the way.

It was the memory altering drugs.

"Hey Quinn!" James calls. "I'm kind of curious, so..." James reaches for the syringe on the floor.

"I think I will be stabbing you with this instead."

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