Journey To The East

By Axal All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Action


Journey To The East is set in the 1990s in Chicago, which is split into different neighborhoods in the city, and it takes place in Japan which like Chicago is split into four districts named after regions of the city. The story tells about two protagonists: Lee Jermaine Anderson, a Sociopathic yet charming 23 year old who joins a gang in Riverdale, and Kevin ‘Kay’ Hendrix, a womanizing and sadistic 22 year old involved with the Yakuza. The main story line features on two plots. Lee’s quest to take down the rival gangs so he and his gang can rise to power, and Kay taking down power to Japan’s biggest gangster and the Oyabun of the Yakuza gang game Kenji ‘Snake eyes’ Yamaguchi, and to prove his loyalty to his lieutenants.


‘Hey Emmett, Remember, King-Kong? That boy won’t be a problem to us no more’ Lee says on the phone.

‘That’s what i like to hear, dog, where you at?’ Emmett asks.

‘Down near the shipping container area down at 6401 46th st, your boy’s gonna need a ride you feel me?’ Lee comments, wearing a flannel buttoned down shirt, black jeans, black jacket, some 1984 jordans, and sunglasses,

‘A’ight. I’ll be down there to pick your black ass up’ Emmett laughs.

‘Well you better hurry my tropical ass can’t take the goddamn cold’ Lee replies.

After hanging up, Lee leans on the wall in the alleyway while under a street light, he looks down to see a bald, chubby man wearing a white basketball tank top, Baggy blue jeans, glasses, black shoes, and a gold watch on his left wrist dead on the ground with bullet wounds, one on his head, two on his chest, two on his stomach, and one in his kidney

“At least you’ll keep me company, Kong” Lee says as he kicks King kong’s lifeless body hard in the ribs. “You child intoxicating motherfucker” He says angrily as he spits on his corpse.

After waiting 20 minutes Lee was under a street light playing some game on the gameboy, then he hears a couple of beeps coming from his pager, he picks it up from his pocket and sees a private message on the pager by ‘Kay’

“Kay? What he want?” Lee questions.

As he opens up the message it reas:

‘Lee. I spotted them Yakuza Motherfuckers shipping something on a boat and it’s heading towards chicago, the cargo’s heavily protected by the Yakuza making it look like a fucking army. Now i’ve asked around and they said whatever they have on them is gonna make them lots of money and can take over specific areas of the United states including your own turf here in Chicago’

“What?” Lee says reading the text on the pager

‘Word? Ok, i’ll call up a couple of homies and take care of this’ Lee responds to the pager.

Around 10 seconds later another text reads:

‘Nigga you call your crew and all y’all asses are in danger, they have ways to get information. Dog, you gonna have to sneak your way to the boat, and make sure the boat doesn’t get near the pier, make sure you get that shit the Yakuza have on the boat doesn’t get on the streets’

“Man, the fuck am i gonna do that?” Lee questions himself. “Ah, fuck it” He says.

Lee puts the pager in his pocket and as he was about to leave he looks down behind him and looks at King Kong.

“You better not go anywhere” Lee jokes.

After that he runs out of the alleyway, runs across the street, and made it to the shipping yard container which is closed off by fences all around the front. Lee looked around the area and he sees a truck parked conveniently next to the fence, he runs towards the truck and he climbs over the truck and was on top of the truck.

“Damn not sure i make this jump though...Fuck it” Lee says as he puts on a black bandana mask, and some black gloves on.

He then runs and takes a leap off the truck and made it through the barbed wire and landed feet first inside the storage container yard.

“Success! Bitch!” Lee exclaims quietly. “Now i gotta head to sea. Hopefully i don’t get caught by no punk bitch in here!”

Lee soon then starts walking quietly and discreetly in the shipping yard to find his way to the docks and he sees a boat parked at the pier.

“That must be the boat Kay was talking about” Lee mutters. “Time to get moving”

Lee begins to move he hears footsteps around his direction, he ducks in cover and points his head out and sees people in suits some black, gray, or crimson red, and with sunglasses or with cigarettes in their mouth and they look to be looking around the shipping container yard.

“What the fuck? Who the hell are they?” Lee asked himself.

He notices something in their hands and they look to be holding either Uzis and assault rifles.

“Oh shit that must be the Yakuza” Lee realizes. “Fuck now i really can’t get caught” He says as he starts walking quietly.

“Man, what kind of bullshit did i get myself into?” He mutters under his breath.

After sneaking across the shipping yard he looks around and doesn’t see anyone in his direction and proceeds forward, as he stops across another shipping container he looks at his right side and sees around three people walking around the middle right there guarding the perimeter. After he sees them...His phone starts to ring loud which made Lee jump a bit as he looks in his pocket and it was a call from Emmet.

“Shit!” Lee mutters then hangs up the phone.

何だって?’ (What was that) A Yakuza asked.

‘そこから来た!’ (It came from over there!) Another Yakuza said as he pointed at his right side.

Then the Yakuza starts walking towards the location the cell phone rang.

Lee was panting hard as he his phone rang, then he slowly looks through the corner of the shipping container, As he peeks through the container three Yakuza members was walking towards his location.

‘誰かがそこにいる!彼を殺せ!’ (Someone’s over there! Kill him!) Another Yakuza says as three of the Yakuza pull out their Assault rifles and Uzis.

“Shit!” Lee yells out as he pulls his head back to the shipping container when the Yakuza starts shooting at him.

The gunfire was still going with Lee being pinned to a corner at the shipping container.

“Oh you wanna play?” Lee sarcastically asks.

He then grabs a desert eagle from his pants, empty outs a magazine, puts a new one in and reloads the desert eagle.

“Let’s play then motherfuckers!” Lee says.

As the gunfire was still happening Lee pulls out the Shipping container and starts shooting at the Yakuza. As they were still shooting Gunfire was coming from his left side.

“Shit!” Lee exclaims as he looks at is left and sees a Yakuza shooting at him with a Uzi and gets closer to Lee’s location.

Lee then shots three times with his desert eagle and a bullet eventually went through the Yakuza’s skull. As that was happening Lee runs full sprint towards the dead Yakuza with the three Yakuza members attempting to shoot him. He arrives to the Yakuza member by sliding to his now dead body, grabs his Uzi, digs for some additional ammo which he finds around three magazines, and reloads his uzi. Lee starts climbing up the shipping container and runs on top of it, apparently it left a lot of noise for the Yakuza to track him down and they start shooting at him again.

Lee then shoots down the Yakuza members below him killing all three. He jumped down of the Container and he continues running towards the right side, as he runs passed another shipping container yard, Lee was getting shot at and as he notices the bullets he moved back to cover at the corner of the shipping container, when Lee gets back into cover around eight Yakuza members walked towards Lee’s location reloading there weapons.

“Fuck” Lee says.

“あなたはちょっと死ぬ!” (Die you little shit!)

Lee then fires his Uzi while the Yakuza who are cornering him are doing the same thing, Lee manages to kill at least two of them before climbing up to the container, running down on it again, and killing most of them, he looks as he killed the Yakuza members on his right side he jumps down and runs away from the other Yakuza members on his left side who are shooting at him. The moment Lee turned to his left something got in his way and he fell and landed hard on his back as he attempts to get back up, there was an Assault Rifle pointed at his face, he looks up and he sees a Yakuza member with shades on wearing a black suit and he was smirking with him putting an M16 to Lee’s face and Lee is scowling at the guy and the gun.


Before the Shipping Container shootout.

Osaka, Japan. 1:15 A.M. 1991.

It is pouring pretty hard in the rain, street signs are still lit up in the dark night, in the city there was a giant building. And inside near the top business floor there was a man in a silhouette shadow looking out the giant glass window with his chair turned away from his desk. On his desk is a double shot glass of Sake which haven’t been drunk out of yet. A few seconds later a door was slammed open with two men in suits dragging a man whose head was slumped down, after words they pushed the man away from them as he hits the floor.

“起きなさい、あなたはコックサッカー!(Get up, you cocksucker!) ” One of the men in suits said as he moved the man he dragged away from them.

The man the two suited men dragged quickly gets up as he was whimpering in fear as well as being in a bowing position and his face looking battered, bruised, and bloody.

“あなたは愚かな性交を起こすと言った! (We said get up you stupid fuck!)” Another one of the men in suit said as he grabs the bruised man from his short hair violently whole the man was screaming a bit.

“Tougo!” The silhouetted man in the chair said.

His chair is still turned around, he lifted his hand above him. Tougo then gritted his teeth, and sighed as he pushed the bruised man down the ground.

“Jackie!” The guy in the chair says as the bruised man now known as ‘Jackie’ starts looking at the silhouetted man in the chair. “ 話す (Speak)”

“すみません、蛇の目。申し訳ありませんが、あなたのお金はまだありません。ごめんなさい!(I’m sorry snake eyes. I don’t have the money yet, I’m sorry)” Jackie says pleading for his life.

“そうですか...私はかなり失望している、ジャッキー” Snake eyes says calmly.

“お願いします...私が必要とするすべての もう少し時間がかかります. 私には家族がいる する必要があるサポート, お願いします! (Please...All i need is a little more time. I have a family i need to support please!)

‘私は知っている、ジャッキー. 私は確かに 持っ 家族 として よく (I know, Jackie. I indeed have a family as well)’ Snake eyes said as he slowly turns his chair around but his body is still silhouetted.

‘父親として, あなたは何でもします あなたは守る きみの 愛された もの. たとえ嘘をついていたとしても、信頼を失う, 許されない犠牲をする’ (As a father, you do whatever it takes to protect your loved ones. Even if it means lying, losing their trust, and make unforgivable sacrifices) ’Snake eyes says.

‘これをあなたの犠牲と考えてください’ (Consider this your sacrifice)

His hand comes out of the shadows and his hand was showing a snake ring on his middle finger and some gray clothing is shown as a glock 35 handgun is on that same hand.

‘いいえ!ああ親愛なる神, いいえ!ああ、神の嘆願 -’

A gunshot was heard, and Jackie’s now lifeless body has made a loud thud on the floor with the bullet wound through the head. After that there was a few seconds worth of science with Jackie’s blood spilling through the floor.

‘Tougo’ Snakes eyes broke the moment of silence with that word after that.

‘はい!’ Tougo says bowing.

Both Jin and Tougo lifted ‘Jackies’ body and they both left the building. Then snake eyes turns his chair around as he takes a sip from his Sake, he puts the glass of sake back on his desk and he stands up looking at the city in the night sky.

‘いつこれらの愚か者が学びますか?彼らは私から隠れることはできません、誰もすることはできません。そして、彼らが覚えておく必要があるのは、これらの言葉です ‘すべての見て、すべての知っている’ (When will these fools ever learn. They can’t escape from me, no one can. And all they need to remember is these words ‘All seeing, All knowing’) He said after opening his green eyes.

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