The Hyperion Protocol

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Former CIA operative turned assassin has a secret, she can kill with her mind. Ashley Sauvage finds pleasure in many things, in many people. What she finds most compelling is her life as an independent contractor for the CIA. A former operative, now she works for hire. Her abilities go deeper than her weapons skills. She doesn't have to use a weapon to kill. She uses her mind. Her first contract was of a Korean Commerce Minister whom she killed with a brain aneurysm. She was meters away when it happened, but close enough to hear the sirens wail. For years she held onto a single belief, her mother was still alive. The cover story was that she died in a car accident. She'd seen her mother drive, short of the NASCAR circuit, there was none better. Then there was the difference in eye color and hair style. The woman they buried when Ashley was six, was not her mother. Deep inside, she knew it. She spent the profits from her contracts on private investigators and confidential informants that led her to one source, a Black Ops file named Operation Moonglow. Now she must prove the nature of Operation Moonglow, as well as her mother's whereabouts.

Thriller / Adventure
Bryan Carlile
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Sejon Regional Government Complex, Sejon City, South Korea

June 1993

The morning air sat still. A dull haze embraced the city. Its ember long faded from the dawn. The Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy, Chin Yong-sun, sat in his office waiting for his next appointment. He quietly drank his WuYi Yan Cha tea. He felt a sharp pain behind his eyes. He reached to put down his cup and missed the edge of the desk. It fell and shattered on the floor. He called for his secretary, but nothing intelligible came out. His vision blurred and he felt his arms go numb. Blood dripped from his ears, and he slumped over from a brain aneurysm.

“Mr. Yong-sun, it is I, Pretoria. Mr. Yong-sun are you alright?” His secretary beckoned.

But he was gone. The light faded from his eyes and his spirit left his body.

Across the parking lot sat a lone figure staring at the Government Complex. Without so much as a rifle, the Hyperion dealt a death blow. The whirring throb of Police vehicles filled the air. The warble of their sirens was unmistakable. Soon the Coroner would come and claim the body. The Hyperion smiled. Another one for the books. One-hundred Thousand US dollars would wind up in a numbered account. A small price to pay for the benefit of removing a man from office, permanently. The reasons didn’t matter. All that was important was the kill.

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