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Locker 145

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Locker 145 is a locker that is almost abandoned, no one has owned it in years. Then one day four kids get notes in their locker from locker 145. There was Jordan Soto, Wendoly Castillo Perez, Piper Creegan, and Jaxon Dykes who got notes in their locker. Jordan was dating someone named Ethan Ritter but liked someone named Nicolas De Leon and Jordan and Ethan broke up and Ethan was upset because Jordan liked someone else. But one note was weird Wendoly got a note asking who she liked and to return it to locker 145 there were names listed asking who she liked out of those they were Jonathan, Ethan, Cam, and Gage. Jordan's note listed the names Nicolas, Ethan, Jonathan, and Gage.Then Jordan, Piper, Wendoly, and Jaxon all thought it has to be someone who is friends with the four of us... But who? Wendoly showed her teacher and her teacher put it under her computer, but then Wendoly wanted to reply and asked Jordan to sneak the paper out from underneath the teacher's computer and did. Wendoly told Jordan not to respond but Jordan wrote on the piece of paper asking why. Then Jordan Returned her paper to locker 145 and found out that Wendoly put her note in as well because she saw the note in the locker. Jordan, Wendoly, and Piper planned that at the end of the day they will watch the locker and see who goes to it and who does they wrote the notes. What happens next will shock you!!!!

Thriller / Mystery
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Chapter 1: Get To Know the People

Wendoly Castillo Perez is 15 years old but says that she's 17 instead, and dating someone named Jaxon Dykes and has a best friend named Rylee! She spend most of her time talking to people about Jaxon Dykes and his friend Alijah Taylor. Alijah and Jaxon always talk to Wendoly and hit her.

Ashly Trejo Guevara is 15 years old and is dating someone named Anderson only because she doesn't want to be single. She spends most of her time talking to her friends and Ashly is an okay kid.

Jordan Soto is 15 years old and was dating someone named Ethan Ritter but breaks up with him but then gets back together with him like every other week or so. But Jordan likes or likes A LOT Nicolas De Leon! She spend most of her time day dreaming about Nicolas and only tells people she trusts because Wendoly and Ashly are friends with him and would get mad and also tell him.

Piper Creegan is 15 years old and dates like everyone and everyone thinks she likes Ethan because they're always so close and always talking to each other. Piper is a "pick me girl" and only Jordan sees that in her.

Jaxon Dykes is 15 years old and is dating Wendoly. Jaxon is always getting in trouble he kinda has anger issues because one time he got mad and kicked a locker door and it fell off. He spends most of his time talking, fighting with Alijah and planning to mess with Wendoly and talks about her.

Dayana Choto is 15 years old and is Wendoly's step sister but Dayana is short for her age see looks like a 5th grader. She makes up lies and tries to ruin Jordan, Wendoly, and Ashly's friendship.

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