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Little Red Riding Hood

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I actually threw this one together for a friend whom was going through a thing.. She needed a reminder that sometimes people=shit and that’s okay and not your problem. It sounds shallow, but there’s nothing wrong with buying new shoes when you outgrow your old ones, right? It’s the exact same.

Thriller / Poetry
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Chapter 1

Costumes have always been more your thing.

But, I’ll bite.

Playing dress-up.

I can see where’d you’d be good at that.

Let’s give it a shot.

Confrontation never has been my strength.

I always felt I should take all the blame.

Head down; “Yes, sir” and “No, thank you, ma’am” and “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt”

But, recently, a dear friend told me.. “Girl, practice the 4 F’s. If they don’t fit an F, then F them. It’s that simple.”

And after all the speeches I prepared in my head and never hit send.

I took that in.

I exhaled heavy.

I love that.

I loved the confidence she showed when she said it. She didn’t bat an eye. She didn’t wait for approval.

Because, she didn’t need it.

She said; “You’ll get there. Trust the process.”

There’s so many things after that that I never realized.

It was like the wake up call I was happy to answer.

I’ve always been meant to be loud.

I just didn’t know it.

I’ve always been afraid of the “what if I hurt their feelings”

That’s something I forever and always concerned myself with.

Not anymore though. I cant go on that way.

Where has it gotten me?

You keep looking at me like I should gain composure and get back in line.

Like, I should know my place.

That’s the fun part.

The back of the line never has been my place.


if I’m looking out for your feelings,

whose looking out for mine?

Are you getting uncomfortable now?

Do you think I’m a little too loud?

You keep saying I should calm down.

Your momma clearly never taught you not to throw water on a grease fire.

Can you hear the ticking. The clicking?

Because, I can. It’s becoming so loud.

Ah yes, my clicking. I need 3.

Now, I’ll lock myself in and enjoy the ride.

Because, I’m the driver.

I refuse to sit down.

I will not adjust my tone.

If you’re not fond of this ‘version of me’, I find that entertaining.

It’s not a version. It’s just ‘me’.

I will not dilute myself.

You’re not the only one who can plant two feet strong.

Isn’t that fun?

You’re getting uncomfortable now.

It’s not a question. It’s not an accusation. It’s just a fun observation.

Im getting to you.

I like that.

A lot.

Like a fun little play thing.

Normally, I wouldn’t humor this kind of behavior but damnit if I don’t love a good debate or a heated discussion now.

I get off on the rush of making you bow.

The rush from the power is a real trip.

I realized something once I came down from my new found favorite high.

When it comes to you, there’s nothing to debate.

I won’t stoop.

I won’t forget the facts.

I cant.

But, I have no problem running you round and round and watching you squirm as I show you my entire spine without it hiding beneath my flesh.

Unnerving, isn’t it?

For you, maybe.

The only M word;

I like is Morbid.

Damnit if this behavior of mine isn’t Morbid.

It’s unreal how good this feels.

I never thought it fit me.

Turns out, I just needed new shoes.

Now, I’ve got new shoes and man, they fit me so well I could run circles around you like it’s my favorite hobby.

You’re definitely uncomfortable now.

You can’t stand this.

Me not bowing to your every whim.

Me not staying in my assigned seat; beneath you.

I’m actually a free thinker, non compliant, swimming against the currant?

And that bothers you.

You used to say you loved me like a sister.

How though?

You never actually knew me.

You liked what you tried to make me.

I’d say it’s a shame; but it’s not.

It’s about time I’ve opened all my windows and aired this bitch out.

I always knew the air in here was stale, now I know why.

While I’m cuddled up on the couch with a blanket and a good Rom-Com feeling the warmth go to my cheeks from the first drink of the evening I realize,

You’re sad and sorry.

Not me.

You had the table turned and bolted down so I’d never see it.

But, guess what, I got new glasses and Ive got 20/20 now.

You’re in trouble.

Because, with these new glasses, I see through your bullshit.

I also understand now that I’m not really a fan of the tread on your boots, I’m getting out from under them.

At first, I questioned myself. I worried what’d you’d think of me?

You made your opinion matter to me.

But, it never actually did.

Now, I down 3 strong that I poured myself and I dance with my whole hand up, for you to read between the lines, sweetheart.

Because, I just don’t care and that feels so good.

It terrifies me how good it feels.

I woke up and realized that there’s nothing that you can say or do that would make me rethink anything.

I reiterate energy that’s given to me.

It’s just the first time I’ve fed you a serving of what you’ve been feeding me.

Guess what?

Order up.

Hope your hungry because man if I don’t have a 3 course meal prepared for you.

Here, I’ll feed it to you through a tube.

Just like you did to me.

Nice and slow.

Just enough to keep you at bay and satisfied.

Isn’t that sad?

At one point, I accepted that behavior.

Shit, I condoned it. I fucking encouraged it.

Not anymore.

Oh father forgive me

for I have sinned


I loathe the sinner


I love the sin.

If it feels this good, it can’t be that bad, right?

I’m glad you’re uncomfortable now.

I’m impressed to know that I had the ability the whole time to instill this.

To know; I could’ve done this at anytime.

You should be thanking me for holding out.

Show some gratitude, little girl.

You’re looking awfully sad and sorry.

But, lucky for me,

I have no remorse for those I don’t know.

And god knows I don’t know you anymore.

So, I’ll sleep with my face in the pillow and my ass in the air while the one you judge and disapprove of so heavily pulls my hair and whispers those terrible things that I love so much in my ear.

I’ll go as far as smiling and licking my teeth,

Just so you never forget that I’m not the predator here. Just the thing to be feared.

You are the predator.

The worst kind.

The disguised devil that we all know.

I’m just a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

But honey, I see you. I’ve always seen you.

And I’m finally ready to let my little red hood down and show you this wolfs teeth.

What’s in the basket, Little Red, you ask?

Probably a muffin wrapped in the glitter coated bullshit you’ve always fed me.

Here, wanna bite?

You go ahead.

I’m full now though.

I’ve been eating these for years. I find they leave a bad taste in the mouth.

I tried your recipe.

Don’t be rude, take one.

You don’t like what I’m serving?

Then, starve.

Now, look at that..

You’re eating it.

Because, I told you too.

Now, this feels right.

You finally listening to me for once.

Now, if you’d only actually hear me.

We’d be having a different kind of conversation.

But, until then..

I’ll put my little red hood up and wait for you to try your little games.

I’ll show my teeth when I need to.

Until then, I’ll linger in the shadows in the wood .

Whilst, you’re on the way over the river and through the wood to grandmothers house.

Just barely bypassing me.

But, as always..

Even if you don’t see me, I’ll see you.

Keep your poisoned muffins.

I’ve made a new batch.

They taste much better the way I make them.

Once I stopped listening to you..

Everything worked out.

Literally, everything.

Thanks for nothing.


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