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A Night Underground

By tyleroakleyfan All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Thriller

A Night Underground

It was the trip Alexa Ravenwood and Parker Mason
two best friends from Brooklyn, New York were waiting for; a trip to Thebes. The ancient city of Egypt they would travel to The
Valley of the Kings to tour King Tut’s tomb. The plane ride was a long one but nothing could extinguish the excitement Parker and Alexa were feeling.

“Alexa...” Parker said looking over at his friend “There is where King Tut’s tomb should be.”

“I know” Alexa said with a smile “how about we make this trip an unforgettable one.”

Parker saw the glitter of adventure in Alexa eyes a look he knew well “What do you have in mind?”

 “A dare not just any dare, an epic one.”

“Oh, an epic dare huh? What’s this epic dare?” Parker asked raising his eyebrows.

“The tomb, we have to spend the night in the tomb.”

“Are you crazy? The tomb? You know the legends as well as I do.”

“Aw come on Parker you really don’t believe that the mummies come alive at night do you? Or are you just scared?”

 Parker could feel his insides shake he was scare but no way was he going to tell her that. “I’m not scared, but how are we going
to get out in the morning?”

"Relax, I thought this out the tours start early in the morning we’ll get out then. Maybe we will find kids to go with us.”

Parker didn’t think anyone would be this dumb. He wasn’t
sure that this was a good idea, but he agreed and they made their plans. They only thing that worried him; the mummies.  The plane landed and they took the jeep that went directly to the tour. A small group was gathered just outside the pyramid. Alexa and Parker stood a few feet away talking. Parker was in mid-sentence when Alexa smacked him to shut him up.

“Quiet Parker.” She whispered. Parker and Alexa watched as two boys and a girl approached them.

“Hello, my name is Ruth Blacksmith” She said then pointing to the taller of the two boys “and this is my brother Andy.”

“Hi.” Andy said then placing a hand on the shorter boys shoulder “and this young fellow here is Mike Nolan.”

Alexa smiled at them as she threw her arm around Parkers shoulder and said “Hi my name is Alexa Ravenwood and this is my best friend Parker Mason.”

“Sup” Parker said as he looked at Alexa with a grin. Alexa knew what parker was thinking these would be the kids to join them.

“Hey, guys Parker and me have a little dare going you want in?” Alexa asked.

“What kind of dare?” Andy asked curiously

“Alexa and I are going to spend the night in the tomb after the tour.” Parker said with more confidence than he felt.

“What?!” Ruth shrieked.

 “Damn, girl.” Parker said “keep it down. We understand if you're scared. How about you boys? Parker asked rasing his eyebrows.

“I’m not scared, I’ll do it come on Andy it will be an intresting night.” Mike said excitedly.

“Ok I’ll go.” Andy said then looked to his sister who reluctenly nodded.

So the plan was set. However, Parker had a feeling like something bad was going to happen then he felt it a rush of cool air he turned but nothing, he pushed it from his mind.  As dusk fell and the tour was ending they made their move. They ducked down a nearby tunnel and waited. As they were waiting and the tomb creaked and groaned Parker couldn’t help but feel terrified. He hated being down here with dead things. Finally the sound of
departing footsteps faded. Alexa and Parker locked gazes. “Let’s go.”

They walked down the hall, down a set of stairs and came to an opening with three paths. They took the path to the left but ended back where they started. Which one now?

“There are five of us. One stays here and in teams of two the other four takes a path.” Andy said.

“Ok, who stays here?” Parker asked.

“Ruth, can stay here. Parker and Alexa take the path in the middle and Andy and I will take the one on the right.” Mike suggested.

“I’m good with that.”Ruth said.

Everyone agreed with Mike’s plan and they split up. They couldn’t have been more than twenty feet down the tunnel when Parker and Alexa heard a scream. They rushed back to the room just in time to see Mike dive into the room as the tunnel collapsed
behind him trapping his foot. Parker and Alexa ran to Mike trying to free him but they couldn't get his foot out. Parker looked at Ruth for help. " Where's my brother?" She asked as tears ran down her face.

"Ruth stop crying and helps us get Mike out. We'll find out what happened to Andy in a minute, but this arch is about to come down on top of us." Parker said trying to sound calm.

Ruth grabbed Mike leg above the ankle and pulled.   He broke
free and they scrambled back just as the arch crashed down where they had been a second before. Rocks scattered across the small space and dust filled the room choking them. When they dust cleared Parker rounded on Mike “Where is
Andy? What happened?”

“They grabbed him.” Mike said grasping for breath.

“Who grabbed him?” Alexa asked.

“I don’t know. It was just a pair of hands. They came out of nowhere.”

No one said anything they just stared at Mike. They couldn’t believe what they just heard. What was going on? I s there something else in here with them? Or did Mike do something to Andy? A thumping sound snapped them out of their thoughts. It was coming from behind the collapsed tunnel. Parker started to move but Alexa put her hand out to stop him.

“Come on Alexa that’s solid nothing can get through there. Besides what do you think it is a mummy?”

Parker slowly approached the rock slide and bent down to examine it. “I don’t see what…AHHHH!!!!” Parker screamed as a hand shot out of the rubble grazing his face. He turned and ran down the maze of tunnels his friends right behind him. They ran till they couldn’t run anymore.

“What the hell was that?” Alexa asked trying to catch her breath.

Parker looked at Mike. “What happened to Andy, because a hand just touched my face and it felt cold and disgusting?”

“I told you a pair of hands grabbed him.” Mike said tears running down his face.

“Well did you see it? Where did the hands take him?” Parker snapped fear making his voice sound harsh.

“I don’t know he just disappeared.”

They just stood there breathing hard feeling terrified. Could it have really been a mummy? No way. Then Parker realized it was quiet no crying, there were only three of them. Where was Ruth?

“Guys, Where’sRuth?” Parker asked.

“I don’t know she was right behind me.” Alexa said sounding scared.

That’s when they heard the scream not a scream of pain. A scream of terror. Parker started running toward the sound when Mike stopped him.“What are you doing? If you go back you’ll die too.”

“I’m not going to leave her back there alone with whatever that thing is.” Parker said as he ran down the tunnel.

It wasn’t long till they heard parker scream. As Alexa ran after her friend she stopped short and saw the horror of what became of Ruth. All the way back the tunnel were pieces of her body laid out like a trail. Alexa placed a hand on Parkers shoulder and pulled him back. They had to get out of here before they were
next. But how they were in so deep she didn’t even remember where they started.

“Parker we have to get out of here. I don’t want to think about whom or what could do that to a person.”

“Alexa?” Parker asked turning to look at his friend “Where’s

“He wouldn’t come said he didn’t want to die too.”

“Are we going to… die I mean?” 

 “I honestly don’t know.”

Alexa grabbed his hand and they started back to where Mike was but he wasn’t there. Did he go on? Or was he taken or killed like the others? Parker and Alexa started walking trying to find a way out taking turn after turn surely it had to be light soon. That’s when they heard it, a soft groan at first then it got louder and louder then stopped. Parker wanted to run but he also wanted to know what was going on. So he walked back to the tunnel they had just come out of but it was too dark to see. Parker was sure it was lit a minute ago. He stood there for a moment but nothing happened.

“Come on Alexa, let’s go” Parker said turning away from the tunnel that’s when he felt it a rush of cool air.

Parker turned back toward the tunnel when something
slammed into him, pinning him against the wall. A cold rough hand closed aroun his throat, he couldn’t breathe. He could hear Alexa screaming but he couldn’t move. The pressure on his throat was getting tighter he was sure of it now… he was going to die. Then someone slammed into him; Alexa. She slammed their
attacker into the wall then grabbed Parker by his shirt and pulled him to his feet.

“Run, Parker run don’t stop!” She yelled as they went stumbling blindly through the tunnels.

“Did I just see what I think I saw?” Parker asked when they stopped to catch their breath.

“Yep, you were almost killed by a mummy. How is this even real?”

“Forget that we need to get out of here.” Parker said “That thing has an axe to grind.”

Parker looked at Alexa when she didn’t respond. Alexa was standing a few feet away looking up. He turned to see what she was looking at. They had found Andy; he was hanging by his foot a long jagged cut went from his chest to his torso.  Blood
dripped onto the floor, then the rumbling started it came from underneath. They ran toward the nearest tunnel trying to escape. A hand shot out of the ground grabbing Alexa by the leg trying to drag her underground.

“Alexa!” Parker screamed as he dived to catch her hand.

“Parker help me!” she screamed.

Then she saw it another mummy and it was coming from behind parker. She screamed trying to get him to turn around, but he didn’t turn. Too late the mummy grabbed Parker by the neck and pulled off the floor. The last think Alexa ever saw was the mummy snap Parkers neck then everything went quiet. The only thing that was found the next morning was a single sneaker…. Let this be a warning to all never spend A Night Underground…

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