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Master Weapon

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what you really - really understand about destiny? In 2015, the world has been taken over entire power of government by the tenth angel of death, they were so cruel and managed to kill some of the important people in the world with the aim of becoming a world leader true to his own philosophy, until the government intervene to deal with, but the effort was worth drain, 10,000 special forces set up by the whole country has been slaughtered, even nuclear bombs have been sent to destroy them, but were not successful because it looks like they have the capacity beyond the limits of logic and no one knows who is behind the identity of their true self until the government began to fear the specter of disastrous and keep running the government secretly. Several years have passed since then, boby prasetyo is an offspring of Indonesia somehow he had been long enough in a country of English and live with an uncle toby and aunt marry who has been appointed as a child, not knowing what to do about trust his uncle or someone who says about what it was destiny, uncle toby hope that the government will begin running again as all and can the child to make the state of the world be as usual?.

Thriller / Scifi
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Capter 1 - Who

Beginning in 2015, appeared ten news scary news on TV channels around the world, at 02.00 starting from sinking an aircraft carrier big Navy US states who were guarding the waters of Hawaii, no one knows for sure how something like that could happen, even air force that State to send two planes jet to see the situation of what happened there, but all it was worth nothing, jet sent did not even go back home and lost contact before arriving at the place, no one knows what the hell happened, due to the incident, the embassy-owned US State ultimately did not want to continue the investigation of a large scale, major powers finally proclaim in the media that it may be done by a kind of alien, even though the news was rather vague and unreasonable, some have even argued whether there might be Bermuda triangle others, or some kind of black hole that arrived suddenly appeared d i waters to drag the ship advanced ship to the seabed, since the incident had raised various questions in less than two hours.

Clearly the State owned US embassy was sorry for the loss they suffered, moreover, major general of the US Navy named Mr. Kirk Robson are in a terrible incident are still mysteries. But not the country that are experiencing bad luck that day, several other powerful countries suffer the same fate, France, Britain, Germany, South Korea, Russia, Italy, Canada, Japan and China suffered a similar fate with the State of the US.

Some important people in each country affected mysterious and began to understand the events of what actually happened in one day, so the first day of the new year they have a real enemy, known to some of the events in each State with someone capable do impossible, raised all kinds of questions from reporters in the media international TV broadcast media, really just someone just able to do the impossible and crazy? then how could he do it all alone, what he is an expert in killing that has super strength?, Someone who could kill the vice president of the French security super tight, some other countries think that this might be the work of the United State could possibly have occurred, not only were the special forces security guards vice president also become victims of the brutal murder by a man wearing black clothes and of unknown origin - he suggested, after the second incident known the day that some other countries start tightened in their countries respectively, but businesses in each country does not produce results, Reich who lost one of their Great General of Military Affairs Adlof Techies Sterling Vesker the incident itself took place in the headquarters of the they, English country lost one of its prime minister Mr. Robby Stlenjer, South Korea also even lose generals specialized in military strategists who can say no nonsense also become victim and could not do anythings, which obviously no one knows for sure why people - important people in each of various countries in suicide so that several other countries started furious and lashed out if there is someone who is capable of committing such crimes.

Rumors of a few soldiers who survived the incident brutal in every country each tell that someone could bring down an airliner helicopter on the air to hunt down and kill him even casually he killed several other soldiers to hunt down their leaders in the State of south korea, there are also story of a person who is able to divert a bullet rocket launcher that was lead to him using only his right hand and then killed the leader companies manufacture of armaments in the State of Canada, another was using a sword able to cut the tank shell which fired at the Russian State also succeeded in killing the generals great in that State, are you kidding, do you think there is people who are able to do all that?, if someone does have special powers?, why they should have that kind of power, would not god wrong in backing give talents to the people, said a reporter newscaster on TV show The State of Australia, some TV show to express a variety of opinions about the secret organization whom you want to bring down the entire government in various parts of the world by killing some people - important people, some are stated that some countries may want a big battle so that each ordered dog subordinate to do it but for some of the countries which want to do such a thing, until now there is no certainty if there is a country that wants to do the deed.

In less than 24 hours, there was at least seven states are suffering harm, not long after several countries agreed to hold a meeting of world leaders as soon as possible in preparation for the next US state to prevent acts like this again.

US Head of State to inform all embassies of each country has long been located in this country in order to attend the meeting to be a representative of each country in order to discuss this, of course the United State will ensure their safety and security until the white halls.

20:00 The atmosphere inside the White House of the US became very crowded and chaotic due to debate on what has recently happened, all the representatives of the State in the room seemed tense White House.

“This must be the act of the country” said the representative of the German state.

“What do you mean our country who do all this?” Said a US senator asked back

“This probably has nothing to do with revenge among nations” he replied again

“It could have happened instead?, There may be more you hide hitler” shouted back the US embassy was not to be outdone by his head slightly visible veins sticking out.

“Hitler did you say?, What nonsense are you talking about?, Maybe you know if you’re going to attack the State german so know the number of the navy you have gone instead, but not the messengers of our people who do it, or this is some kind of conspiracy which you have created, hah?, and one more thing I think your statement about hitler had gone too far, this has nothing to do “he replied again with a grunt.

“Already, the quiet brother yours deeds enough to debate these things is not clear,” replied US president to calm the atmosphere that occur in the White House.

“But I’m sure, maybe one of you is the cause of all this” grumbled the US Embassy looks to hold his own, “maybe now you’re hiding or scheming to overthrow the US government” said one senator with suspicion.

“Hey ... ?, on the basis of what you suspect us?, Is not contrary relatives - brothers, there is the possibility of major powers that have such technology to do it right?, Could have united will colonize the country - other countries, and we as representatives from 200 countries are not will remain silent, we will unite to destroy your country, what could you?” said another person who participated shout and do not accept the statements of uS senators harshly.

“This really - really serious Mr. President, we certainly do not want this to happen, if one person says is true then we are really - really can not deal with all countries that together, you have been misunderstood” whispered the other senators.

“Yes, I know” he replied in a whisper, divert view the US president then directed to the whole individual each representative of each State.

“Quiet, quiet, I know how many leaders out there are being hit by a great fear, our countries will not take action that stupid, this is not true, I mean there is a misunderstanding going on here and I do not want this to happen, we also do not know what really happened today “said the US president with a fairly frantic tone.

“Would not you do it ?, so what are you waiting for, immediately notify the leadership of you to the State each to act as quickly as possible, more than 200 countries will come together destroy the country” another shouted.

“Wait a minute I have to explain everything, nor would I let you guys going to do something stupid that” all security personnel white building visible alert in place to prepare the weapon, there may be unwanted things will happen here, given half a fleet of fighter USA is in this place and it is unlikely they will get out of here alive.

“You can not do this, you will not get away with it” said one of the other, seems to be a panic in everyone who is in the White House.

“Calm down, if I wanted, of course, all the representatives from each country who are here, I mean you certainly know?, Kill you all but I’m not going to do something stupid, it seems there are people who want to ignite a war between countries but I do not know who “said the US president with panic condition is still the same as before.

“And you’ve done it, right? look at all these “shouted one of the representatives of the German state began also spoke, everyone in the White House seems right panic and fear.

“You who first started it, we should not accusing each other and I do not want events like this happen here, it looks like someone from our successful provocation backing us to start fighting each other,” she said nervously.

“You mean one of the country here? The new ridiculous thing I’ve heard, but if it is true absolutely no possible US state who should be responsible″replied the others coming from representatives of other countries.

“Calm down and come back to sit in places each I also do not believe it, I know you panic, everyone the important people around the world are experiencing panic are the same and we will discuss this with a cool head” to defend the country representative of English, some representatives countries that saw the US president faces an anxious start to argue that perhaps he was not lying, everything is back to being quiet at the white house.

“Quiet, you’ll all be safe here” said one of the US senators. “All right should be no logical explanation we would be received here” said the representative of the United Kingdom in peace.

“You may have to listen when one of our advanced aircraft carrier sunk right?” Asked the US president replied quickly

“but sir?, Should we not tell it to them” whispered the other senators to the US president.

“Then what?, Here we are not talking about shame or not, this is a serious problem, I do not want our country was attacked by the country - other countries just because ... because misunderstanding” he replied in a whisper even heard clearly by several state representatives were more

“b ... but “one senator whispered

” I know what I’m doing “whispered the US president quickly while some other State representatives began to look uneasy with talk they do.

“What do you want?” Said the representative of the German State who do not like their hidden behavior.

“No, not okay” he replied

“Maybe it was a conspiracy which you have created to start dropping the country other countries” the other replied impatiently, for this country has always had a lot of conspiracy Americans are always hidden from the media - the media think the representatives of several other countries.

“I’m sure the words are gibberish only and it can not be proven and we are here not to talk about it, but what I say is true, it has nothing to do with our countries and we as a country the US is - really feel the loss of one person best in the field of defense “said the US president with an expression that looked slightly embarrassed downfall of his country, only to see the US state senator who could not speak and look of displeasure they were able to convince the representatives of each State.

“I think the German state seemed pleased to listen to the fall of our country, or maybe one of you hiding something from us, do you happy?” said one US senator with his face full of anger and shame.

“No, no I hide” replied the representative of the German State calmly

“I just wonder just why until the big state as you are experiencing bad things” he continued with a strange facial expression.

“I believe the German State you definitely hiding something behind this,” said one US senator viewed expression face the representatives of the German state with a look of dislike.

“Exactly what your problem is?, What after this new you suspect our country?” He replied with a tone of bluff.

“It seems there will be a big war magnitude could happen again” said British embassies of countries in a state of panic again see the two of them debate.

“no ... !!, thank you and I do not want it happening again” the US president angrily shouted

“you two stop talking silly things” the US president said with exasperation

“and I do not want any of you all have that spark war again here, we are all here do not know what what happened today, “he continued.

“Well, all right, immediately continue the conversation?” Said representatives of other countries are becoming impatient with what is happening, this should be easier than they imagined.

“Yes, calm yourself first” the US president said before explaining everything.

“As I said before we all face the problem of the unknown, whether it be a private matter between each country? I do not know, whether it was the act of a terrorist, I do not know, we all do not know what is going on today, I mean with all that is happening in one’s daily “said the US president.

“We all know that today we all have lost some people’s that took place in various parts of the world today and it’s true - really the case that great, I had a bad feeling it will continue” said the representative of the State English. “What about the intent of your message persists?” asked representatives of other countries with cynical suspicion.

“I ... I do not mean like that” she said nervously.

“Before I remind you not accusing each other, even though we do not know who the mastermind behind all the events that befall every country today,” replied the Head of State the US with Fast and Quiet.

“Then what should we do here?, If silence alone will produce results,” said the representative of the German asked.

“Why do you not exert the CIA, the BBC and intel for probing?” said the representative of the State English give advice.

“I think it’s a good idea” said some other State representatives agree with the proposal.

“Of course, I will send the CIA to determine what events actually happened, while my members to find out what happened on this day you should not be anywhere, I just do not want a bigger disaster strikes again,” said the US president.

“What do you mean?” Asked someone else again looks like it came from a representative of the Italian State.

“Your safety is my priority at the moment, you can not imagine, maybe this time out there are chasing you, too, if it happens it will trigger a war, of course, you know what I mean” said the US president While representatives of other countries the State can not do anything other than to trust the US president, and it is a plausible reason enough for them.

“Sorry sir, we recommend that you also need to know” a person wearing black clothes, maybe the FBI, was seen whispering to the US president that are in front, it looks like people that give bad news.

“Are you sure?” Asked the US president clearly told the FBI agent who delivered the news, the US president seems pretty little surprised to hear the news.

“What do you think it is something worse?” Whispered the representative of the Russian to the representatives of other countries that sit near him

“I do not know, it seems so, I do not know” she said

“just wait, soon we will know” whispered more to listen to the conversation they.

“What happened?” Asked the representative of the Italian state was panicked when the US president who stared at his face expression that looks like a sculpture.

“Sorry everyone, I do not know this is true or not, the Italian State has just lost his vice president” the US president replied nervously.

“A what?, I was impossible, in fact what happened?” Continued the Italian State representatives said.

“I ... I do not understand why to this day many important people in the world to be the target, this might be a terrorist act” said one US senator stuttered and fear.

“If anyone is to blame the US State probably is the main cause” said a representative of the German state.

“Hey, hey, you can not accuse just” replied the other US senator looks chaotic.

“Calm down, I see the US senators also seemed confused and did not know anything, is not it the president?” said a representative from the State of the UK, while the US president with a face that is not known just shook his head.

“If not your great country US did this then who?, So far only large country that might be able to do something stupid, I know you have a great soldier warrior” said a representative from the Chinese State.

“Wait, we did have a lot of forces elite forces more, ta but so far we’ve heard, is ... is not even some of you also already know that in countries affected by the problems this odd is not the culprit you are alone?” Said a US senator with panic

“that was probably you also know of themselves, are not you?” said US senator others joined adding terorris just what kind of murder only to himself?, thought some more.

“Alone?” Murmured some of the other country representatives were stunned and some even think that it possible that the American elite troops who could do that?

“What it might be?” Whispered a representative of the French state representative asks the existing state next to them.

“What?, This is ridiculous name, do you believe that someone could do that?, It really does not make sense” said representatives of the State of Japan are also seen starting to panic.

“So far as possible each State began to secure to everyone the importance, especially with the previous case, and I think that the vice president of the Italian before killed must have been closely guarded, I can not imagine how the only one able to do things that are not maybe it is, about the act of terrorists? we share the same do not know, “said the representative of the English.

“Did you also know?, Which we know in advance that it is someone who capable do crazy things, it’s actually happening, I do not know how I like it” said the representative of the State russia added, listening to the comments of the representative of the State russia then everything sat quietly and think back for a moment, it’s true what people say it, it is impossible that only done alone? and it’s not a joke, how can someone who is the mysterious killing of the important people in various parts of the world by breaking through the many protection force, what these people do not have the mind? and not only were the troops who participated guard could not do anything even many were killed, it was really impossible, the news spread so fast but behind all that the person who wants to do all this work and what are their goals?, whether it is one of the many countries who want to ignite a war? If there is someone doing crazy things that seemed impossible, which may be just by himself able to finish off forces troops teams Seal state strong US, not to mention the two jets were sent mysterious disappearance is strange, if someone could drop it?, this crazy name, think of how he could bring down two jet aircraft on the air, you think how much the speed of a jet plane?, or have to deal with some guards Country italia? not to mention the rumor news of the strange and impossible deeds are done only by himself that, it’s like a nightmare that strange and terrible.

I wonder who they were, he said they might want to ignite a major war between the State, could have happened, obviously they are not ordinary people, many are beginning to think they are the people who have super powers, but is not this the real world? it was like a fairy tale come true, but it was impossible, they were not able to think of his mind.

“Exactly what we are facing?” said the representative of the Japanese who seemed to be frightened and very serious in responding to it.

“Do not ask me that continues, I do not know,” replied the representative of the German state which a little annoyed to listen to the questions recur over again.

“I know you’re upset, obviously someone wants the occurrence of a major war here, we should be uneasy about this” said the representative of the British tried to calm them, it has been repeated occurrences happen.

“This is probably going to continue?” Said someone else

“I do not know, maybe just” replied the representative of the Italian suspense. It seems that everyone who is in the White House be scared to death, they also even imagine that he is now also threatened. Then the president of the US State sighed least he thought they would be safe here.

“There is something wrong, we all might not be safe here” said the representative of the Japanese in a panic.

“Quiet ... quiet” said one US senator.

“How can I calm down?, Maybe just this crazy guy can break through came in here, you know yourself do not you?” He replied

“No one will kill you here, keep quiet place and you know half the US troops here so calm, that person might think also if you do something stupid that” the US senator said with disgust. “I will ensure the safety of you here, and I do not want the big war that’s why you guys are here, and one thing you can still contact each country you about what happened, but it is still unknown what the cause, we will be here until know what happened, think about it together with a cool head “the US president said calmly.

Seen smiling behind a screen protector darkness he made, in the darkness of a room but somehow the place was not known to exist.

“Fufufufu” laughter creepy pretty loud inside the White House suddenly appear out of nowhere, they looked at each one another to see who’s laughing like that in the White House, but it seems no one will laugh like that in a state like this

“Who is it?” Asked the US president with a curious and began to notice the surroundings, but the sound seemed to be heard from the direction of nearby itself, some other important people edgy enough attention to the circumstances around the room white building large to ensure there is nothing suspicious about them, thinking if it was not a dangerous man who already is there, but how did he get?, moreover guard outside is very tight even in the state of the guards are already on alert.

“Hahahaha, very funny, you guys all look is frightened, this is fun and it’s really a beautiful view when they saw you fear such” replied the voice, that somehow just popped in the room white house, and then all became tense and panicky by state strange, they were staring at each other. Suddenly a hologram human form appeared faintly close to the US president as he crossed his arms, a few officers who were alert since earlier to prepare the weapon, one of the security forces who stood just behind the US president inadvertently pulled the trigger gun into the figure of a hologram that suddenly appear and penetrate the hologram figure.

“Argh” shouted a representative from the State of Angola, apparently moaning in pain and was just hit by stray bullets.

“Fire resistant, fire resistant” cried the leader of the CIA members, while people hit by stray bullets that look pale and panicked when he saw the blood pouring out of his body “call a doctor, get a doctor, I do not want to die here” he shouted.

“qu ... quiet sir” of other responsibilities while calming the situation

“ca ... call a doctor as soon as possible” shouted the US president with a strained when it happens in front of his eyes.

“qu ... quiet, doctor immediately here” she said, looking at her right shoulder was covered in blood, his face was pale maybe he was not used to seeing this kind of thing.

“Hahahaha, it’s interesting, I liked this” holographic back laughing while briefly look at the circumstances that occurred in the room, a hologram that appears unmistakably human form with a black dress complete with black robe wearing a skull mask, his right eye was bright red, a figure that looks like the terminator film turned towards someone who is seen messed up with his actions just now.

“who ... who are you?” Said the US president seemed frightened and stammered brick, while he is also concerned person or officer who made a mistake before, quickly issued a holographic shadow both left and right hand gun aim and fired several simultaneously several directions, some security officers were confused do not know what to do, to see what had happened, left, right and then the hologram is spinning as fast as possible to shoot some bullets more towards some officers quickly then ends with pointing a gun towards the president of the US

“Dorrr ...” The hologram end the action, all of a sudden shudder of fear at what they had just witnessed, bullet shells fired hologram had pierced his entire head guard who was in the room, if the bullet was not bullet hologram, perhaps all the troops of the guard the room was already exhausted killed along with the CIA chief and the president of the US, some representatives of other countries there who witnessed it started to move from where he could not even afford to say anything.

“Wait !!, why do you want to go? do not you are looking at exciting performances that rarely ?” happened

“Unfortunately this is not my real body” the hologram replied, then he holstered the gun. US President who was also unaware of the hologram works then fell backward with his hands propped the crutch, he looked frightened not play as did not believe in the presence of a figure like that dares to do something crazy, but fortunately it was just a hologram.

“Sss ... sir, I ... I’ve been me ... find the source of the hologram wh ... where it comes from, what should we stop this?” Said the head of the CIA with stammering stuttering, swallowing hard, after notice anything odd with several pillars of the building since the emergence of the strange figure, there seems to be something in a couple of pole buildings, it looks vague like a small circular object, maybe a small camera hidden in it? although covered with white paint tool that is capable of projecting a 3D hologram, who planted it in various places in this room, when and since when technology like this? Who created it, whether all these events are associated with the person behind the hologram that ?.

“Hmmm, fu fu fu fu” holographic back laughing sinister.

“Sir? Sir?” Asked the head of the CIA, some representatives of other countries are seen to leave the White House with what he had just witnessed.

“Everything .... !!! “shouted the hologram, while some representatives from other countries flock and was in front of the door stood stalled after hearing the strange command

“Wait a sweet place and sit alone, my body just a regular hologram ... you see yourself not?, A tool that emits a hologram where I put my real body is far away in a place you do not know” the hologram replied, then walked to the stage hologram that are in front, and then sit in front casually, somehow the way he did it. Everyone stared at what he saw.

“You know, it’s quite difficult to make the room so that the same as the original” she said, everyone in the room still looks chaotic, between perplexity knows what to do “Okay, forget about it” he added.

“Mr. President?, Sir?” Asked the head of the CIA

“I should not be doing it” the hologram replied quickly.

“Throw it off, what people say crazy Sir ..., the situation could become even more chaotic” said head of the CIA this is probably the best way so that everything can be calm, the figure of the hologram which then pay attention to security chief CIA apparently quite impressed, not surprisingly apparently he noticed surroundings, but strange also see CIA security chief looks a little frightened.

“If you do that, you will not know what happens next is going to happen, well at least I did have to think twice if you want to come to this place after what just I do” she said again, after a moment of his dreadful laughter began.

“Wait” said the US president to be able to hold the head of the CIA in taking action, then US president began to rise and stand helped by some security officers more

“you’re not okay, sir?” Asked the head of the CIA while helping to shrug president to be re-established.

“Who are you? and what do you want? Why are you doing all this? “asked the president, several representatives of countries other Contracting State merely silent attention to their conversation from his place.

“Hmmm ... fufufufu, funny big ask the head of the state as it is, and the question a lot, alright I’ll answer some of your question” said the strange man in the form of a hologram, sitting down and crossed her legs onstage, as if starting to think that what will be delivered is quite complicated with a swab rubbed his chin terrible skull mask, his right eye that is colored red adds to the impression that he really is not an ordinary person who is dangerous and could bring havoc anytime, like the angel of death.

“About who I am?, From this moment I am the leader of the world and you do not need to know who I was, maybe you already know my purpose why to have to kill important people in various countries in advance” the man said, sounding started laughing grin back, laughter wild and echoed throughout the room make everyone pause and shudder of fear as if laughter were the hallmark of a man carrying a death.

“You’re sick, you’re crazy ... !!, this does not make sense” shouted the Angola State representatives were still sitting in place while moaning in pain clutching his shoulder hurt, he was the leader of his new world? This is crazy, some other security forces coming from outside suddenly entered into after hearing a few moments there was a commotion from the inside, the commander of the security forces who arrived in directly provide the security code that forces spread throughout the room, but after all the troops already in place their even confused with what is in front of them, a hologram with the appearance of creepy, it does look like the assassin with a cloak black, his face covered with a mask ferrous metals silver blackish-shaped skull, but really mask was similar to that in the movie terminator.

“Even though it was a little late but I salute you, just take it I can not kill you all at this time because my body just a reflection hologram” he said casually as if his words could do so only with himself.

“so ... so you want to control the world itself?” Asks the US president nervously.

“Uhm ... yeah. It sounded wonderful but he was not alone “suddenly appeared another voice. Everybody was shocked once when it appeared a shadowy figure shaped hologram other human shadow with the same appearance in addition to the hologram had been sitting in the pulpit. again appear strange things around them, but some representatives of other countries seem some that look calm look at the situation either perhaps because it is getting used to it.

“Se actually who you are? What you think you can govern the world alone?, I was impossible” said the US president.

“I was not alone in running the reign later” replied the first hologram was sitting onstage earlier.

“Please sit DJ” continued hologram, DJ? a glimpse of a few others did see there are letters DJ on the right side of the black veil for hologram emerging earlier, and DE for the first hologram.

“Is not difficult to run the system of government we” replied one hologram other was already sitting’d been in the middle of the representatives of the State who look serious, representatives of other countries are not aware of the emergence of one hologram again appeared and sat in the middle of them with the exception of a few guards who are aware of the appearance of the same figure when it happens again, eyes sharp attention to the situation that occurred with full marks’d been asked, about what really happened. Currency US president fixed on the seat in front, he was not even aware there was a hologram others who were sitting there, actually what happened, why holograms burly many are not aware of them think deep down, all mixed in a juice the US president himself. Some representatives of other countries that were so surprised to wake up after seeing the figure of other horrible there and sat near them, others began to take distance. This time with the initials HC, but for what they pay attention to it, the most surprising why everyone is not aware of the existence of a hologram that is in the middle of them, but when viewed body hologram it looks like a very big, if estimated when he just seemed to sit there’s a chance that the figure of more than two meters high for a high visible with his shoulders were too large.

“The system of government is not as easy as you imagine, after all how many countries are there in this world” said the representative of the State began to dare speak English as their words do not make sense.

“I do not believe what you’re saying” another voice came from the corner where the others, one by one appeared holographic other man with the same appearance, the same as before they have different letters on her black veil that DS is white with small writing and almost everyone can see the writing.

“I do not know what you mean” he replied again.

“Cocky, arrogant, greedy and ego !!, yes, almost every human being has the properties” said first hologram bearing the DE start the conversation back.

“Stop the bullshit that, it does not make sense” the US president replied angrily.

“Why? What I say something wrong?” Asked DE, looking at some other state representatives.

“Hahahaha, what I say is just a nonsense?” He continued, shaking his head

“no, no, I do not, and all that is true, yes it’s a reality that can not be refuted is not it?” Said DE-up to them.

“I ... this is ridiculous name, you want to dominate the world by taking over the system of government, this is impossible!, You will not even be able to run a government system with just a few people, and would not you sediri also with us if you declare a statement as arrogant, arrogant, greedy and selfish is not it? you even more selfish of us if rule the world because they want to hang myself “said the US president, others agree with the US president.

“Ahh, you apparently still naive at all, let me explain a little bit” said DE hiding her smile was horrible behind the mask

“for many centuries, humans led by governments around the world, from the Age of Empire Ancient Rome, the British Empire until the empire of Japan and much more, this is not for you guys competing for power to defend your country ?, ah no, I mean rather defend territory or dominion “he continued

“Yes, I agree with his opinion, as in the days of ancient Rome just that we have to know the history of those who want to expand their power in combat, as well as the era of World War One and two” answered hologram more marked HC while sitting in the middle of the representatives of each country agree with holograms that reads DE

“but ... but it is a different thing, these guys do not understand anything ... that thing that happened a long time” said the US president said.

“Understand you say? What should I know? To me it’s all the same, I also want to ask one thing to you” he said, slightly shaking his head

“for what you are competing for the highest seat?, What is it for the sake of power?” Asked hologram to them seriously.

“Of course, the absence of government all will not work as it should not?, Trade, regional security, agricultural sector and many more, it does not run itself” said the US president told them to give other answers and almost all of them are afraid to speak.

“that ... that’s right, you can not run a government only with a few people, you think you can manage everything?” shouted one of the representatives of other countries.

“I’ve already told you, you are still naïve once” replied hologram with the laughter of his

“I’m sure you were all fighting power would have another goal, which I knew all along you were all fighting power before sitting on the highest seat, as did I, you win power with power but I will win your power by force, the strongest one who will win “said hologram DE.

“This must act German State?” Shouted a representative of the State russia, according to the strange figure reminiscent because the same characteristics adolf hitler who thirst for power, but did he really adolf hitler? but it is unlikely he is still alive and this is really confusing, or maybe he was one of the offspring.

“What do you mean?” Asked the representative of the German State looks not accept the statement.

“You may know, he has the same principle with Hitler, you’ve heard it’s own is not it?” She said again.

“So what we are going to fight back with a German?” asked the representative of the English with a pretty face tense.

“You can not, you are not allowed to decide that all” replied the German State representatives began to despair, now comes to contact his country but he did not know what to do, he could have died foolish reckless action here.

“How about leveling nuclear germany by sending them?” Said one of the representatives of other countries provide suggestions without thinking beforehand.

“Yes, before Germany started again,” said the representative of the Russia agreement, while representatives of the State Germans face was white pale did not know what to say with such a decision, while the figure of some hologram that resides in the White House showed no expression of any kind, may be waiting for something, hologram figure it does look odd if she was smiling or scared, but the US remains suspicious of the president signs the hologram, this may be a trap to trigger a major war or other.

“Whoa !!” said the US president by shouting “we should not take such a decision before knowing beforehand” he added.

“A ... what?, Is not it already a strong evidence of their presence here” said the representative of the State russia, pointing to the figure of the hologram strange that stood in place, thinking that they are all tense behind the mask was awful, it must be this act of the State german, maybe they want to try to re-colonize other State State he thought to himself.

“If we let them, they may be planning a major attack others, so we have to destroy them before the big war” continued from the French State representatives to convince US President.

“But this has yet to prove anything, do you believe adolf hitler who do all this? nonsense is this?, think good either, and anyway Country Germany when it was not entirely at fault because of what Hitler “said the US president, thinks that the hologram hologram may have succeeded in provocation the important people from other countries, though not as it seems.

“I’ve already told you, to temporarily forget about personal problems between countries, we should not be hasty in taking action” he added, given that the country was almost too experienced a similar incident, the figure in front of them really terrible. Everyone from representatives of other countries just stopped himself listened to the US president, some other person seems to have noticed their strange figures. Hologram hologram was only silence mysterious in their respective places, either facial expression what is behind the mask, perhaps they looked carefully observing the debate began to heat up.

“It’s true, you do not know the origin of the full extent of the long history of our country, it was clear the German state is responsible for the power of Hitler but some of the countries we were yore against the cruelty of Hitler ’replied the representative of the German quickly and he looks a little tense and frightened, not only the country are threatened, but his life was today as threatened in view of US military forces have been very alert since earlier.

“So do you think the German state is the mastermind of all this?” Suddenly just emerging other sounds and this time a woman’s voice, the voice was coming from above the ceiling, those people were surprised to listen origin of the voice, looking up looking up so pay attention to the figure of the same again above them and some US military quickly aimed their weapons where where the voice came from. A hologram others are up there, leaning and sitting on the edge of the building is circular, mask slightly open facing upwards in his hand looks like holding a cigar, though so nobody could be able to see clearly what he looked like as a little covered with a black veil that juts out , several sniper located in various places the white house seemed to be trying the binoculars targets of their weapons to try to investigate the identity of one of them.

“Steven Toeln, Kevin rowel, Arnold Lawster and Jack Rustel Am I wrong?” Asked hologram strange that he started to suck back the cigar, the sniper was shocked to listen to the names of those mentioned, why until this figure to know the names of them, would not they do not know each other? those who managed to see his face does not know even the face of it and exchanged glances with one another with their friends, but at first glance the face with a female figure in the form of a hologram that has a face beautiful face even pale white as the color of the human body that has been dead, think maybe it’s just makeup, and her sharp gaze made her become very visible terrible.

“Sir ... that, it is the name of the name of our sniper Sir” whispered the head of the CIA and told the US president.

“What?” Seemed to be confused, and who knows how where he got to know about it.

“Idiot” whispered hologram near the US president, spontaneous and his CIA chief US President participated surprised so listen to the words just now.

“Do not worry I will put an end to them or you someday” replied the woman is a hologram that is up there with the tone quite clearly, as if he did look capable of doing it all alone remember the amazement of just happened before, a few moments later the the new state representatives are aware of the questions holographic woman who had spoken.

“If ... if this is not the act of the German State, then?, Who are you really?” Asked the representative of the English seem to think the same thing, could they bunch terorris? hologram others look like attention to one of them, whether facial expression what lies behind the mask horrible, no one knows, women hologram was located at the top and then back smoking cigars magnitude behind slit mask slightly open , the surrounding air becomes blurred holographic effect seems to follow what was done by the people of this mysterious, really strange things while making some people inside the white house be amazed by what they do, maybe it is a kind of high-tech?.

“Hey, hey, hey !! RV really impolite to smoke in this room “HC remarked he does not seem too fond of his own friends.

“Oh yeah?, What you own, not that we do here is not invited?, Oh I forgot we actually did not in law, this was not our original body is not it? so it’s okay “he replied, as if he looked at a friend of his with a cynical, there is an aura of scary out of the figure of the hologram, but all the people were confused by what they are talking about, what they may be fighting?, then laughter was heard again , apparently the first hologram with labeled DE laughing, with the typical eerie squealing laughter ear to all the people in the white house.

“I’m just enjoying the moment when they were replaced by our leadership, that” the hologram replied the woman.

“ha .. have crazy, you really mad, we must not allow that to happen” said a representative of the German with a trembling tone.

“What?” Asked the DE on the sidelines during a terrible laugh to them

“if it were not for one of the candidates for your leader, Germany may now have disappeared, should you thank him, is not it?” he said again.

“Fortunately all of this did not happen” said the US president, they are really mad, do not imagine that they almost cause a terrible disaster only by their peculiar way, besides they also succeed in getting people into a panic earlier.

“Yes, according the plan will run smoothly if the bitch over there do not ask that question to you, it is our desire without the hassle” said said holographic DS pointing to the hologram women over there no writing other small RV, what it is a initials of them?, maybe he was angry, but no one can see the expression of his face but from his words alone prove it.

“I prefer, if killing them one by one” said RV sounds terrible, they really do it just with a few people?, Given some of the events in this day really is great news that hard to believe, even though it was impossible but they can do it all the figures in front of the white house made the representatives of all countries into sat frozen with fear, who knows what is in the mind of each person who is in the white house.

“What has happened let it happen” said DE

“I agree with him, and with this new leader you declare independence for every individual human being, you are free to do anything, the strongest who wins, there is no law against your existing forest laws jungle, where power is everything“said DE laughing satisfied.

“What do you mean by all this? We do not agree with your crazy desire it, we will not let it happen” said the US president, representatives of the State other countries also showed the same facial expression, this makes no sense.

“Whatever you say, clearly man does not require you anymore, not necessarily in order by human hypocrisy, I do not know you are all good for them? or it may be just the opposite “he replied

“wha ... what do you mean?, Without government everything would be chaotic, you can not decide on their own wishes, you are not part of the government” said the US president replied firmly, while some representatives of other countries are also more likely to agree with the speech the president

“yes it is true “visible anger tone to them.

“Let the people themselves will decide, for centuries every human being led by a ruling whether it be good or bad for them and now I am your leader, would not it create its own law? make people free from the silly rules that you make?, where some of the people the government does not fully close to the public or residents, you are the government does not understand anything about the desire of the people that exist throughout the world “said said DE to them with zeal passionate, everything was stunned by what he says

“and if you want to stop us !!, try it yourself, I just wanted to liberate man from the leadership of those who thirst for power, now every man is free from leadership and greed you” he continued

“It’s time my lord” DS replied, bowing politely overlooking DE.

“Oh yes, by the way some other future leaders of our group did not attend, but the other person is very anxious to be present at this place” she said sounded like he was excited.

“What did you say?, This is not unreasonable, wait a minute we were clueless about your intentions, and would not you more greedy than us if you proclaim that statement? about to dominate the world itself “asks the US president and the US president seems to waffle ignored by the angel of death.

“The rest I leave alone thee RV” he said again, then holograms one by one began to disappear from that place, except one lone hologram that woman who really reads the initials of a small RV in her black veil, quickly hologram lady had returned to close her face with a mask terminator spooky.

And surprisingly hologram that woman who was sitting relaxed on jump down quickly enough hologram landed feet first, followed by a right hand clenched, crazy .... !!, is not a height that was not the play?, What legs made of iron or something, maybe his legs could break if it happened truth, even if it is just a hologram but what does he do it in the place of the original?

“There will be two important people you again who will die today,” he said casual, intermittent few minutes later the place was so silent without sound, they did not think that frightening figure could still talk in front of other horrible things. What else does this mean? and who else will they next seek.

“No big news recently appeared in the media” whispered whispered some members of the CIA, others feel insecure maybe it was simply false news

“wait we do not know for certain whether it is true or false” answered the other.

“I heard the prime minister Aoyama Japanese defense successfully killed again today,” whispered a few representatives of other countries, but the news reached the ears also representative of the Japanese state.

“What are you sure?” Said the representative of the Japanese voice could not believe what he was hearing.

“Said the news was already spreading very fast to different parts of the world, the vehicle they occupy the unfortunate, suddenly the car just entourage exploded one by one in sequence and there were no survivors of the terrible incident” another replied quietly.

“Bombs?, But is not there should be a vehicle inspection before they go? how they do it “ he asked again, some representatives of the State was seen muttering or ask.

“I do not know, I think so, especially with the news big news happened on this day, each country would have to secure the important people first, especially security certainly very strict” he added

“but why is the impossible event like that? If not because of a bomb and then what? “asked the representative of the Japanese nation was frightened and confused. The news was in fact true, and until well into the ears of the CIA security chief

“Mr. president, sorry sir, this is urgent but the rumor was true what their” whispered the CIA chief

“even to the head of the country’s defense japan? Shit” said the US president to quietly look quite upset, how only someone alone capable of doing crazy things, it seems there is something wrong with them.

“Oh one more is fine” said the woman sounded like a hologram composed.

“Forget it” he added, perhaps frightening figure was smiling terrible behind that silly mask.

“We go to the main point, I will mention the names of our world leaders who are new to you” he said, but everything seems not too concerned with what will be pronounced by the odd hologram.

“DE can you call Devil Eyes is the main leader of you and us, you can call it with initials only, and me alone you may be familiar with this sign is not it?” Asked hologram that while the identity of the RV in her black veil with a finger, all the representatives of some countries it while gawking at what was happening in front of his own eyes, assume the owner hologram insanity

“I was Renee Ven you may call me RV, DS (Death Sword), HC (Human Cyborg), DJ (Djibril), TR (the Ripper), TA (the Assassin), YY (Ying Yang) DT (Death Trap) and the last DF (Death Fighter) “he said but seen everyone who resides in the white house seems not interested in listening to the ravings hologram strange crazy.

“Who cares?, Now let us know who you will kill again today?, Who are you and what is your goal?” Snapped the US president, others look like grieving about the important people in various countries who have died as a result of actions they.

“Calm down, calm down dear, and why you do not call me madam? not already said before that this time we are the new leaders of you?, if the question of who the target of us, I do not know who they are entitled to decide for themselves their own, they are entitled to anyone who dies, so the angel of death “he replied casually, representatives of each of each country in the white house shudder to hear chatter quite ridiculous, what they randomize anyone who would kill? if true then the people behind all these holograms are the maniacs who like to kill, how much more will seems to have super strength, but whether it could happen in the real world? about people who have superhuman abilities.

“Can say your leadership’s been taken over by us, we are the masters at once became the angel of death to you, right hand of god” he added sternly terrible.

“what ... what you mean? Actually what this means?” Asked how representatives of other countries.

“Yes, we are the 10 angels of death for you, and at this time our leadership is underway as I said before is not it?” She replied again

“What are you kidding?” Asked some representatives of some of the other countries almost simultaneously said it, as if it was gibberish created by the hologram, this crazy name.

“Oh, yes?, When we were still living senior officials from several countries to treat some of us like pets government, as we are still useful we used as a killing tool, after useless or wasted and there is even a dead place you dump us like garbage time there that really you forget and this time we will avenge our way of its own, for some reason me, I mean we live, which is obviously hell do not want to accept us

“said hologram strange to the statement hard to accept reasonable their minds, it does sound a little tone of anger that terrible figure, but is it true to what he had just spoken to him?

“Derived from the hell did you say?” Asked the representative of Germany, he considered it a joke too exaggerated hologram, all narrative was nothing but sheer nonsense and could not believe it, and he could not even prove it.

“Like Adlof Hitler rise from his grave do you remember the first holograms that appear not?” Asked hologram while everyone began to stand up from his place and did not believe what they had just heard

“Hitler resurrected to be able to make amends in the past” she said firmly.

“Adlof hitler did you say? cut the crap “shouted the German State representatives do not believe a word she said.

“Adolf hittler is long dead, rise you say? The things that do not make sense “he added they do not trust the words of the hologram figure.

“What do you know anything about a Hitler?” Asked others are not convinced.

“Believers do not believe it’s up to you guys, I myself still wondered what we actually have? I saw clearly the figure of Hitler who came to me, and about to what god revive us again? I also do not know, may God turn us to wash away our sins by killing the innocent people who are hungry for power as the angel of death is not it? “she said again as if the statement that came out of her mouth to reassure everyone and some of them began to be seen to believe listen to that crap with no one can answer that statement, but some representatives of other countries consider it just a hoax, there is a lump, why this figure carries the name adlof hitler? words so convincing for some people.

“what ... what do you mean, it’s the statements in your very irrational and unreasonable, we really do not understand” the US senator replied.

“Is not I have said before that God may give us the opportunity to be able to redeem the fatal mistake that we have made is not it? and of course we have been given the power to free mankind from the hypocritical system of government, so maybe it could happen, make a real free man, getting the rights they never got to kill you or remove the system of government ”

“What do you mean ? are not they’ve got with their system of government is not it?“said the US president asked.

“No, some people in the world do not get their rights over the years, some of them were too long tormented out there with to not justice you guys, some of them are already sick may even surrender but could not do anything, and began time us which would free them from the rules you create, and now they can do whatever they want without any restrictions, especially justice for themselves that they never get ”

“what ... what ... did you ... say?” Asked the US president to stutter

“As Hitler mean DE say, man is filled with greed, lust for power may you all no one can deny, is currently one of us are chasing someone other important” he added, seemingly everyone was stunned to hear about some sort that.

“Oh yes, did I mention 10 names was a new name for the new world leader is not it? Soon Ripper would kill one of those important people in the country one of you“she said in a relaxed tone, this time who? but no one could guess and who else did Ripper?

“Could be one of your president, his deputy or maybe just the head of the national defense” said hologram with a strange tone and make the US president began to worry, could he also be the target of them.

“Why did you want to do something stupid that? I mean ... I mean you do not have a basis to kill the people it was not?” Asked the president of the United States, think that could be they are a group of people the maniac who killed if the answer is not correct.

“No basis did you say? I know you guys rot, good or bad remains we will abolish the system of government you guys to kill as many people you “she said firmly, everyone seemed strained to listen to the words of it.

“Not to mention every man has sins very much and you would not know it, especially in the system of government”

“For the government system is still there, then we will still be eyeing you” he continued.

“What, should we do?” Mumbled the US president with dismay, seemed to have no way out again for the moment, his mind is now really empty.

“Either was, I did not know” the hologram replied that, if listened to the statement, some representatives of other countries thought that it could be anyone who targeted this time, especially out there are still many other important people in every country.

“Talk the way I was tired today, dawn blind in south korea State too well chilled” he said jokingly.

“About why we do not directly kill the big guy as president?, Surely you curious is not it?” There seems to be a tone of excitement behind his words.

“Well I’ll tell you ... with the daily events in one’s going to make you think of leaving their respective positions” he added with a laugh.

“Whether it is your wish?” Asked the British state representatives with trembling tone.

“It will not happen” said the US president explained

“Happy we will hunt down and kill you one by one, it will be a challenge for us” the hologram replied with a strange and terrible tone. Before hologram horrific end their conversation, she had said

“Congratulations having fun with the new leadership of us, enjoy your life while you can” said hologram was taunting them, and then disappeared, apparently figure awful and strange it was crazy if they want to control the world. nobody knows what kind of thinking that is in their minds, there was something odd especially from the words of what they said.

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