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Bitter revenge

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One year ago I was in a loving relationship with my kings. I had my baby boy and was surrounded by love. Now I’m living my worst nightmare My father took me, my father who was supposed to be dead took me from my family. He wants my loyalty and my submission But what he gets is my time and my patience. I’ll play his games for now but when the time comes and he least expects it, I’m taking back my life and the life of others. He better watch out because Marla Teller is on the war path and is coming for daddy dearest. I’m Marla and this is my revenge.

Thriller / Horror
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One year ago ( Marla )

I hear a humming inside my head, everything hurts. My eyes won't open and my hands won't cooperate.

The humming gets louder as my body sways and shakes. Are we moving? Where are we moving from and too?

Bits of the past few hours rush into my mind, the car, Riggs, the airport, a needle, numbness, my father.

Fuck, my father is alive!

The humming goes quiet again, and I manage to open my eyes briefly to look around.

I'm on at aircraft, a fucking fancy one too. Cream leather seats with gold accents. I hear voices behind me, but nothing makes sense just yet.

Ellis! Fuck, my kings will be desperate to find me, Eric will lose his shit. Riggs the piece of shit betrayed all of us, should have let Alex fire his arse.

Fuck, what a mess!

Male voices get louder, laughter, glasses clink. Are they celebrating?

Evil fucks!

The room spins the further into the journey the plane goes, I feel so sick I hope I throw up on the expensive looking floor!

I close my eyes and calm my breathing, getting worked up wont help me, not now.

Sleep takes me again, and for once in grateful!

The next time I wake I'm in a car, a fancy car with lots of seats, the windows dark so I can't see out. But I'm guessing my father bought me back to the UK.

"My princess is awake" my father says in a jovial tone, like this as all amusing to him. He sits beside me.

I don't look!

In fact, I refuse to call him father, he is no father to me. From now on I will call him Steve!

"Cat got you tongue princess" he asks me as I continue to look out of the window.

He can suck eggs if he thinks I'll talk to him now!

"It's like that huh" he laughs, fucking laughs like it's all a joke!

"Well, have it your way princess, but just so you know... you will talk to me... maybe not right now... but soon... we have a lot to discuss you and I" he adds leaning over me and running his knuckles down my cheek.

His touch makes me revolt. How dare he touch me like that, Hes been gone years and Hes's scum of the earth for what Hes doing and done!

He runs a finger down my exposed arm sending goose bumps to the surface. I refuse to react or look at him.

He doesn't get my emotions or my words!

"You and I are going to have so much fun princess" he whispers in my ear making me shudder, I can't help how my body is reacting. Hes not talking to me like my father, no he talking to me like Steve the human trafficker.

Fucking gross!

The car pulls up to a very large house in the countryside, I don't even know where we are? The house is huge, and big imposing gates slide open to let us through. The house looks to be surrounded by a 6-foot-high brick wall reminding me of a prison.

Fucking great!

The car stops and my "Steve" sorry, pulls me from the car. My hands are still tied in front of me, and the rope has made my wrists bleed.

"Welcome home princess" Steve says as we stand in front of the large pathetic house, he calls home.

We walk up the front steps, 9 to be precise, and into the large grand foyer. Marble floors, white. So much fucking white its blinding!

A grand staircase sweeps up to the left, in normal circumstances I would call it beautiful, but this isn't normal, this is my nightmare.

"What do you think princess... beautiful huh?"

Fucker read my mind!

I swear to God he if he keeps calling me princess, I'm going to stab him in the eye with a fucking spoon.

"Brought it 3 years ago... had to make some modifications here and there but it was worth all the hard graft."

Please stop talking to me like you actually care what I think!

"The best part is the basement... but you'll see that soon enough... now let's get you settled in" he tells me dragging me toward the stairs.

We arrive on the first Floor and he walks me down a long hall and past several doors. This house is fucking huge.

"This is your room... I hope you like the colors I picked out" he tells me as he opens the door.


The room is pretty I suppose, soft pink and cream walls, a large white sleigh bed dominates the room with pink blankets and pillows on top.

A young girls dream room. Again, for me it's a nightmare I can't escape.

Steve turns me and takes the rope from my wrist.


Without thought or consequence I snap my hand out and slap him across the face hard. The sound traveling around the room like a crack of thunder.

I wait!

He turns his head back to me and the look of rage on his face tells me I just made a huge mistake.


I fall to the floor with a hard thud, he hit me back with such force my neck nearly snapped off my head.

Steve straddles my waist and leans over to grab my hair. Fuck Hes like the devil looming above me.

"Big fucking mistake princess... now you listen to me real good... this is your home now... you belong to me... your mine and you will do everything I ask... you will obey me when I tell you to do something and you will treat me with some god dammed respect" he seethes, spit flying from his mouth.

He lifts my head by my hair and slams my head back down against the floor making black spots dance across my eyes.

His anger going up a notch!

I still don't make a sound.

"You're going to go back to basics... you're going to learn my business and you're going to stand by my side... because if you dont .. things will get really ugly, real fast... " he leans down so his face is close to mine.

To fucking close for a father to be with his daughter.

"And if you so much as step out of line... I will have you sleep in bed with me... naked... for me to use as I please" he smiles and licks my cheek where a tear has fallen.

I shudder beneath him. Sick fuck!

Eventually he lets go of my hair and stands up. Fuck I want to kill him!

Hes not the man I know or remember.

"You have two days to wallow in your Misery and then it's time to do some work" he tells me as he leaves me on the floor and walks out of the room, the door clicking being locked.


My head hurts so bad, my guts are twisted in Knotts, and my father wants to take me in his bed.

I miss my kings, Ellis, Brea, Nicole and Eric. My family!

I need to be smart, use my head, be patient.

Curling into a ball I let my tears flow, for now I just want to cry. Tomorrow I will be stronger.

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