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Billionaire Elemental dhampir Bridget Wayne is over Lucien, and now that the mate bond is broken and she is free, she pursues the life she's always wanted. But when a one night stand turns into something more, she realizes that her assumptions about her life were true, and the tables are about to be turned completely. [Book Two of The Mated Series] (Book Theme Song: "Starlight" by Starset) *it is recommended that you read Lucien first to fully understand the plot!*

Thriller / Erotica
C.J. Lance
4.9 11 reviews
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1 New Life


The engine of the blue Chevrolet Camaro roars to life as I stare out the beachline of my new house in Georgia.

In the past two years, I developed my modeling career and now am attending college to earn a degree in liberal arts, as I’d like to become an actress as well.

As much as others like to say that being kidnapped and almost killed four times is traumatic and life changing, I say that it’s become another ridge on my character.

It’s taught me a lot about life and what I want to do with it, and who I want to pursue in life.

I’ve been gifted a new life thanks to my adoptive parents. When I told them that I wanted to move to Georgia, they supplied me with funds to buy a car and a beachfront house like I’ve always wanted. The best part is, it’s close to the University, so I don’t waste too much gas driving there.

Brendan and Brandon pestered me so much about what happened to me, and for once in my life, I kept the secret from the boys. The guilt of lying to them still haunts me, but I know it’s for the best. Darrell’s pack doesn’t have too good of relations with Lucien’s coven in the first place, and if Darrell’s Betas show up demanding vengeance on their older sister, it’ll cause a hassle that’s completely not necessary.

Halsey probably apologized three million times, believing it was her fault, but then Eliza felt that it was her fault since she’s the one who told me to go home, and then the boys felt it was their fault because they didn’t bring themselves a snack to school.

So I had four people blaming themselves, even though it wasn’t their fault.

Lucien, surprisingly, left me a letter after seven months of me being gone.

Here is what it said:

Dear Bridget (Bri, little dove...whatever else I decided to call you),

I’ve had time to think over everything that you’ve said to me and even though I don’t want to agree with it, I have to. In compliance with some of your words, I have been seeking therapy through Arika, the mistress of whom nobody’s ever slept with. We’re bonding well, if you’re wondering, and I hope something comes out of it.

You are right, Bridget. We weren’t meant to be mates, even though Fate seemed to have thought so. In all reality, I think that was done so that we would find people who were actually meant for us.

Thank you for making a difference in my life in a way that you wouldn’t know, and I wish you well in the future.

Alec and Marilyn send their love.

Good luck in the future,

Lucien Rowe

P.S: Libby and Rosanna are vamps now.

I folded the letter and set it away in my jewelry box, just to remind myself sometimes that it wasn’t a dream, that everything that happened to me during those five months actually happened.

My phone starts ringing, but I wait until I’m at a red light to see who it is.

Sorelle, my college roommate.

She’s a werewolf, one of the Deltas in Darrell’s pack, and she was the one who rushed to get me to my brothers as soon as I escaped.

It was quite easy and I wish I would have known about myself a lot sooner.

To explain exactly what I am:

I am an Elemental dhampir shifter.

These used to exist years ago before the division of the covens, packs, and other things that I don’t know the names of.

There was one in each of them, or a spinoff of one.

Now there are none at all, and I’m the first to resurface.

My Element is air, and I don’t know all of my abilities yet, just that I can shift into air and still be a being.

Sorelle calls again by the time I pull into the University parking lot.

“What’s up?” I say as I hit the button, looking in my rearview mirror to fix my hair. My heartbeat speeds up when I see a haircut similar to Lucien’s across the parking lot, a man exiting a Porsche. I stare, but then quickly blink and realize Sorelle asked me something.

“Sorry, what did you say?” I ask, locking my car doors just in case it’s actually him. Just because he sent a nice letter and said that he was courting Arika doesn’t mean I exactly believe he still isn’t trying to chase after me for breaking the bond and escaping him. I mean, how can he be with Arika when Layla definitely still exists?

I hope that therapy is getting somewhere...

“I asked you if you were at the University yet, because orientation is supposed to start soon and I want your help picking out something to wear,” she says again, and I sigh.

“Sorelle, aren’t you going for fashion design?” I question, and she giggles in the phone.

“Yeah, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get a model/future actress’ help on an outfit, does it? We are best friends anyways,” she says, always pulling that card. It’s true though.

Both sophomore’s at the University and care for my brothers like they’re our children.

When I was kidnapped, Sorelle saw how lost the boys were. They didn’t go home most of the time, not wanting to remember what it was like to have their sister/mother greet them at the door with s’mores.

So Sorelle stepped in and guided them gently back to normalcy, as she knew just as much as Darrell did that if any vampire was involved in my kidnapping, the boys would never see me again.

But none of them know Bridget Wayne too well, do they?

I grab my purse and phone, then unlock the vehicle.

Of course, as usual though, my purse is stuck between the console and the seat.

I tug on it multiple times, then sigh in relief when I get it out, only to turn around see a man standing at my window, with a smile on his face.

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