Puppeteer: Book One

By Emmalyne Errickson All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance


This wasn’t suppose to happen to me, not like this anyway. I was suppose to live my life, graduate from high school, go to prom and so much more. That was soon changed, after the fact that I woke up in an unfamiliar place and having no recollection of the past few days… I wake up with a pounding headache, a groan escaped my lips and I sit up. My chestnut hair goes in front of my eyes, I blink a couple of times to get my vision from being blurry. After a couple of minutes blinking my way through the blurriness, my surroundings came into view.

Day 1: Subject 400

Part One

Day 1.1- Subject 400

This wasn't supposed to happen to me, not like this anyway. I was supposed to live my life, graduate from high school, go to prom and so much more. That was soon gone, my chances of living a perfect life, just gone. My name is Maya Long, and this is my story…

The girl wakes up with a pounding headache, a soft groan escaped her lips and she sits up. Her long, chestnut hair goes in front of her eyes, her vision still blurry and disorientated. She blinks a couple of times, trying to get rid of the blurriness that engulfs her vision. After a few minutes of blinking, her surroundings came into view. A gasp escapes her lips, and she scrambles to get on her feet. Unable to recall any memories from the day before as she soon calls out, “Hello?” Her voice is raspy from not using it for quite some time. She glances down at herself, realizing she is wearing a white robe and she frowns. A dim light came from the door in front of her, a small dash of hope settles in the girl’s chest and she slowly, yet cautiously makes her way to the door.

The girl uses the wall to support her weight, her body feeling numb and her hair going back into her eyes. She feels some hope that she was going to be able to make it out of here alive, her heart pounding endlessly in her chest. Her leg is suddenly yanked from underneath her, a small yelp escaping her lips as she hits the cold concrete with a slap. She groans lowly, her head lolling to one side as she tries to make out what kept her from getting to the door. She moves her leg, soon hearing the sound of a chain rattling; she sits up and she positions herself to see the chain. A cuff was on her ankle, her heart still racing in her chest and she exhales softly. She glances around on the ground, trying to figure out what she could use to break the cuff off her ankle, and after a few minutes of looking around, she found nothing. She gives out a frustrated groan, yanking on the chain and the cool metal bites into her skin. She stands back up off the floor, realizing that her robe got dirt on the hem of it and she shakes her head. She rests her head on the cold stone wall, and she whispers, “Where am I?”

Nobody answered her question, the sound of the air only keeping her company.

She soon hears the sound of somebody walking past her door, she turns around and she yells out, “Hello! Somebody out there! Please help me!” She waits a few minutes, listening to the sound of the feet going past her door, the shadows under the door from the person’s feet danced in the light seeping from under there.

The doorknob rattles, signaling that someone was opening it.

Maya stares at the doorknob, frightened, yet relieved that someone was coming to rescue her. Her body trembles at the thought of it actually being the captor who prison bounded Maya. She backs up into the shadows, making sure that whoever the person was, he/she would not see her when they came in.

A figure enters the room, inspecting his surroundings as he tries to find the girl. The light shone around him, causing his features to stand out more and he purrs out, “I know you’re in here, love… There is no need for hiding…” He continues to look around, a small hum leaving his lips and a British accent current in his speech.

Maya continues to hide in the shadows, covering her mouth with her hand as she tries to calm her breathing. Her free hand clutching her shoulder, her nails digging into her flesh as she watches the male. She knew right away that the male was not a very nice man at all.

A sigh escapes the stranger’s lips, he looks down at the chains and he then says, “I know you’re hiding in the shadows, my dear girl… Why don’t you come out from there and I promise that you can get a nice clean and maybe some food?”

The mention of food made Maya’s stomach growl, she releases her grip on her skin and she says in the shadows, “Where am I?”

The male no older than her smiles at the girl’s question, his eyes are a sea blue and his hair curly, and black. He tilts his head to one side, holding a key in the light and he says, “I can’t tell you, but if you be a good girl, maybe I will.”

She doesn’t respond right away, her lips pursing into a thin line as she thinks this through and she says softly, “Why would I trust someone that I hardly know?” Her stomach growls again, but this time louder.

The male smirks at the girl’s remark, he clears his throat and he says, “Well, either way, I was told that I had to get you bathed and feed. And if I don’t do that, the man will surely beat me later. Now you promise not to run as I unlock you from the chains?”

Maya glances down at her feet, noticing that they were indeed dirty and she then looks back up at the male in front of her. She inhales slightly, getting the courage to say what she needed to say and then she softly responds with, “I promise…” It was a lie, a means of escape and she soon watches as the male undoes the cuff.

The cuffs hit the ground with a hollow clang to the floor, the man stands up and begins to say, “There, let me-...”

She pushes past the male, a soft grunt leaving her lips and she felt hope bubble into her chest as she gets closer to the door. That hope was soon gone, when she was tackled to the ground and she tries to fight off the male that had her pinned to the cement ground. “Get off of me!” She shouts, twisting her waist back and forth.

“That was a big mistake, love... I want to hurt you badly, but I was instructed not to hurt you...” The male says, yanking her off the ground and onto her feet. He purses his lips, staring at the girl and he keeps a good grip on her wrists. He leans in close to the girl’s body, inhaling the scent of her and he whispers in her ear, “Too bad I can’t have you…”

Maya gives out a sharp cry of pain as she felt her wrists being yanked behind her and she shivers when the male presses against her. She closes her eyes, her body trembling and she says in a soft voice, “Why am I here?”

He nudges her forward, telling her to walk out and he says, “Do you not remember why? Or are you playing dumb with me?”

She scoffs at his question, stumbling at first when the male nudges her forward and she says, “Is this some sort of cruel joke? Did my boyfriend put you up to this?”

The man glances at the girl, a frown deepening on his face and he says, “No, this is not some sort of ‘cruel joke’. Sorry, love. But it’s not that simple.”

Maya frowns at the man’s words, she twists her body so she can look at the male and she says, “How long have I been here? A day… A week?” She was starting to panic, doubt settling into her chest as she realizes that she was probably indeed a prisoner.

He laughs softly, shaking his head at Maya’s guesses and he pulls her to a stop. He opens a bronze door that led to a room. He says, “You’ve been here for three months, love.” He pulls her over to a chair, knowing full well that he had to do this process all over again with this girl. He pushes her down in the chair and he says, “Press the button when you are ready to watch it.”

Maya glares at the male who pushed her down into the seat, she turns back around to see the laptop and she felt her heart skip a beat. She pushes back her hair, her hands trembling as she stares at what the computer screen read.

Subject 400- Ongoing

She feels her heart stop for a quick second, she looks at the male and he smirks. She looks away and she presses play.

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