The Forgotten Princess

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What would you do to save your estranged family if you knew you were next?

Thriller / Mystery
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The bells chimed loudly, announcing the hour. The kingdom waited with baited breath. The queen was about to give birth to a child, and everyone was waiting. People fervently wished that it would be a boy. The royal family had had seven girls already, and they desperately needed to have a son. The kingdom needed an heir to carry on the family name.

The moon was sitting high in the sky, casting a silvery shadow over everything, by the time that the canons rang out to announce the joyful news. The queen had finally given birth. Excitement raced through the land. That excitement however was short lived; the queen had given birth to a daughter. The royal family still had no heir.

The child grew into a comely child. She wasn’t very attractive. Her hair was stringy and a mousey brown color. Her eyes were a muddy brown color and her nose was as bulbous as a potato. She was skinny, and lanky and a total klutz. Every year she seemed to get more and more comely, to make matters worse she had fits, and a twitch. She was a humiliation to the royal family.

When she was five her parents couldn’t stand it any longer, they couldn’t keep her. She was sent to a small, island castle with only a few servants to make sure she taken care of.

As time went on the people started to forget about her. People would think of her less and less until they hardly thought of her at all. Soon people forgot what she looked like, and even her name. Soon, she became known as the forgotten princess.

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