The Forgotten Princess

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Chapter 10

The queen looked over to where her husband was sleeping. Carefully she slipped off the bed and padded silently out of the room. She slipped into the nursery. She picked up a blanket from the crib and held it up to her face, breathing in deeply. She could still smell her baby in the cloth.

Pain sprung to her heart, cutting her more deeply than a knife ever could. Tears welled up in her eyes, and she sunk down to her knees, tears flowing into the blanket. She stayed there until all her tears dried up and she couldn’t cry any more.

She knew what she had to do. She got to her feet and folded the blanket neatly before placing it in the crib. She left the room, taking one last, long look at the room before closing the door. She made her way down the hallway.

Slowly she made her way up the stairs to one of the towers. Nobody had been up in the towers for a long time. The air was thick with dust and cobwebs. She shoved open the door and made her precarious way into the tower. There were all sorts of odds and ends in the way.

The queen finally made her way to the window. Using all her strength she pushed open the window. She stood on the windowsill and threw herself out of the tower.

Eveline jerked awake. Her stomach dropped to the floor, and a feeling of doom swept through her body. She couldn’t get the image of the queen throwing herself to the ground out of her mind. She kept seeing the queen falling, only this time it wasn’t the queen who was falling to the ground it was Serephina.

Eveline bolted off of the couch and ran down the hall and to the tower. She had never moved so fast in her life. She made it to the tower room just in time to see Serephina standing at the open window, her blond curls blowing in the wind.

“Serephina!” Eveline called out, hurrying over to the open window.

Serephina looked back. Her blue eyes had a glassy look to them. They didn’t look like her eyes at all. Serephina leaned out of the window, and started to fall down to the ground.

Eveline ran to the window and reached out, just barely missing being able to grab Serephina’s hand. Eveline stood frozen to her spot by the window as she watched her sister fall to the ground. It wasn’t until her sister made it to the water in the moat that she was able to move again.

She ran out of the tower and to the ground. Without hesitating she jumped into the freezing water and pulled Serephina out of the water. She checked Serephina’s pulse and shouted before she started doing CPR.

“What happened?” Joshua asked, kneeling down on the other side of Serephina.

“I don’t know,” Eveline panted, “She just jumped out of the tower.”

“What were you doing about at this time of night?” Joshua asked, taking over for Eveline.

“I could ask you the same thing,” Eveline said sitting back, and wiping her wet hair out of her face.

As Joshua worked on Serephina, Eveline went into the castle to look for some help. Before too long, she was back with the doctor. As they knelt down beside Joshua, Serephina coughed, expelling water from her lungs. The doctor looked her over.

“She’s broken several bones, and probably has several internal injuries,” the doctor said, “We need to get her out of her wet clothes before she catches pneumonia.”

Joshua and the doctor carefully lifted her into their arms, with Eveline leading the way to open the doors.

“I’ll call in one of the lady-in-waiting to come in and get her out of her wet things,” the doctor said after they had placed her on the bed.

Shortly after the guys left, Eveline started working on getting out of her cold wet things. A lady-in-waiting came into the room with a hot water bottle. As Eveline towel dried Serephina’s hair, the lady-in-waiting lit the fire in the fireplace and covered her with as many blankets as she could find.

After making sure Serephina would be okay in the lady-in-waiting’s hands, she headed back to her own bedroom. Harper was already in the room when Eveline walked in.

“What are you doing here?” Eveline asked.

“Its 6:30,” Harper said, “I’m doing my rounds. What happened to you?”

“Serephina jumped and landed in the moat. I got her out.”

“What were you doing outside?”

Eveline sat down and told Harper all about the dream and going to the tower. By the time Eveline had finished talking, she was shaking so hard from nerves and the cold.

“We need to get you out of your wet things,” Harper said, getting some dry clothes out.

Eveline was curled up in the chair with a blanket wrapped around her. She grasped a mug of hot chocolate in her hands to keep her warm. There was a knock at the door, Harper stood up and opened it.

“You’re Majesty,” Harper said, giving a deep curtsy before stepping aside and letting the king enter.

“Sir,” Eveline said, starting to stand.

“Oh, no,” the king said, holding up a hand, “Please stay seated.”

He came over and sat down on the footstool in front of her. He leaned forward, resting his forearms on his knees.

“I heard about what you did this morning,” he said.

Eveline looked down at her hands.

“Thank you,” he said, gently lifting her chin. She nodded slightly, “Anyway, because of recent events, your mother and I have decided that it would be best if you and Elaine left on your little trip as soon as possible.”

“Okay,” Eveline said.

“Will you pack her bags,” the king said looking at Harper. He stood up, and put his hand on her shoulder, “You and Elaine will be leaving for the countryside this afternoon.” With that, he left the room.

A group was waiting in the hallway, waiting to see Eveline and Elaine off. After a few hugs and promises to be kept informed, Eveline and Elaine got into the carriage. Elaine looked out of the back of the carriage until the castle faded off into the distance.

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