The Forgotten Princess

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Chapter 15

Eveline tossed and turned on her bed. Her sheets felt scratchy against her skin. She was shivering with cold despite the fact that it felt like her blood was boiling. She was soaked in her own cold sweat.

“It’s done,” a voice in the darkness said, “We’ve taken care of her.”

“Great,” another voice said, “What about the other thing?”

“She will be here any day now. Trust me, it’s all been taken care of. There is nothing to worry about.”

“Are you sure about this Katrina person?”

“Don’t worry, she’ll do exactly what we want her to. It will all be taken care of. He’ll be dead in no time.”

Eveline’s eyes flew open and she bolted up in bed, breathing heavily as she looked frantically around the room.

“Shh,” Elaine said, putting a comforting hand on Eveline’s shoulder, “It’s okay, relax.”

“They’re going to kill him,” she panted.

“Kill who?”

“What’s going on,” Harper asked, coming into the room and rushing to Eveline’s bedside.

“They’ve already killed someone else. Now they are going to kill him. We can’t let them kill him,” Eveline ranted.

“Kill who? What’s going on?” Harper asked.

“I don’t know, she just woke up and started raving about how they were going to kill him,” Elaine explained.

Harper poured water into the basin that was sitting on the night table by Eveline’s bed. She dunked the towel into the bowl, and let it soak while she gently, but firmly pushed Eveline down against the pillows.

“Sh… it’s okay,” Harper whispered, placing the towel on Eveline’s clam-y and feverish forehead.

“Can I do anything?” Elaine asked.

“Yes, can you get some water for her pills?”

Elaine fumbled with the pitcher, spilling a quarter of the glass onto the floor. She tried to unscrew the pills, but she couldn’t seem to make it budge, she was shaking so hard. She gave it one last turn and the pills went flying from the bottle and all over the floor.

“I’m sorry,” Elaine said, “I’m just so anxious.”

“It’s alright,” Harper said, grabbing the glass of water from the night table.

While Harper gave Eveline her pills, Elaine dropped to her knees. She frantically brushed them into a pile and scooped them all back into the bottle.

“Are you feeling alright?” Harper asked in concern.

“Yeah, I’m just kind of worried,” Elaine said.

“There is nothing to be worried about,” Harper said calmly, “Everything will be fine. Now, why don’t you go try to find something for Eveline to eat?”

“Of course.”

Elaine placed the bottles of pills onto the table and hurried out of the door. Harper dabbed the cool cloth on Eveline’s hot body. Eveline opened her eyes and struggled to sit up, but Harper’s arm kept her down.

“Relax,” Harper said, “Just stay put.”

“I can’t,” Eveline said, “I have things to do.”

“No,” Harper ordered, “The doctor told you to stay put but you didn’t listen. This time you are going to follow orders and stay in bed until the doctor says you are allowed to get up.”

“No, I can’t,” Eveline said, struggling against Harper’s restrictions, “I don’t have time.”

Elaine came into the room, holding a steaming hot bowl of soup with both hands. Carefully she slowly made her way to the bed side and handed it to Harper. Harper spooned out the soup and fed it to Eveline.

“Feeling better?” Elaine asked.

“Much,” Eveline said, swallowing the last bit of soup.

“Great,” Elaine said, “Now, who was going to kill whom?”

“What?” Eveline asked.

“Oh, it was probably just a feverish dream that she had,” Harper said.

“You sure that was all it was?” Elaine asked, sounding slightly disappointed.

“I’m sure,” Eveline said.

Eveline knew that she would never be able to get what she needed done if Elaine and Harper were hanging around her. After a while she pretended that she was tired and needed to get some rest.

Eveline waited, as patiently as she could, until she was absolutely positive that both Harper and Elaine were far from this part of the castle. She slipped out of the bed. The cold floor sent shivers rushing through her bare feet. She slipped on some slippers, and wrapped a robe tightly around her.

By the time she made it to the door she was so tired that she had to lean heavily onto the doorknob of her door, until she felt revived enough to continue on her way. She slipped out of the room and down the hall.

“Shouldn’t you be in bed?” Joshua asked, bumping into her on her way to the library.

“Um, well, you see,” Eveline started.

“Umhm,” Joshua laughed, “Where you going?”


“Here, I’ll help you get there,” Joshua said, taking her elbow, “You look like you can use the help.”

“Thanks, but I’m fine, really.”

“Yeah right. You look like you are about to keel over.”

“So, what are you looking for?” Joshua asked as they entered the library.

“I don’t know, really. I guess anything that deals with the history of my family or the castle, anything I guess.”

Joshua helped Eveline search for any books that had anything to do with the history of the royal family and the castle itself. Together they poured over all the books they had found.

They had been pouring over the books for hours. Eveline’s eyes started feeling heavy. Her head feel forward onto her chest, and she nodded off.

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