The Forgotten Princess

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Chapter 20

Eveline slipped down into the dungeon. She lifted the lantern higher in order to see things better. Her knees were trembling beneath her, still she pushed on. She walked into the second cell on her right.

She ran her hands up and down the walls, searching for the latch. She found it in the corner right above the floor. She tugged and tugged at the latch, and barely made it budge. She was at it for over half an hour before she heard the latch click.

The stones on the floor sunk into the ground and then moved aside, revealing a set of stairs. Eveline shone the lantern down into the dreary, dark hole. It was filled with cobwebs, it was damp and moss grew in the cracks. It was the last place in the world that she would want to go into, but she had to. It was the only solution. She had to do it.

She steeled her nerves and made her way down the steps. She carefully ran her hand on the wall to keep herself from tumbling down and breaking her neck. She managed to make it down alive.

It was a dark, dank room. If you could call it a room, it was more of a hole than anything else. There were small puddles, making the floor all muddy. Mosquitoes, attracted to the water, were flying around everywhere. Rats scattered around the corners, keeping out of what little light there was in the room. There was a stench in the air that made Eveline want to retch.

Shakily she lit the candles she had brought with her and placed them into the mud. Slowly she turned around three times, murmuring an incantation as she did so. When she finished, she came to a halt and as still as a statue.

Wind picked up in the airless room. The strength of it sent Eveline falling backwards into the mud and grime. An eerie shadow started forming in front of Eveline.

“Why are you doing this?” Eveline asked, brushing her hair out of her face and getting to her feet.

“Because he ruined my life,” the white, shadowy figure said, pointing at the air in front of it.

As the figure pointed the air in front of him started shimmering. White wisps started forming. The wisps started forming into recognizable people. It was the king’s advisor and brother.

“I…I…” the king’s brother stammered when he had fully formed.

“You killed my wife and daughter,” the king said.

“I’m sorry,” the king’s brighter cried, “I didn’t mean.”

“You didn’t mean it? You killed the only people I really cared about and you dare say that you didn’t mean it?!” the king raged.

“Wait, just hear me out,” the king’s brother pleaded.

“Why should I?”

“Because we need to get this settled once and for all,” Eveline said, turning and looking at the king, “You can’t keep torturing us because we happen to come from your advisors family. It’s not fair. We did nothing to you and we are the ones suffering for your guys’ feud,” she said, looking at all of them, “Not talk it out.”

The figures looked at each other, and then looked down at the floor. None of them made a move to start the discussions.

“Please,” Eveline begged.

“Fine,” the king gave in, “Why?” he asked, looking at his brother.

“I had gotten into some trouble during my younger years. I did things that I’m not proud of. I would have been ruined if anyone found out about it. Well, Peter found out about it somehow. He blackmailed me into doing what I did. What I did was wrong, I know that. I’m not excusing my actions, just know that I am terribly sorry for everything that happened.”

Eveline breathed a sigh of relief. The three of them were finally talking with each other. They were getting everything out in the open.

Suddenly the room seemed to start turning, and everything started going in and out of focus. She felt weak, like all the energy was seeping out of her. She leaned back, thudding against the wall, before she slid to the ground.

The three of them were starting to argue above her head. She strained in order to hear what they had to say, but they sounded so far away. Leaning against the wall she forced herself up the wall and into a standing position.

“You killed my wife and daughter for the sake of power!”

“You deserved it. You and your family ruined my life.”

“They did nothing to you! They were innocent!”

“Hey!” Eveline shouted, using all the strength that she had.

They turned to look at Eveline.

“What happened, happened. There is nothing you can do to change any of that,” Eveline said tiredly.

“He killed my family, he has to pay,” the king said.

“He used me and then had me murdered, I can’t just leave it alone,” the king’s brother agreed.

“But you aren’t hurting him,” Eveline said, “You are hurting innocent people that just happen to have the bad luck of being related to him. You are doing the same thing he did. You are making innocents suffer because of his actions.”

“We are doing exactly what he did to us,” the king’s brother defended.

“That might have been true when this first started, but now you aren’t accomplishing anything. He isn’t feeling upset by what you are doing. We don’t mean anything to him.”

The room started fading again, and she was feeling extremely weak and had difficult y breathing normally.

“Please,” she managed to gasp out, “Stop hurting my family. They don’t deserve it.”

Once she finished her speech, she fell to the floor and let darkness swallow her.

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