The Forgotten Princess

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Chapter 21

The king and his brother glared angrily at the advisor. They moved forward in unison, almost like they were one person. Together they grabbed the advisor. The king’s brother caught his arms behind his back while the king worked on waking Eveline up. They needed her.

“Wake up,” the king shouted, waving his hand in and out of her face.

Eveline opened her eyes slightly. She saw a white wispy form hovering above her, yelling something at her that she couldn’t understand. She pushed herself into a sitting position.

“What?” she asked, trying to get her breath.

“We need your help,” the king said.

The king waved her hand and she could feel herself into a standing position.

“What do you need help with?” she asked.

“We can’t get rid of my advisor without you.”

“Of course,” Eveline nodded, she headed to her bag.

She pulled out her bottle of water and her beads. In a hazy fog she re-arranged the candles so that they made a circle around the advisor and the king’s brother, relighting the ones that had gone out during their conversation.

The king’s brother released the advisor and stepped out of the circle. Once he was free, Eveline walked around the edge, splashing the water on the advisor as she went. She stood so that they were face to face. She held up the beads and waved them back and forth in front of him, then side to side. The whole time chanting:

The past is past.

The present is tarnished.

Keep the future clean.

The ones who cause the pain

Are the last to leave.

In order to make the peace

You must leave.

Peace has been made

Be gone.

She splashed the rest of the water on him and watched as he slowly faded in a pool of smoke. When he was gone she collapsed to the ground. The king and the king’s brother faded into nothingness just before all the energy seeped out of her body, causing her to loose consciousness.

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