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“Gentlemen, this mission is far from over. We ran that name you found, Leonidas Lambros. There is a very good chance that he is the creator of that formula or at the very least he knows how it works. Anyway, we need to talk to him. This is a setback but we can still get what we need.”

Stanley breathed a sigh of relief. At least Steward wasn’t blaming he and his partner. How dumb could the guy be? Only an imbecile would send camel jockeys and goatherds to do delicate work.

“We’ll find him sir. Maybe your Arab team has him? Any word from them?”

“Nothing and I don’t think we will. Lambros boarded a plane to China this morning. This works out because something big is going on there now. We need an extra pair of boots on the ground”

Stanley was confused Then he remembered the Chinese professor, but Jiang was dead. He thought for a moment then asked the right question.

“Was he alone?”

“Unfortunately, not. He was with a friend of yours. Guo Xin Tong.”

“Shit” Was all Stanley could think of as Steward ordered him to catch the next flight out to a city called Changchun.

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