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First person point of view of a young girl named Yumi living in the beginning of a Zombie Apocalypse.

Thriller / Horror
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I was in my fourth period class photography when the intercom issued a lock down. We hid in the side of the room where we could not be seen from the door. We sat there in silence waiting for the all clear or the police officers to come and get us out. After about ten minutes passed a girls cell phone went off. The next thing I knew there was pounding and growling at the door, Mr. Harkness got up ready to hold back the intruder when they broke in. After about three minutes the door burst open and a man with brown hair and bloodshot emotionless eyes who was about 5’8 feet tall stumbled into the room. He made no noise except a growl and he had nothing in his hands to use as a wepon. Mr. Harkess yelled for us to leave and that he would hold him off then the man lunged towards Mr. Harkess and bit into his shoulder. Everyone started to run out of the room except me I was too shocked to move I watched the man bite into Mr. Harkness's neck this time watching the blood go all over the floor and both men. He didn’t seem to care that Mr. Harkness was screaming in pain. When Mr. Harkness dropped to the floor into his own blood was when it clicked in my head that the man that just bursted into the room was a zombie. Luckily, for my short attention span I have made a plan for the zombie apocalypse in all of my classes.

I ran over to Mr. Harkness's desk and broke off the paper cutter handle and then ran over to the zombie that was now hunched over Mr. Harkess and brought down the handle into his head and blood sprayed out and got all over my body. The man then fell onto Mr. Harkness's chest. Mr. Harkess looked up to me with pleading eyes and mouthed the word please and I knew exactly what he wanted me to do. I raised up the handle again and looked Mr. Harkness in the eyes and mouthed the world sorry and then brought down the handle and cut into his head as blood sprayed out and got my body more bloody.

I then walked over to my backpack and opened it up then walked around the room and grabbed several pairs scissors and and church keys and put them in my bag. I then walked out into the halls with the paper cutter handle in hand and walked out to the cafeteria to get a few water bottles and food. After I had a fair amount of water and food I left the school and went home. I didn’t have to worry about any of my friends because every student at the school hated me. I only lived about a mile away so I got home pretty quickly.

When I got home I grabbed my key and unlocked the door. After I got inside I closed the door and set down my backpack and headed to my room and grabbed my throwing knifes and katana my parents gave me. Then I went into the closet and grabbed another bag that had flowers all over it and clouds hold a lot of thing and filled it with a large confider, a match box, a lighter, and flint and steel. I then sat down on my bed and waited for my mom and dad to get home.When it started to get late I cooked some food and ate then went to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up to the early sunlight hitting my eyes. I got up and looked around the house to check if my parents were home but I soon found out they weren't there. I had to assume the worse had happened and I layed down on my bed and cried for hours into my pillow for what seemed to be forever. When I calmed down I got up grabbed a second backpack and put in two more blankets, two jackets, a heavy winter jacket, two changes of close, and a family photo of me and my parents. I then strapped my throwing knifes to my right leg and strapped my katana to my back, then I wrote a note to my parents if the did show up after I have left.

It said. ‘Dear Mom and Dad, I have to keep moving it will get too dangerous here soon. I stayed the night here and waited for you. But when I woke up and saw you weren’t here I had assumed the worst had happened to you and I think you're dead. But if you're still alive and you're seeing this I want you to know I will do my best to survive out there and I will find people and help them survive as well and they will help me. I took my throwing knifes and katana you got me. And the last thing I want you to know is that I love you two so much I miss you and will always miss you. -Love your daughter Yumi

After I finished the letter I taped it where they would see it and started crying again. I walked out of the door and noticed that it was about noon. I climbed up to the roof of my house and saw there was a gully about three miles away. I knew if I were to start walking now I would have plenty of time to get there before sun set.

After I climbed down from the roof I started to walk towards the gully and started hearing gun shots from in the distance. I ran into the ditch next to my house and ducked down. After about two minutes I got back up and started to run to the gully to get away from who ever was firing the guns. I have watched too many zombie movies to know that when a gun is fired in the zombie apocalypse the zombies start to show up soon after.

When I got to what I felt like a safe distance away I slowed to a stop to rest for a few minutes. While I was resting I started to hear the gun shots again but this time the were closer and this time I heard screaming.I then knew it wasn’t safe here anymore. I started to walk towards the gully again. After about two hours I finally reached the edge of the gully.

The gully had several hills and several trees throughout the whole landscape but there was a clump of trees and foliage, and the tall grass was golden ’I think I will go there and scout out what I can find there’ I thought. Also the tall grass was a gold color. But as I was about to start heading into the gully’ I saw a figure appear over the hill heading right towards me. I unsheathed my katana and readied to fight. As the figure approached closer, I saw that the zombie was a man that seemed to be about thirty, six feet tall with brown hair.

I dropped my bags then ran forward to him and ran my katana up through the bottom jaw. Blood splashed down into my hair and on to my face and clothes. I removed my katana letting the zombie fall to the ground. I wiped the blood off my katana on my shirt and put it back into its sheath. I walked back over to my bags and picked them up and then headed for the small grouping of trees and foliage.

After I entered the foliage area I slowed down and started to look around. It was very shady and cool. Also there was total coverage from the street. Good those gun men won’t see me here. I thought. While I was walking around for a while I tripped over something and hit the ground hard. I laid there on the ground groaning.

The next thing I knew, something dropped down from a near by tree and landed right in front of me. I quickly jumped back and looked at the thing and now could tell it was a young girl that looked about my age.

She had very curly dark brown hair, a leopard print jacket, normal blue jeans, glasses, and behind her glasses she had brown eyes that looked angry, serious and determined. She also had a loaded bow and arrow that what pointing right at me.

“D-don’t shoot!” I stammered.

She held her bow firm in her hand and didn’t lower it. She looked me right in the eye and asked “Who are you and why are you covered in blood?”

“I’m Yumi and I’m covered in blood because on the edge of the gully there was a zombie and I killed it.” I answered.

“Okay then. Are you with the people who keep firing the guns?” She asked with loathing in her voice. Whatever those guys with the guns are doing must not be good because she seems to know what they're doing and hates it. I thought.

“No, I’m not I’m actually trying to stay away from them. Why what are they doing?” I asked. After I answered she seemed to relax a little bit and lowered her bow ever so slightly.

“Good and your smart of avoiding them. Also as for what they're doing. They’re shooting anything that moves whether it’s a zombie, animal, or other living people including kids.” she answered. She held out her hand to help me up. I had completely forgotten I was sitting on the ground.

After she helped me up I asked.“How did you find out what they were doing?”

“I have my ways. Am I going to tell you? No. ” She smirked.

“Oh, well would you mind telling me your name?” I asked.

“I’m Aelita. Hey, since you know what weapon I use what do you use?” she asked.

“I use a katana and throwing knifes but I’m not very good at the throwing knifes. But hey a weapon is a weapon.” I smiled.

“Are you alone out here or a part of a group?”Aelita asked.

“I’m alone. Why?” I answered.

“Would you like to join mine? It’s not very big its just me, and another person, but if you want you can join. The only thing is, that if you start being a huge jerk you will be forced to leave.” Aelita offered.

“Sure I’ll join you. We’ll all have a better chance of surviving if we work together.” I said smiling. Then we started walking.

“So who is the other person your with?” I asked after a few minutes of walking.

“His name is Jeremie. I will warn you he is a major smart alec and he can be very full of himself.” Aelita replied.

“How do you know each other? Are you siblings?” I asked.

“No, we aren’t siblings. Also Jeremie is my boyfriend. But now it’s my turn to ask you some questions.” Aelita said.

“Sure it’s only fair.” I replied awaiting the yet to come questions.

“Ok, why are you out here alone and not with your parents or with another group?” Aelita first asked.

“I actually waited at my house for the first night and waited for them to come home but they never did. So I figured they died so I left.” I said looking down trying to stop the tears from showing.

Aelita then put her hand on my back and said. “Oh, I’m sorry Yumi.”

“Its ok. In a zombie apocalypse you always have to deal with loss. Theres going to be many more lives lost that we are all going to see. What are some other questions you would like to ask me?” I asked raising my head.

“Where did you go to school before this happened?’ Aelita asked

“Green Mountain. What about you?” I asked.

“Same here. “ Aelita replied.

“Cool how much father is your camp?” I asked because we have been walking for awhile now.

“It’s right over there.” Aelita pointed to a grouping of foliage. “It’s right thru there.”

After we walked thru the foliage. Stopped and looked around. It was completely covered by plants and there was a small hole at the top were if you lit a fire smoke could escape. Also the floor was just plain dirt. But there was two spots that made up two beds, a stack of firewood along the left wall, and a place to store food along the other wall. Aelita walked into the middle of the area and told me to set my stuff down.

After I set down my bags Aelita told me to set up my stuff and put any food and water with the others.

I walked over to my bags and took out all the food and water and set it with the rest. It looked like we all had enough food to last us about a month at least but if we were smart and conserved it well we would have enough to get us threw two months. The water on the other hand wouldn’t last us that long at least I know some good ways to purify dirty water. After I finished putting the food and water away I made my bed close but abit off set from the other two. I only pulled out one comforter to separate me from the ground and a small blanket to cover up with because it was still pretty nice out at night not too cold and not too hot. After I finished I went back over to Aelita and over heard her ask herself where Jeremie was.

Right after she said that, a boy with shaggy brown hair, glasses, a mix of gold and blue eyes, he was also wearing a black hoodie with Canada printed on the front, blue jeans, and black combat boots. He looked like he was the same age as Aelita and me.

He crouched down right behind Aelita and put his fingers up to his mouth as if he were shushing me. He got right behind Aelita then in one swift motion he grabbed Aelita turned her around and pulled her into a surprise hug. Aelita let out small yelp for a second then she realized who it was and hugged him back. After a few seconds they let go.

“I hate you.” Aelita said

“Come on you don’t hate me you love me too much.” He said putting an arm around Aelita’s shoulders. Aelita just rolled her eyes and mumbled something under her breath.“So who are you? Also thanks for not warning Aelita about me approaching.” the boy asked turning his attention to me.

“No problem, also I’m Yumi. I’m going to go out on a whim here and say your’s is Jeremie.” I replied.

“Yep.” Jeremie said with a grin. “So how did you get here?”

“I was walking thru the gully and while I was walking, I tripped over something and then fell to the ground. The next thing I knew Aelita had jumped out of a nearby tree with a loaded bow and landed right in front of me with her bow pointed at me ” I explained.

“That sounds like her.” Jeremie said looking over at Aelita.

“Sorry about that by the way.” Aelita said looking at me.

“It’s fine you thought I was a threat what else were you supposed to do?” I answered.

“True. Hey Jeremie where were you?” Aelita asked.

“In one of the abandoned houses surrounding the gully..” Jeremie said.

Aelita glanced and raised her eyebrow and said. “You're a terrible liar Jeremie you know I hate it when you lie to me please tell me the truth.”

“Fine I was scoping out the gunmen's current location and seeing how close they were getting to here.” Jeremie said.


“Aelita calm down I stayed far away from them I wasn’t close enough for them to see me.” Jeremie said trying to calm Aelita down.

“Please don’t do that without me there with you next time.” Aelita said calming down. “Hey it’s getting late we should go to bed.”

“Okay but I’m going to grab a little food before I go to sleep you two girls should eat too.” Jeremie said walking over to the food.

“Fine but then we should all get to bed.” Aelita said.

After we all ate a little something we all went to our beds and laid down by this time the sun had gone down and the stars were shining. Like what happens every time I try to sleep in a new place I couldn’t. So I laid there looking threw the small hole on the sealing and looked at the sky. While I looked up at the stars I started to think. I miss you mom and dad. I hope you can see I doing fine. I’ll fight my hardest and I wont die without a fight and I’ll protect Aelita and Jeremie with my life. I promise. I rubbed my eyes and felt that my face was wet. I had started to cry without even knowing it. Damn it I hate crying. I thought. After about an hour of laying in my bed I finally fell asleep.

I woke up and found that Jeremie was asleep and Aelita was sitting next to the fire wood facing away from Jeremie and me looking up at the stars. I quietly got up and walked over to her careful not to wake Jeremie.

When I got over to Aelita I sat down next to her. She didn’t seem to notice. I looked like she was lost in thought.

“You okay?” I whispered.

“Huh, um yeah you should go back to sleep.” Aelita whispered.

“I can’t sleep.You should go back to sleep though.” I replayed.

“Oh, and no I won’t I can’t sleep either. Why can’t you sleep?” Aelita asked.

“Because when I’m in new surroundings I have trouble sleeping the first few nights. Why can’t you sleep?” I asked.

“I would rather not talk about it.” Aelita said.

Before one of us could say anything more were heard gun shots not far away. It sounded like they were on the edge of the gully. Jeremie shot up in his bed and looked around wildly until he found Aelita and me. Aelita, Jeremie and I all crawled over to the center of our camp and sat down.

“What should we do?” Jeremie whispered.

“I’m going out there and I’ll one of three things. One kill them, two lead them away, or three die trying.” Aelita started to get up but I pulled her back down. “What was that for?” Aelita asked.

“You’re not going out there. Look it’s still dark and the gully is pretty big it’s very unlikely they’ll come close to finding us.” I explained.

“What if they do come close to finding us?” Jeremie asked.

“Then I’ll go out there and handle them because I’m the one how would have put you two in danger by this plan.” I said dead serious.

We then heard a man yell in pain the more guns fired. It went silent for a while until he started to hear the moans of the zombies.

“We need to stay quiet for now lets grab our weapons and sit here.” Aelita said. As we were all told we went over to our own bags and grabbed our weapons but I also grabbed a journal and a few pencils from my bag as well so we could still communicate with each other.

When we all got back to the center Jeremie saw my journal and made a motion for me to hand it to him. I handed him the journal and one of the pencils and handed the other pencil to Aelita. Jeremie wrote something down then handed it to me. It said. Thanks for stopping Aelita from going out there. I wrote back no problem and handed it back to him with a small smile. Aelita looked at us confused then motioned for the journal and Jeremie handed it to her. She read over what we wrote and then set it in the middle of us.

After about 5 minutes of complete silence Jeremie laid down and closed his eyes to go back to sleep. I looked over to Aelita and she gave me a nervous smile. I grabbed the journal and wrote Don’t worry everything will be fine as long as we're quiet, and handed it to her. She read over it then wrote back I hope so. and handed it back to me. I wrote one last thing that said If anything happens i’ll make sure you and Jeremie get out ok. and gave it to her.

Once she read it she looked at me for a second but we were both distracted by a noise just outside our camp. I jumped up to my feet unsheathed my katana and readied to charge. Aelita was shaking Jeremie awake and once he woke up he made a loud groan of annoyment. Aelita whispered something in his ear then Jeremie’s eyes snapped open.

That groan Jeremie made though, got whatever made the noise’s attention and it started to head toward us. After a moment or two we started to hear moaning. I relaxed knowing it was only a zombie and I could sense Jeremie and Aelita did too. A few moments more and it came threw the foliage walls of the camp. It was a male and he was about my height I waited for him to fully enter the camp the ran towards it. When I got up to him I kicked him to the ground then stabbed my sword into his head. When I removed my sword blood oozed out of the wound and trickled down his face and started to make a puddle of blood.

I walked back over to Aelita and Jeremie and sat down. Aelita and Jeremie smiled at me and I smiled back. Aelita handed me the journal. I looked down at it and it said nice job :). I smiled and wrote Thanks, and handed it back to Aelita.

After about thirty minutes of complete silence and none of us writing in the journal the sun started to rise. So I got up and and whispered to Aelita and Jeremie that I was going to go look around and see if I could locate the gun men. Aelita and Jeremie both argued with me saying I souldn’t go out there. But in the end they won so I sat back down.

“How about we eat something.” Jeremie said getting up to grab some food. When he got back he tossed both of us spreadable cheese and crackers. “We should eat these first before they spoil.”

“Good idea. What do you guys think we should do after we eat?” I asked.

“Instead of you going out alone two of us should go out and search the area to locate the gun men. And the other should take care of little deady over there.” Jeremie said pointing over his shoulder at the dead zombie.”

“I think it would be best if Jeremie and I go and check the gunmen's location because we know the layout of the gully like the back of our hand.”Aelita said.

“Fine but where should I put him?“ I asked.

“Take him about a hundred feet away from here and bury him by the time you’re done we should be getting back from scouting.” Jeremie said.

“Okay, but I don’t have a shovel.” I replied.

“Here I have a shovel in my bag you can borrow.” Aelita said getting up and walked over to her bag.

When she got back she handed me the shovel. “We should get going. All three of us should take a water bottle with us.” Aelita said.

Jeremie and I both got up. Aleita was already over by the water bottles and tossed both of us one. Then took one herself.

After Aelita and Jeremie left I walked over to the body and set the shovel onto his body then wrapped his arms around it. Then I tried to lift him up but to no avail. I grabbed his hands and started to drag him. Please don’t let the arms pop off like a cheap toy. At Least if they do come off I still have to legs I could use. I thought I started to giggle as I walked because of the image of two kids pulling on the arms of a toy that looked like the man I was dragging and the arms coming off and the kids falling back.

“I really shouldn’t laugh at things like that but I can’t help it.” I said to myself knowing I was the only one who could hear me. This should be about far enough. I thought. I set the body down and then picked up the shovel and started to dig a hole.

After about thirty minutes, I finished the hole. It wasn’t the traditional six feet or I would be stuck in the hole and have problems getting out. So I dug it to be more about five feet deep. I climbed out of the hole and walked over to the body. I took a good look at him and noticed he had something in his pocket.

I reached into his pocket and pulled out a wallet. I opened it up and saw a student's ID. The student was attending Lakewood High School and was named Toby Corr. Once I read his name I froze. That name. I know that name but where? I thought. I sat there for a minute then a flash back popped into my head.

I was swinging on a swing set at my elementary school when I saw three older kids pushing another kid in my grade kid down. I jumped off the swing and ran over to them. When I got close to them I saw that the kid who was pushed down was a kid in my class. The older three boys walked started to approach the kid in my class. Thankfully for my speed I was able to get in between them and stop the older boys in their tracks.

“Leave him alone!” I yelled fearsly.

“Aw how cute the little girl came to save her boyfriend.” One boy mocked.

“Shut up and leave!” I continued.

“And if we don’t?” The second boy said smirking.

“Yeah what if we don’t leave? What can a little girl like you do?” The third boy spat.

“I’ll show you how it feels to be beat by a girl.” I growled getting angrier by the second.

“Ha! Yeah right. What can a helpless little girl to us?” The first boy said laughing.

“If you’re smart you’ll take my warning and leave us alone.” I spat getting twice as angry by being called helpless. The first boy started to approach me. I stood my ground. When he got close to me he slapped me across the face. It hurt really bad but I couldn’t show him that he hurt me.

I looked the boy who slapped me and smiled. “Is that all you got?” I asked smirking. I then turn to face him completely. This time just as he swung I dogged his punch. I then made a fist and punched him in the stomach and as he doubled over I pushed him to the ground. “So do you two want to take my warning or would you like to end like like your friend there?” I asked

The other two boys apologized for what they did and helped their friend up and left. I walked over to the who was pushed down and helped him up.

“So what’s your name? Mine is Toby Corr” Toby asked smiling and looking at me with amazement.

“I’m Yumi Redfox. Aren’t we in the same class?” I asked.

“Yeah I believe so. Thanks for helping me out.” Toby replied.

“Here lets hang out for the rest of recess.” I said holding out my hand.

“Sure.” Toby said grabbing my hand.

I suddenly felt someone shaking my shoulders ruffly snapping me out of my flashback. In my disorientation I shoved whoever it was way from me and knocked them down.

“Yumi calm down it’s me Jeremie.” Jeremie said. I calmed down and looked at Jeremie.

“I’m sorry you startled me. Here let me help you up.” I said.

“I can see that.” Jeremie laughed.

“Why did you come looking for me?” I asked.

“Aelita and I got back to camp and since you weren’t there I told Aelita to stay there just incase you came back and I went to look around for you. When I found you, you were staring at something and weren't responding to me calling you name. So I started to shake you lightly the gradually started to shake you harder until you snapped back to reality. Why was that?” Jeremie explained.

“I was having a flashback. I saw something in his pocket so I grabbed it to see it it would help us any. But it was a wallet so I opened it to what was in it because you never know what you’ll find. While I was looking I saw his student ID and it told me what his name was. When I read his name I recognized it and then I had a flashback of how I knew his name.” I explained.

“Oh what was his name?” Jeremie asked.

“Toby Corr. Hey since you’re here will you help my barry him?” I asked.

“Sure.” Jeremie said helping me pick up Toby's body then placed him into the hole I dug and then buried him.

“So where are the gunmen?” I asked.

“It seems as if they left the immediate area. So we should be safe for now. Lets go Aelita will start getting a lot more worried about us if we don’t get back soon.” Jeremie said.

“Yeah sure but first I want to do something.” I said.

“Okay but hurry.” Jeremie said.

I walked back to the grave and placed Toby’s student idea on top of his grave and then joined Jeremie then proceeded to go back to the camp.

When we got back Aelita was laying down on her bed sleeping. Jeremie grabbed the journal that was still in the middle on the camp and wrote something then handed it to me. It said ‘We should let her sleep.’ I looked up at Jeremie and nodded my head in a agreement.

We both sat down on our beds doing our own things. Jeremie laid down onto his back and started to fiddle with a necklace i didn’t notice until now. ‘I guess he was wearing that under his shirt to keep it safe.’ I thought.

I layed down on my bed as well and started to watch the clouds pass by. I sat up a little bit and took a sip of my water and laid back down. Then I heard rustling in the bushes again. Jeremie and I sat up quickly and looked in the direction of the sound. When we looked over we both saw an adult Bull snake slithering out of the bush and into the camp. I held up my hand to Jeremie telling him to stay put and slowly got up. The snake seemed to sense me moving and slithered away from my direction and towards Aelita.

I was now fully up on my feet and slowly started to walk towards it but it started to slither towards Aelita faster. I started to run to make sure it didn’t get to her but I was too late it slithered under her pillow. I stopped in my tracks and bit my lip trying not to laugh out loud. I looked over at Jeremie for a second and he looked confused. I mouthed the words ‘It went under her pillow.’ then Jeremie too was trying not to laugh out loud. Lucky Aelita rolled on to her side and the snake slithered right in front of my feet so I picked it up.

I walked away from the camp about twenty feet or so and went to set the Bull snake down but he moved his head around and latched on to my arm with his teeth. I pulled my arm back making the bit worse and drawing more blood. I stood there for about another thirty seconds and it let go. I then set him down and backed off and when back to the camp.

When I got back Aelita was still asleep and Jeremie was looking at her smiling slightly. When I got fully into the camp he looked over at me then his eyes widened in fear.

“Why are you bleeding?!” Jeremie whispered not trying to wake Aelita.

“It bit me.” I whispered back referring to the Bull snake.

Aelita shot up from her sleep and screamed “WHAT?! YOU’RE BIT!?”

“Aelita calm down I was bit by a Bull snake not a zombie. I’m fine.” I said walking over to her.

Aelita seemed to calm down and demanded. “Let me see it.”

“Okay here. Be careful though its a bit tender.” I said holding out my arm. Aelita grabbed my arm carefully and started to look at the bite. Jeremie crawled behind Aelita and looked at the bite too.

“It looks bad.” Aelita said worried.

“Actually it’s not too bad it just looks that way because of the blood. The bite is relatively small. ” I explained.

“Why is it bleeding so bad?” Jeremie asked.

“I instinctively pulled my arm back when it bit me tering some of the skin.” I explained with a small laugh.

“Nice job Yumi. I have some bandages in my bag you can put on that. But you should rinse it off first.” Jeremie said walking over to his bag.

“The bandages won’t be necessary but thank you. But I am going to go clean it off.” I said.

I got up and grabbed my water bottle, a rag, and the shovel and walked out of the camp and went about fifty feet out this time and dug a hole and rinsed off the blood over the hole. After the blood was gone I dried the my arm with the rag and since I got blood on it i put it in the hole then put the dirt back so the zombies wouldn’t sence blood.

When I got back camp my arm stopped bleeding. Aelita was sitting where she was before and told me to go over to her so she could see how it looked now. So I sat down next to her and help out my arm.

“Okay it looks better. So how did you get in a situation where a snake could bite you anyway?” Aelita asked.

I explained the whole story. We all had a good laugh when I told her that the snake went under her pillow.

After I finished telling her the story Jeremie threw more spreadable cheese and crackers at us and said that we should eat.

After we ate it was about three in the afternoon. I started to get thirsty so i grabbed another water bottle and opened it up.

“Were going to be running out of water in about a week does anyone know anyways we can solves this?” Jeremie asked.

“We could go out and make runs to restock.” Aelita suggested.

“Okay that sounds good.Do you have any ideas Yumi?” Jeremie asked.

“Well I know how to purify water.” I said.

“Good we’ll need that.” Jeremie said.

“What should we do we still have quite a while till the sun goes down.” I asked.

“How about we go out for a run.” Aelita suggested.

“Sounds good we can find things that can find things that can help fortify our camp and make our living here better because we aren’t moving out until it gets too bad here or we are running too low on supplies.” Jeremie said picking up an empty bad. Aelita and I both got up and walked over to our own stuff and grabbed a bad ourselves and our weapons. Since none of my bags were empty I grabbed a bag and dumped out everything onto my bed and walked over to Aelita and Jeremie.

“Lets go.” Aelita said taking lead.

After we got out of the gully we walked right into a school yard. We all were walking side by side. We all walked in silence listening for any warning signs of threats. Since we didn’t hear anything we walk up to the glass door and prepared to enter.

“Ready?” Aelita asked.

“Yeah. Lets go.” Jeremie said.

“Wait. Even though we can’t hear any of the zombies doesn’t mean there aren’t any. I have an idea but I need something that will make a lot of noise if thrown.” I said.

We all split up and looked for something that would work until I found a hollow metal pipe.

”Guys I found something that will work.” I said walking back over to the door to meet back up with the others.

Once we were all back at the door I opened the door and threw the metal pipe hard enough to hit the wall on the other side of the room and listened. All what I heard at first was the ringing of the metal pipe bouncing on the floor. Then once the pipe stopped bouncing I heard a few groans from inside the building.

“Where did you get the idea of making a lot of noise to draw out the zombies we didn’t hear?” Jeremie asked.

“Long story short I watched a lot of zombies movies.” I said putting emphasis on the words a lot. “Now lets go in and take care of them.”

We all moved into the building with our weapons helped up ready to attack. I looked down a narrow hallway and saw a zombie heading right for us. Then I saw Aelita in the corner of my eye release an arrow into the air and hit the zombie right in between the eyes.

“Nice shot.” I said over to her.

“Thanks.” she replied.

I looked over to Jeremie and saw that the way he was facing was clear of any threats. I heard moaning and just as soon as the moaning started three zombies fell from the bridge above up and landed right on their heads. When they hit the ground there was a huge cracking sound and blood splattered with in 5 feet of where they landed and just barely hitting all of us.

“Well you could say it was raining men.” Jeremie joked. I giggled at Jeremie’s joke but Aelita just facepalmed and shook her head.

“Bad joke Jeremie.” she said removing her hand from forehead. “Anyway we should split up and find thing we can use to cover more ground.”

“Okay.” Jeremie and I said in unison.

“I’ll get up stairs you two should stay down here and search find me up stairs when you're done or need something.” Jeremie directed.

Aelita and I both nodded in agreement then Jeremie went up stairs.

“Do you want to look around with me or do you want to split up?” I asked.

“How about we do a mix of both. We will stay with each other while walking thru the halls but split up to check the rooms that are right next to each other.” Aelita suggested.

“Sounds good.” I said lets get that way first there seems to be more rooms over there.” Aelita said.

“Sure.” I agreed.

We walked down the halls looking in every place along the way. once there was a turn off to go down two different halls. We looked at each other and as if we could read the other’s mind. We both turn and went down the two halls. I took the left and she took the right.

I entered the first room I walked by. The room’s lights were off and the desks were in groups of four facing each other. In each rows of desks there were three groups. The teacher’s desk was in the very back of the room facing the front of the room. The cabinets were covered in textbooks and random nicknacks. But while I was looking over what the cabinets held I spotted a ceramic mug filled with scissors. I grabbed the mug and took it over to the teacher’s desk and set it down. I rummages through the drawers for some rubber bands to hold all of the scissors together. While I was going threw the dror I felt a sharp pain go across the palm of my hand.

I yanked my hand out of the door and looked at it. Cross my palm the was a long cut that was bleeding badly. “Crap. This isn’t good. I need to wrap something around it soak up the blood. I’ll use a part of my shirt.” I thought. I grabbed one of the scissors and cut the bottom two inches off of my shirt off. Now showing the bottom of my stomach I wrapped the cloth around my hand and tied it the best I could. I looked across the desk and spotted a pile of rubber bands and so I grabbed 4 of them and tied them around the scissors and put them in my bag.

I carefully searched through the door that I was looking through to see what I cut my hand on. After I moved several papers out of the desk that had drops of my blood on them I saw an exacto knife in the desk that had blood on it. I picked it up and put it with scissors then looked threw the other draws of the desk. But to no luck. I didn’t find anything else that could be used. Before I left the room I checked out the window to see if anything was coming. But nothing was outside so I left the room and headed to the next one next door.

When I walked into the other room I saw a girl curled up into a ball in the corner of the room. She looked like she was a student. She had strate long red hair and she had a pink blouse on.

I walked up to her and put my hand her shoulder. “Hey, are you okay?” I asked. The girl instantly turned around and lunged at me. Catching me off guard she took me to the ground. I pushed her up off of me to see where I could see her face. Thats when I saw the cold dead eyes she had. I quickly shoved her off me and jumped back. I unsheathed my katana and ran it threw her head. A few drops of blood landed on my hands and the girl fell onto the ground dead.

“That was too close.” I said to myself. I then looked around the room and saw a large book. I walked over to it now reading the book’s title. “Kingdom Of Yarrow? Sounds pretty cool I should read it on my off time.” I said to myself putting the book into my bag.

Then I heard gun shots coming from out side. “Oh no Jeremie and Aelita I need to find them.” I said to myself running out of the room. I ran back the way I came and to where Aelita and I split up. As I turned the corner I saw Aelita running towards me from the hall she went down. We continued to run and turned once we entered the main hall and ran for the flight of stairs Jeremie went up.

Right after we got to the top of the stairs Aelita and I hear the glass doors shatter and voices coming from outside. Aelita and I both ran into the nearest room finding Jeremie running right toward us and accidently tackling Aelita and landed on top of her. They both stayed like that for a few seconds processing what just happend. Jeremie was the first to snap back to reality and quickly got off of Aelita. Noticing this Aelita also snapped back to reality and blushed as Jeremie helped her up.

“Are you two okay?” I asked looking towards the door listening for the gun men.

“Yeah. We should hide in here. By now they most likely have already entered the building.” Jeremie said walking back into the large room and motioning us to follow him. Once we were all in the center of the room we all looked around for a place to hide.

While looking around I notice that the room’s walls where lined with sewing machines. Also the room had a kitchen with several stoves. While looking around Aelita got my attention by her walking over to a closet in the room and opening the door.

“We should hide in here its filled with stuff we can hide behind.” Aelita said quietly.

Jeremie and I both walked over to the closet and let Aelita go in first. Then Jeremie followed and sat down next to Aelita. As I walked into the closet I listened to the sounds from outside of the class room and heard the men close to the room. I grabbed the exacto knife and a pair of scissors out of my bag and set it down in the closet along with my katana and started to leave.

“Wait where are you going?” Aelita asked getting up..

“You two stay here and keep my bag and katana with you. I’m going to lead them away from here. I will be back. If worst come to worst I will meet you back at the camp.” I whispered closing the door before they could object.

After I closed the door I ran out of the room. I ran over to the stairwell and hit the scissors against the metal handrail of stairs then ran behind a protruding wall nere by.

“WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!” one man yelled running to over to the stairs looking down them with his pistol raised and ready to fire.

I quickly ran up behind the man at stabbed him in the spine with the scissors and pushed him down the stairs pulling the scissors out as he fell.

Once he finished rolling down the stairs he lifted his pistol and pointed it at me then pulled the trigger.

“Thats what you get bitch.” the man said before dying. The bullet hit me right in the shoulder right under my collar bone. I screamed in excruciating pain and started to cry. I moved away from the stairs leaning up against the protruding wall I was hiding behind before. Another man came running over to the stairs with his pistol raised as well. When he saw the first man’s body he turned around and saw me leaning us against the wall and walled up to me.

When he got up to me he crouched down and grabbed my jaw squeezing just hard enough to cause pain and to keep me from looking away from him.

“Did you do this by yourself? Of course not you just a little girl there’s no way you're alone out here. Where are the others you're with?”the man asked.

I could smell his rotten breath but tried not to react to it. I sat there and looked him defiantly in the eye not saying a word to him. But he squeezed my jaw even harder making me yell in pain.

“I’M ALONE I SWEAR I’M ALONE!!!!” I screamed in pain.

“Sure you are. Now get up!” the man demanded. Without giving me a chance to get up he pulled me up to my feet by my shirt causing more pain got threw my shoulder making me cry out in pain more. Without thinking I pulled the exacto knife out and slammed it into the man’s throat making him let go of me and fall onto his knees. I ran away from him as he started to fire his gun. Luckily none of the bullets hit me.

I ran around the corner to only be grabbed by another man who slammed me into the wall hard making me hit my head.I fell onto the ground as the man pointed his pistol at my head. Everything started to fade into black as the man was about to pull the trigger when suddenly an arrow shot through the man's head and he fell to the ground next to me dead. I saw Jeremie and Aelita running down a flight of stairs escaping. I smiled as everything faded to black.
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