The Baby Whisperer

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Chapter Fifteen: The Sins of the Father

When I lived on earth I was known as Siba. But now that I am a spirit of the universe, there is no name for what I am, and what I do. Neither, as it stands, do I see things in black or white. There are just truths and untruths, and along with that, a never-ending list of questions from all you precious human beings.
The questions make me smile. But I’ll tell you something; all I ever hear everybody talk about is: The sins of the father! The sins of the father! Well, what about the sins of the mother? I have to ask.
This is an interesting concept, which, so happens to involve one of the little ones in Tobey’s circle.
As briefly mentioned earlier, baby Albert Simon - the eighth member of Tobey’s soul group - was from a very worthy lineage. One, dotted with hard work and good deeds.
In the 1930s one of Albert’s Ancestors helped build several chevras - or small synagogues - as they were referred to back then. These dwellings were mainly set up to provide welfare for the impoverished Jewish community of London’s East End, and also doubled up as a place of worship. Albert’s Ancestor did not charge any money for his labour and volunteered his services without reserve or reward.
“Adonai Yireh” Albert’s ancestor would say with a happy grin.
“Adonai Yireh” meaning: ‘The Lord will provide’
This highly dedicated man seemed more concerned with his community’s well-being, than the amount of change he had rumbling around in his pocket.
Due to Albert’s family’s honourable deeds, many of the descendants have been the lucky recipients’ of good fortune.
But, in spite of all these blessings there was one aspect, however, that the family had not been able to overturn. And that it seemed, was the dreaded curse of poverty.
Yes, poverty lay over this family like a dark shadow looming on the horizon. No matter what took place, it was always there but alas… it wasn’t always so...
Like everyone else, baby Albert’s Ancestors began their journey with a relatively clean slate; they were highly favoured and extremely blessed.
They were bequeathed with two almighty gifts; the gift of will and the gift of choice. And both of these intriguing dynamics would inevitably produce fascinating results - or consequences as you will.
Good choices meant favourable fortuities, which were lavishly distributed on the family’s descendants. And bad choices – well. Let me tell you about one of baby Albert’s Ancestors.
Albert’s great, great, great, great, great grand-mother - or somewhere thereof - was an obscenely wealthy woman. Her name was Zipporah. She had married a man even wealthier than herself.
As in life, an interesting situation had suddenly presented itself. She needed to make an important decision. She had to decide whether to have her baby brother murdered so that her son could inherit the family’s fortune. Indeed, this sacrifice would mean her dynasty would be assured throughout the ages.
Oh my oh my! The short-sighted vision of the human mind…Nevertheless, Zipporah made her choice without delay.
Zipporah only lived a further seven years. But as she had hoped, her family enjoyed a hundred years of wealth. Wealth, which was seemingly acquired off the back of her cunning decision.
On the surface this family was extremely rich. But what the family did not know is that it had now ironically inherited wealth, but not prosperity. And they are not the same you know...
As decades became centuries, the gushing flow of wealth began to recede to a trickle, as though someone had turned off the tap of good fortune.
Then a time came when everything stopped.
This is not to say that there were no more riches to speak of. In fact, some of Albert’s Ancestors were able to carve out quite a good living for themselves. It’s just that whenever money did arrive, it appeared to seep into the ether much like dry riverbanks absorbing the rain. There simply was no accounting for its presence. In the same way, all the family’s long-term investments resulted in rack and ruin. In short, when it came to the matter of money it was a case of: here today, gone tomorrow! An aphorism sorely felt by those from this Ancestral Tree.
And so far, no amount of good deeds have been able to overturn this. And that is how it continues to be to this very day...
Now, many of you are probably thinking that a life-long sentence of poverty is a tad bit extreme. Especially, when it was caused by one person, and one person alone. But in this world - where we are all divinely connected - there’s simply is no such thing as alone. The Ancestors all had a part in the stirring of you and I...
However, on a less depressing note, the definition of poverty in baby Albert’s case hasn’t always been absolute in its entirety. For you see, many of his Ancestors became extremely diligent workers. It was as if they saw hard work as the best stick to fend off the onslaught of poverty. And as time passed, hard work gave rise to other fruitful rewards and benevolences, and from these, some of the descendants were able to obtain slight reprieves.
In the same way, many of Albert’s Ancestors were completely oblivious to this protrusive default in their lineage. After all, there was no middle-ground. Poverty was the accepted alternative, and they appeared to be no different from everyone else around them. But of course they were. For Albert’s kin were not merely stuck in a financial rut, they were being constrained by an ancestral curse...
Consequence is no coincidence! A fact. And a truth. Which is quite interesting, as you don’t often get many of those.
But as it appears our consequences have shaped all our Ancestral Trees, and with that - the history of the world! It is bewildering to think one small flame can start a forest fire, yet, a simple action in time has the power to change…time...
To that end, although human beings are bound by the choices they make, their genealogies are free to roam and intertwine, and over the ages they have done just that! Things are no longer black and white. Our bloodlines carry lineal blessings and curses, each, working alongside and against each other. Each, vying to overlap, nullify or counteract the other. And when this happens, the results can be quite encouraging, as is the case with baby Albert’s mother and father.
As it so happens, the aforementioned curse of poverty derives from Albert’s fathers’ genealogical tree. However, Albert’s mother’s family, the Epsteins,’ are an auspicious lot and have been for a while. It has over time been joked, that if any one of them should happen to fall into a river, they would come up with a salmon in their mouth.
Although hard working, baby Albert’s father was a broke, self-employed, accountant. Yes! You heard correctly. It seems highly inconceivable but people with plush careers and meagre funds do exist you know, as I can clearly see.
But as fate would have it, the highly affable - but also cash-strapped - Ben Simon, met and married the lovely Zoe Epstein, whose family also happened to be owners of a bank.
An accountant - a bank! I say no more…
Moving forward, baby Albert’s offspring will undoubtedly feel the sting of poverty pinching at their heels, but the blessing of affluence which follow Zoe’s lot, could very well provide a salve that soothes the wound.
For indeed, our fascinating Ancestry is a swirling pot of, goodness, madness and sadness - and who’s to know, in any case, what the outcome will be? Some blessings, cover a multitude of curses, and some curses overshadow a band of blessings, but all families under the sun have a generous share of them both…All families under the sun…
And that - in a proverbial nutshell - is the poetry that rustles the great leaves of our Ancestral Trees.
However, just before I continue with Christine’s story I would like to answer some queries, if I may? This is because I hear these questions floating around all the time.
The first one is: What exactly are the Ancestors saying to us? And the second: Why should anyone have to take on the sins of the father?
In answer to the first question, I will say that some people do indeed hear whisperings. And these whisperings are the voices of the Ancestors calling out to their kin. Although they call from the past - they do not want their descendants to go back there! Oh no! It is quite the contrary. They want their descendants to look upward (for that is where the help is) proceed forward, march onward, and liberate themselves. Liberate themselves from all the fears that once held them back.
Quite simply, the Ancestors’ whisperings is an instinctive call…to remember.
You are the luscious green earth; it is rooted to your veins,
You are the cool, crushing water; it is calling out your name,
There’s a fire that burns in you, yet, you are not at odds
You were made to do all things,
Don’t you know? Ye are Gods

And so, the scattered whisperings are a call to remember. Which brings me onto the second question. And that is: why should anyone have to take on the sins of the father?
I must say, it is not an easy one to explain. However, it is important that I do, as it weighs quite heavily on the human soul. Interestingly, it was also the same question I asked myself after I died, and saw the world in its true form. I was quickly given the answer then, and I’ll tell it to you now…
What if I told you that this cause and effect relationship was consciously set up - not to hinder - but to enrich lives on earth?
Take agriculture for example: when man tills the land, something happens - something grows. Here, is a brief illustration of a cause (someone working on the land) ending with an enriching and positive effect (someone reaping from the land) this was a natural blueprint for how the world was intended to be. And I continue: From the love of two, will spring a love for many (children) And, when you help a neighbour, it gives birth to a community; a place from which nations are formed...This cause and effect relationship was established as a positive and rewarding indication. However, as we can all see, it doesn’t always work as it should. Not to say the mechanism is flawed, but rather, it can only be tool of positivity when positivity is applied. When the reverse happens. Well…I guess, this is what we now call life.
Moreover, this relational mechanism is also the mark of a creative intelligence that wants everyone to acknowledge the indispensable code to our creation. And that is: one is always the result of the other. And, you can’t have one, without the other...This cause and effect relationship was deliberately put in place, so the world would understand, that it does not work alone…
So then, if this cause and effect relationship is the reason why we have consequences, why is goodness rewarded you ask?
Well, earlier I said, my life on earth held too many questions and not enough answers, which, I admit, was a bit of an oversimplification on my part. If you listen in carefully of course you are able to get the answers you seek - I didn’t say you would like them though. But since you asked, I will answer you this: If the reward for ‘goodness’ isn’t evidence of the ‘divine’ then by Jove! I don’t know what is! But lest I digress, let’s get back to Christine’s story.

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