Only in the Dark

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Chapter 11

They were both silent for a while. Aris sat on her bed, which had mostly dried from the window being open earlier. She was still trying to get over what had happened before in the night. Billy was lying down on the lime green shag rug; he had grabbed a pillow off of Aris’ bed when they came into the room. He began to wonder how everything would end. Aris was really starting to worry him. Since neither of them had slept the night before, they both fell asleep. Even though they kept the lights on, Billy hugged the flashlight like a small child would its teddy bear. He knew if the lights went off again he would be vulnerable in his sleep, and if Aris decided to attack him he would not be able to stop her.

Unlike Aris, Billy was a very light sleeper. Usually that meant a lot of sleepless nights, but tonight he did not mind. He hoped he could wake up and run out of the room in time if anything happened. His mind stayed on guard to hear Aris’ bed creak, or a surge in the power, but instead he heard Aris’ door screech. His eyes shot open and went straight to Aris’ bed; she was still in a sound slumber. He wanted to fall back to sleep, but instead he looked behind him at the door.

He squinted to get the sleep out of his eyes, and saw that Aris’ parents stood in the door frame. “Mr. and Mrs. Walker?”

Her parents looked as if they were caught with their hands in a cookie jar. They stared at Billy for a moment before saying anything. Robert spoke. “Oh Billy. We didn’t realize you were here. We just…”

Margret stepped in. “…saw Aris’ light on and thought she was still up.”

Billy noticed something strange about Aris’ mother, but was too tired to really understand the situation.

Aris’ parents stood there for a little while longer before giving an awkward goodbye and shut the door behind them. Billy put his head back down on the pillow, and drifted back to sleep. He was not sure why Aris’ parents were in her room, they almost never came out of the basement. Even when they did, they usually went straight to bed. Billy’s thoughts did not last very long; exhaustion caused him to pass out on his pillow.

Margret and Robert made their way out of Aris’ room and downstairs to their lab. Margret put the serum back in the refrigerator, and gave a concerned look towards her husband.

Robert leaned on the cabinet next to the fridge and sighed. “Do you think Billy knows?”

Margret nodded. “If not he might figure it out. Aris would tell Billy whatever she has been going through. Plus they had the lights on. She must know something will happen in the dark.”

Robert agreed. “Did you see the flashlight he had? He is altering variables we did not anticipate. It might be time to jump ahead of schedule and test out Aris’ abilities. I think Billy would make an excellent test subject, don’t you?”

Margret smiled. “You’ve never liked the boy have you?”

“He has been on to us since he was a child.” Robert pushed his glasses up.

“That boy watches too many movies.”

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