Only in the Dark

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Chapter 13

Once Robert and Margret got into their car, they headed straight to their lab facility in town. Margret sat in the passenger seat looking through the digital pictures she had taken of Miss. Fluffkins.

“This was definitely caused by a human. There are no claw marks, but it looked like parts of the dog were ripped by something with a grip.”

Robert kept his eyes on the road. “Do you think it was Aris?”

Margret nodded. “She is farther along than we thought.” She turned the camera and took a closer look. “She must have gotten out last night without our knowledge.”

“Good thing we didn’t give her that stronger dose. I’m not sure she could have handled it.”

Margret shut off the camera and put it down on her lap. “I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions yet. I think she is a lot stronger than we thought. If Billy was with her last night, then she must have gained enough control to stop herself from attacking him. They must have figured out a way to keep the cells from reacting in the dark.”

“He had a flashlight last night, when we went in the room. Remember?”

“Do you think that little bit of light would make a difference?”

“It must have. If we want to keep stepping up the experiment, then I think a stronger dose is exactly what we need.” Robert turned left into the lab facility.

Margret nodded. “The flashlight would probably become useless then. We could get rid of Billy before he figures out exactly what is going on.”

Robert drove up to a parking spot and stopped the car. “I think Aris will lose control completely after a few more doses, and then she will act exactly how we want. She’ll give into the primal feelings completely. You saw her at the dead dog. She pretended to be disgusted, but she was smirking. I think this is going just as we wanted it to.”

Margret unfastened her seatbelt and got out of the car. “Let’s get this sample tested, and make sure Aris was responsible. After that we will make up a new dose to give her, and plan how exactly we are going to get her where we want her. We need to work this out quickly just in case Aris decides to strike down someone else in the neighborhood.”

Robert swiped his ID card and held the door open for his wife. “Yes. We should also test how much light is needed to slow the blood cells down. That could tell us how much to up the dose.” The two went to the elevator and down to their lab to work on their newfound information.

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