Only in the Dark

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Chapter 19

He hated to leave her, but it would be too risky for her to leave again. Billy was determined to find a cure so this whole thing could get behind them. He drove to the lab and saw another car that was not there before. He parked far off and waited for the person to leave before he went inside. The person that left was not Aris’ mother, which made Billy very happy; he hoped he would not have to run into her anytime soon. His whole body still hurt from Aris attacking him, so he had to move slowly. He went through the side door again, and took the elevator down to sub-level four. They had kept the key card that opened the door to the test subjects, so he used that to get inside.

The lights were on and everything looked the same as the previous visit. Billy ran over to Simon’s cage. The boy looked tired like he had just been through experiments. His eyes were shut, but he opened them when he heard Billy come up to the cage.

“Simon, is there anyone else here?”

“They just left.” Simon was leaning up against the wall of the cage.

“Is there a cure?”

“I don’t know. They haven’t tested one on anybody that I know of. If there is one, I don’t think it’s here.”

“Great.” Billy sighed, and decided to look around anyway. That room seemed to be where most of the serum mixing happened, so maybe he could find a cure there.

Aris woke up to find herself alone in the motel room. She got up and looked around, the keys were gone and so was the car outside. Billy left her, and she had a feeling she knew where he went. She knew she scared him back at the lab, she scared herself, but now Billy was going on his own to try and find a cure. That angered her. She was not going to lie to herself about that. She needed to be there; it was her problem to bear. Aris opened the door and looked out at the night sky.

“This is your fault Billy.” She took off into the dark, letting her senses take over.

She ran for a long time, but she knew that she could not run the whole way there. She needed a car, and she needed food. Aris made a sudden stop when a familiar scent filled the air: flesh. Someone was nearby, and Aris hoped they had a car. Prowling nearer to the smell, Aris hid behind a couple of trashcans in an alley. There was a tanned looking man fiddling for keys for his red Ferrari. Aris sniffed the air and peeked around the corner; there did not seem to be anyone else around.

When the man turned to unlock his car, Aris pounced on him like a cat on a bird. She went straight for the neck. He could not get a chance to scream. After she had her fill of the man, Aris grabbed the keys that he dropped on the ground and drove away in his car, leaving the bloody remains on the sidewalk.

This time the killing felt different. Unlike the connection she had with her father, Aris had no ties to this man. Even devouring Miss. Fluffkins was followed by guilt. This time, she felt nothing. She enjoyed ripping the man to shreds just like before, but she felt no remorse after. Aris found herself licking her lips and her fingers on the way to the lab. The only thing she regretted was that she did not spend more time tearing the man apart.

Once she got to the lab, Aris parked by her parent’s car, and went inside the same way as before. She knew where Billy would be. The elevator stopped at sub-level four and Aris got out. She was glad to find the place mostly empty, save the lights that filled the room. She had calmed down since killing the man on the street, but even with the monster buried deep, she felt nothing for him.

Aris looked through the small window of the large metal door to see Billy rifling through papers in search of the cure. He took the key card, so she pounded on the metal causing Billy to jump. Relief washed over his face when he noticed Aris in the window, but then an unsettled look arose. He walked over to open the door.

“You shouldn’t be here.”

Aris walked in. “You shouldn’t either.”

Billy let the door shut on its own, and followed Aris to a lab table in the middle of the room. “You’re covered in blood.”

“What else is new?” Aris scoffed and started looking through papers on the table.

“Aris, this is serious. Whose blood is that?”

Aris shrugged. “I dunno, some guy’s. I needed a car.”

Billy’s eyes widened. “What? You needed…Aris don’t you even care?”

Aris snapped up and her eyes met Billy’s. “I’m here aren’t I? So why don’t we just shut up and find the cure, okay?”

She went back to looking while Billy stared at her, stunned for a moment. He walked over to the other side of the table and continued to look for a clue to the cure. The two were so busy searching they did not even notice the door open to the lab.

“Looking for this?”

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