Only in the Dark

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Chapter 5

Down in the basement Robert and Margret were looking over their findings on Aris. They had written down her behavior, routine, and habits over the past few days. They had been tracking her behavior sine the day before the first injection. They chose to inject the serum on Tuesday, so they could spend time with her the next day, and see if anything had changed.

Robert pushed up his glasses as he took notes. “The serum seems to be taking effect sooner than expected.”

“Yes, though Aris does seem more tired today. The serum is still bonding to her system.” Margret did not look up from her notes.

Robert nodded. “I am quite surprised she already craves meat, I did not predict that until later in the experiment.”

“Everything seems to be going better than expected.” Margret agreed.

“I knew our girl had it in her.” Robert gave a proud smile.

They had taken a blood sample of Aris the night before they injected the serum. Margret looked at the blood under the microscope and observed the cells reacting normally, just like any human blood. Robert prepared a slide with the blood they had just taken from Aris, adding an ultraviolet mixture to it. He handed the slide to Margret. This sample also looked normal, just like the blood they had taken before. Robert flipped off the lights and turned on a black light next to the microscope. Margret watched as the blood began to change. It began to react to the darkness. The cells were moving around; it looked almost as if the blood had begun to bubble. Both parents found these results to be very pleasing, and began to run more tests on the blood sample late into the night.

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