IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter One Hundred and Four

Ted shook his head as he listened to Herb. “Yeah I know that I should relax and let the girls go for some fun and shopping, but…”

Stephen covered his face to hide his grimace. “Yeah, me too. I got it bad on this one. You know, the what ifs…”
Herb sat back in his old chair which protested with its usual loud squeak and groan. “I talked to the major in charge. They’re taking this up on the basis that an attack will be made and are using that basis for their planning, as if, you know, the enemy, the darkness, will try to, um, take ’em out.”

Herb looked at the sad faces across the table. “Hmmm, probably a poor choice of phrase, but look guys, weather permitting, they’ll have infrared overhead, anti sniper teams on rooftops, overwatch at all points, two decoy teams. Look, they’re playing this like they’re trained to do. If somethin’ goes down, they’re the best hands we have.”

Ted bent over, shaking his head. “Yeah, I know the line, but I KNOW the dark side too!”

Stephen nodded. “Me too, but that isn’t it for me. Sure, the darkness seeks to sweep us all away, to have its own way here on earth, finally, for one last mighty stand against our Lord, but they’ve already lost! Evil can rise to try, that Grace may abound the more. For you see, even though the billows of darkness will blow hard against us, the Light too, will grow Brighter in that day, that all may see, that God is Light, and here it is, in spite of the growing darkness.”

Herb reached out a shaking hand to the boys. Closing his eyes he led in prayer. “Yes Lord, I so agree. Let your Light shine before men, that they may see the Light, and turn from wickedness in their high places. But here we are Lord, about to claim a spiritual victory in faith. Even though the enemy may send legions of the very essence of evil, Lord may your Grace abound the more, may you Lord, place the same protecting hand we felt during the blasts upon these girls, so that…” He shook his head as he choked and sat back.

Ted felt a rumble start inside of him, tried to choke it back, but the words, strange to him, tumbled out in a rush from the Spirit, spreading Peace and Calm Assurance.

Stephen rocked back in his seat as words flowed through him. “Peace be unto you. Know this as you pray, that legions of death wing toward rendezvous, but the Lord of Heaven and Earth, stands ready with His Truth, and you who believe will be Healed and Rewarded in that last day. Stand firm and believe for today you will see the triumph of faith over that which is condemned. Stand fast therefore. Praise the Lord of Lords and King of Kings.”

Ted and Stephen sank back in their chairs as the moment passed.

Ted finally found his voice. “Beyond.”

Stephen and Herb nodded in unison. “Beyond here too.”

Together the three wept without shame before the Lord, for what He the Lord has done and for the victory he is about to do…

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