IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter One Hundred and Five

Miles away under thick hovering clouds, on top of one of the buildings across from the shopping mall, Jeanne settled into her place of concealment, watching and waiting for her targets to emerge. She inched to the side, using her glass, looking for Bjorn. He’s so good at this concealment thing, better than most, and a better shot too.

Dark clouds pressed around her and Bjorn, funneled there by hordes of legion, swirling and shooting toward the mall, probing and testing for the telltale flash of Light, revealing heavenly warriors waiting in ambush, but finding none. Encouraged, legions rushed for the three vans of troops, hung there a moment and made for the mall.

Guards looked at each other and nodded as they felt a cold wave make them shiver outside of the light mist. The girls were correct. We did feel the attack start as a cold press upon us. How did they know?

The captain tapped a key and spoke a single word. “Edge.”

Inside the mall, Rita and Carrie looked up as troops picked up their bags and surrounded the two. Rita felt her pulse quicken as she heard the key word. “Edge.”

Rita and Carrie grabbed each others hand as they marched for the door, knowing from the key that a miracle was about to happen, for their sake, and for those around them.

Jeanne fought the urge to quicken her pace which would spoil her aim. There, the first of the guards are leaving, watching for attack. She centered her sight on the door, ready for the first opportunity, knowing that Bjorn did the same. No bomb this time. Now we’ll do it my way. Just a simple shot from long range.

Three teams of snipers scanned the opposite rooftops but couldn’t penetrate the swirling clouds of darkness, placed for this purpose. They received the code word, but couldn’t locate the targets.

Rita and Carrie hesitated outside the vans as the back door swung open for them. For a brief moment, as troops stepped aside to let them in, they stood exposed.

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