IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter One Hundred and Six

Ted fell to his knees on the hard gravel of the parking lot. Stephen felt the same rush and knelt beside his friend. Together they whispered. “It is time.”

Herb felt the rush of the Spirit. “Ah, the edge.” Instead of kneeling on the hard wood floor of the chapel, he grabbed Diane’s hand and the two of them sang out to the Lord. “Oh Lord, be our Strength and Shield. Praise be to the Lord, the giver of our Faith. May this moment be remembered as Victory.”

Ralph and Elise stopped and turned to each other. Together they raised Rita and Carrie before the Lord in Faith. “Oh Lord, we feel the edge too. May your Strength abound the more.”

Reggie couldn’t see the long row of numbers anymore. “Ah, the edge.” He set his pencil down, tears dripping on the neat rows of numbers as he murmured his love and care for the girls to the Lord.

Chris and Dave felt shiver as they stood by the side of the church. Their pants showed the result of hard labor. Dirt stains and smears of green from the plants showed the care and devout focus they now gave each job after the ‘lesson’ from Reggie. A single word echoed from one to another as they dropped their hand trowels and lay on the ground before the Lord, as earnest in prayer for Rita and Carrie as they gave to the new plants. “Edge.” Both grabbed the turf, trying to give extra meaning to the care they felt in their hearts. We don’t understand all of this, but we know the edge and we know the Light. May your Grace abound.

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