IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter One Hundred and Seven

Warrior grinned as he placed a well practiced hand down on the front of the van, pressing it down to the pavement, causing the back doors of the van to suddenly shoot up in defense.

Two shots chipped paint off the inside edge of the door, right in line with each of the girls, rocketing off into the air. The guards reacted per training. As one they leaped in front of each girl, using their own bodies as shields, pressing the girls into the vans, which seemed to have bounced back to level.

Drivers muttered into mouthpieces. “Herding lambs.”

Squad cars raced into prearranged intersections on an escape route.

A blaze of Light shot out from a long row as warriors erupted from under the vans heading straight for the heart of darkness. Snipers suddenly welcomed clear view and placed crosshairs on the now exposed shooters.

Bjorn felt a sudden kick in his shoulder, lifting him up and back as a second round entered his chest, exploding his heart. His last look was of cold darkness reaching for him, dragging him down a dark funnel. He screamed. “Nooooo…”

Jeanne flung over to her side as a round hit her shoulder, throwing her rifle into the air. She convulsed in agony, then flew back against the hard panel by her side as a second and third round shattered her conscious thought. Her last view widened her remaining eye as she witnessed an advancing row of glowing warriors pushing the darkness aside. She screamed as darkness closed over her. “Nooooo…”

Rita huddled down close to the bouncing floor per her instructions. Yea Lord, though I walk through the valley of death, I shall fear no evil.

Carrie huddled next to her, tears dripping down her face. Stephen, I’m okay. I shall not want. I fear no evil, for the Lord is with me.

As they murmured their prayers, darkness felt rod and staff of the Lord.

From all sides the legions of darkness felt His warriors. Dropping all pretense of attack, they blew away in complete disarray, individual shadows fleeing from piercing shots of Light.

Guards remained on edge, blowing through each intersection, racing toward a waiting rendezvous. Rita and Carrie fell over as the van careened through the last corner and into the open doors of a warehouse.

Three minutes later, three identical convoys emerged, each in separate direction, all bound for unknown destinations. Each driver followed a prearranged set of directions, not knowing whom they carried, just the route.


An hour later Ted and Stephen felt a wash of relief spread over them. Ted looked sharply at Stephen. “I think the lambs are back in the fold. How ’bout you?”

Stephen brushed parking lot off his knees as he stood up beside a grinning Ted. “Yeah, me too, but…”
Ted couldn’t help grinning and Stephen had to also. “What? You can’t take a little taste of victory? This is real stuff. Light over darkness. Faith holding firm in the jaws of the enemy.”

Stephen grinned back. “Oh, I know the realness of it, but, okay, here’s my thought. You see, most of the guards and I suppose Reggie and Herb will say, hey, that was too close, you should cancel your date for tomorrow night and play it cool. But to me, um, what are the right words here, um…, yeah, playin’ it cool would be to go ahead with our date, prearranged though it might be, and showcase the mighty power of God.”

Ted slapped Stephen on the back. “That, my dear friend is the best idea of the day. Yes. Though I walk through the valley of death, I will fear no evil, for thy rod and staff will comfort me. That sort of thing?”

Stephen beamed back. “That’s it exactly. Wonder what the girls will say?”

Ted pointed toward the entrance to the parking lot where three vans stopped in a cloud of dust. “In a few minutes you can ask her. Whew, look at the rush over there.”

Both stood in awe as they watched the guards pass off their charges to a waiting assembly. The girls disappeared into a throng of protection, never still for a moment, always switching back and forth toward the doors of the church. Two other guards brought along bundles of shopping bags.

Stephen led Ted toward the group only to be stopped halfway by an intense squad of guards. Ted wasn’t fazed for a moment, but appreciated the desire of the guards. “Thanks guys, those two girls are more than precious to us. Remember us from yesterday?”

Two of the guard relaxed in recognition. “Careful sirs, the girls went through a lot today. You can’t go in yet. We’re setting up a secure entrance for you in the back. This will be closed for the evening.”

Ted and Stephen followed the lead of the guards and followed around the back, conscious of piercing eyes, looking at them from a distance. Ted leaned to a guard. “We’re being scoped right now, aren’t we?”

The guard nodded. “Yes sir, just walk briskly along with me and don’t move your hands around much.”

Stephen noted the tone from his army days. “You took some shots, didn’t you? I can tell by your stance.”

The soldier didn’t answer but moved them along. “That’ll be for the lambs to tell sir.”

Ted and Stephen entered the rooms and into the arms of love.

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