IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter One Hundred and Eight

Angels gathered in the air near the Arctic Circle in northern Alberta, Canada. They shifted and sorted waiting for Word. Gentle angel kept careful watch until all stood ready. When he raised his hands in the air, the warriors took note and stopped for him. He circled around, waiting…, waiting…

Cold arctic wind scattered wispy clouds among them. Taking deep breath, he blew with tremendous energy into the clouds. Turning to the others he bowed his head. “It is time. I will push this breeze to its rightful destination. You all know what that means and your assignments. Now go.”

Herb grabbed one of the new t-shirts and looked at the stern group. “It is time. Time we took the fight to the enemy. No more cowering in defense.

Ted and Stephen, you guys are right on. Of course you should go ahead with your double date. We’ll prepare the way in prayer, same as yesterday afternoon.

An’ we’ll wear these from now on, everywhere we go. See what they say? Simple and true, straight from the heart, for the Glory of God. When I was in…, when I had my vision, please believe me in this. I found out that…, this simple little verse of ours holds tremendous power against the darkness.”

He flipped the t-shirt around. “See here on the back? It leaves no doubt what we stand for. Pray with me for revival. So that’s it. Remember in Mark, where Jesus sent out the disciples. I kind of feel similar to what they might’ve felt. Knowing what we do about the edge, and also knowing the Power of the Light. Let us not be weary in well doing. Let us make our mark, for it is time!”

Others stood where they were and followed suit in chorus of faith. “It is time!”


A dark messenger tumbled into a sulfurous entrance screaming for Brodine. Pointing back from the arctic where he came from, he screamed his warning. “The warriors are up to something big. Something about, it is time. What does it mean?”

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