IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter One Hundred Nine

Ed Jones felt cold chill coming from the stair well. He heard men shouting in near panic, followed by the low growl of something not of this world. What’s this? I’ve never heard anything like that on any battlefront, much less here in St. Louis. He shivered as dark feeling of doom reached him. Three confused guards retreated up the stairs, rifles ready but not seeing a target. “Don’t understand it sir. We have seven men down that I know of. It’s like…, I’m sorry sir, this doesn’t make sense, but it’s like the building is being used to attack us. Something down there sir, in the second basement…, something so hideous, I can’t…”

Ed stepped past the men, trying to peer into the darkness below. “I smell smoke too, not like a fire, sort of sulfurous, volcanic? Alright, try to set up a perimeter around the control room. Most electric is out. Watch your step.” Ed turned back to the stair well. He heard it again. The deep rumbling growl of something. Ed pulled back from the confusion, listening to his inner voice. He snapped his fingers with the answer. He turned and yelled back to the three retreating guards. “Do we still have a secure line that works?”

“Yes sir. So far the phones still work.”

Ed followed the men back to his control room. Two others had the control panel off the room utilities. The lights flickered, then went out. Ed fumbled in the half light of the emergency lighting for the crumpled note in his billfold. Well Herb, you were sure right. Never thought I’d need this.

Herb and Diane entered the phone lab. Diane squeezed his hand. “See what Bill and Jean did in a couple afternoons? I don’t understand what it is that they did, but now we have two phone banks, and these computer cubicles for e-mail.”

One of the phone volunteers looked up from a call in alarm and motioned to Pastor Herb. “It’s for you. An Ed Jones, head of Homeland Security in Chicago.”

Herb reached for the phone. “I haven’t talked to Ed since the last bombing. Wonder if he remembers my warning?”


Ed got right to the point. Herb? Ed Jones here. You were right on with your warning and it came on just like you said it would. We have an emergency situation here. I didn’t believe you then but I sure do now. I’m way over my head in this. Think your people could give us a hand?”

Herb broke out in a cold sweat. He motioned to those around him. “It’s another attack. Call everyone to prayer. He shook himself like a wet dog does and reached for Him. Lord, what is your will here? We can pray in faith against the darkness. What else do you want here?

“Ed, I’ll put our prayer teams to work on it immediately. I know Gordy and a few others who know the darkness and know those whom we captured. They need to tell you their story anyway. Can I send them up to you?”

Ed made a quick decision. “I’ll send a chopper. Be ready on your end.” Ed glanced up in alarm as two guards slumped into the room, carrying a third. “Look, I gotta go. Whoever you send will be cleared by me.”


Herb set down the phone and turned to the volunteers. “Okay people, here we go. That was Homeland Security in Chicago. Don’t know how to explain this, but they’re under direct demonic attack. Get people in prayer. Pray against the darkness in Chicago…, and against Brodine Emerson III.”

Herb leaned back in serious thought. Somethin’? What am I missing here? We need to…, what Lord? What is it?

Diane woke him with her serious tone. “We need to get some people up there, to carry the battle to the enemy.”

Herb snapped his fingers and put his arm around her shoulder with a hug. “Diane, you did it ’gain. Just the question I placed before the Lord. Here it is, right in front of us and I didn’t see it. Spread the word. Who wants an opportunity to go on the attack, you know, direct intervention against a demonic attack?”

Diane clapped her hands together. “I’ll bet there’s people out in the youth building who’d jump at the chance to strike back in faith, like little Sam and her parents. I’ll go right now and ask.”

Herb went out to find Gordy and the boys. These guys know Brodine, sort of. They know the darkness and His Light. Ed needs their insight, by the Power of the Spirit. Lots of prayer to know His Will. We’ll get groups in petition right away.

Diane hurried over to the youth building. Rushing through the doors, she yelled for attention. “Hey everyone, we have another spiritual emergency. There’s a team of people workin’ to help us that are under intense spiritual attack. Who’d be willin’ to go and fight back?”

Little Sam squealed and rushed to her mom, her face in sudden flush. Mommy, my angel…, oh mom… She suddenly sat down and blinked rapidly, face flushed and beaming. “Yes, I know.”

She turned to her mom in Calm. My angel’s on the way. We should go too. Can we, huh?”

Andrea looked up as Rueben walked over. “Well, we did promise Ted that if we had a chance to help, we would. What do you think?”

Rueben rubbed his hands together. “You kidding? Of course, and not just us. Look!” He waved his arm back across the building where dozens of people leaned forward. I think we’ll take this small army and march off to war, kids, parents, and angels together on the same team – For His Glory.”

Diane stood on her tiptoes and got a quick count. “Wow, at least thirty seven for now. All who can, listen. Get in groups and pray. Pray that we’ll know His Will, pray against the edge of darkness, pray against…, Brodine Emerson III. And pray…, that the darkness will be stopped…, right now!”

Little Sam squealed again. “Mommy, my angel. He’s gonna stop the darkness. You’ll see. Can we go, huh?”

Diane looked back as she rushed out. Across the room, people grouped together in prayer, some with hands held high to God, others huddled in prayer in sincere tone of petition. She stopped in her tracks as she looked at Sam, standing alone, looking up as if listening to something else. But it was her eyes that held Diane. That’s the same look that Ted gets in vision.


At that precise moment that little Sam squealed about her angel, Passionate Bright Light burst into the scene in the command room where Ed Jones shook his head and muttered. Intensity more than matched the filthy darkness that recoiled from it. The angel reached down with Calm Assurance.

Lights came back on.

Ed Jones looked around in wonder as the hard press of fear evaporated from the room. Wow, Herb, that was fast. Wonder…

Out in the hallway, darkness screamed in horror before being ripped in two by attacking angels, working their way in haste toward the second basement.

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