IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Eleven

Raven moved. This is all about survival. She dressed, grabbed her purse and was out in minutes. Once out the tilted door she discerned that the city she knew was gone. Where to go in this mess? Where do I run?

Raven instinctively looked up and away. There, across the river like a beacon stood the little white church on the bluff. That’s it. I’ll go there.

She startled to see a flare of light to the west followed by the sound of a blast. I know this city, but what’s all this? Directly to her front, a power pole fell into the street with a tangle of wires and tree branches. She jumped in panic as the building next to her shifted and crumbled, throwing masonry and glass toward her. She found her legs running in automatic reaction, with a speed not known to her. She ran ahead, then back, off to the side, then ahead again, dodging each new threat to her safety, trying to reach the high bridge while it could still be reached.

Here it is. The high bridge stood firm in contrast to the seething wreckage below. A pathetic ribbon of humanity swarmed across.

As Raven joined the march across, she realized what was happening around her. Groups of strangers banded together to share the burden. Next to Raven, an older lady limped along, but not too well. Raven moved next to her and with a grim smile eased the ladies arm over her own shoulder. Together they continued across the high bridge, part of a swelling number, all headed for the little white church on the bluff.

Ted staggered as shocks threw him to the ground. It isn’t coming! It’s here! Picking himself up, he staggered toward his bike, seeing it fall and skid across the shaking ground. Looking up, he witnessed the tiny chapel window burst inward. Gotta get help. The city…, we’ll be overwhelmed…

He fell to one knee as Presence closed around him. Be not afraid, for this is of God. You and Rita must be sorely tested, so that darkness will be overcome…, in that time. Go now and prepare for this is the Day of Salvation. This is the day when many will come to His Light, when darkness is revealed and cast aside in His Strength.

Ted felt Calm Assurance flood over him as more shocks twisted the ground under him. He startled to hear a loud blast coming from the far west of Ravenna. Yes, this is it and God is at the center of it all!

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