IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter One Hundred and Ten

Herb dialed in the number. A sergeant answered and handed the phone to Ed. “Ed, this is Herb. Have something here for you if you can handle it. We’ll have at least thirty seven to send your way as direct spiritual intervention. But, they’ll need a place to stay and at least access to close proximity to your location. Understand the security issues on your end. These people know the darkness and His Light. Maybe you can arrange transport with the guard here. I’ll let you work that part out. You see, we’re on the edge of discovering who did these terrorist attacks and more. That’s why I need you to give Gordy and the boys a serious listen. You’ll see.

Ed Jones listened and nodded. How do they know if we haven’t figured it out yet? I’m gonna jump on this. The chopper is on the way for your three. I can easily arrange for a group that size. Leave that to me. I’ll get my staff on it right away. Oh and thanks. Don’t know how you folks did it. But the lights are back on and hmmm, don’t know how to explain this, but a sort of calm seems to be spreading where a hard press of fear held us down. Can’t explain that.”

Herb chuckled on the other end. “Little Sam. She’s the one. Quite another story there. You’ll get to meet her too as part of the group. Ummm, side note here. Get to know these people and their stories, then you’ll understand where we’re coming from, not of us, no, not at all, but of Him, simple and true, straight from the heart, for the Glory of God.”

Brodine ran down the hall as fast as his bulk allowed. He waved his arms wildly back and forth. “The prayers, not the prayers. That little girl again, can’t…, can’t fight her faith.”

His face contorted into a foul rendition of that which lurked inside him. “No, no, I’ll fight you. I’ll fight back against the Light.” He stopped and bent over, wheezing slowly in and out. Can’t run…, can’t stand up…

When he was able to stand up, his face told the story of heart disease and gluttonous diet. A surge of black shapes whirled past him, fighting back the Light, accepting heavy losses to put up a perimeter around Brodine.

Brodine found new strength and whirled back. “My edge is back. How many times do we have to do this before the issue is settled?”

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