IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter One Hundred and Twelve

Herb grasped the pile of written testimonies and handed some to Diane. “Never thought I’d see the day when we have too many testimonies to share, an’ such great ones too. I mean it. Any one of these could be used…, just don’t know which ones.” He shook his head in puzzlement.

Diane paused to look through the letters. She lowered the pile and snapped her fingers. “That’s it. Something Elise…, or maybe Jean, said to me. You know, about putting these testimonies onto our web page so others might know the Power of God, and knowing, they might turn to the Light.”

Herb settled back into his chair with its squeak and groan. “Gotta get this chair fixed. But what a concept. We have here, maybe thirty or so, plus what we have planned for Sunday live. This is so cool, or beyond, as Ted would say. Let’s get the word out. Whoever wants to share, can put together a video, or a written statement like these. Other churches can pick this up, along with our services. Maybe revival can move this way too?”

Diane reflected a moment. “It all started with the quake below an’, no…, from years ago, people like Elise’s mom and dad, prayin’ for revival, that’s the cornerstone, the prayers reachin’ to God, fightin’ back the darkness so people could see the truth…”

Herb stood up with the usual squeak and looked out the small chapel window. “This is where Ted had his first vision, then the catastrophic volcanoes in Antarctica and the Andes, that graphic video of darkened ice rushing toward the sea, moving to cause global flooding. So here we are today, getting’ ready to proclaim the Power of God in testimony to the world. Sometimes the surprise of it all, and the feeling of wonder at what God is doing is, is…”

Diane joined Herb at the window. Looking out, she spied two couples, standing at the overlook, huddled together in prayer. “See, it’s that exactly, people in prayer for revival, an’ from what Ted and Rita told me, revival is spreadin’ out, to people like the restaurant owners daughter, bringin’ ‘em to the Light. Can’t wait to share this Sunday, about how God saved us from such an explosive death, an’ how we felt the Hand of God, protectin’ us…”

Herb put his arm around Diane. “Yeah, to feel the Hand of God, and now to share that with the world. Ted’s right. It is beyond.” Herb looked out the window at the four in prayer. Now with this comes a change, from only defense to a new thrust. Can’t forget Gordy, and Chris, and Dave.

Diane looked up into his face and recognized cloud of concern. “What is it dear? I know that look. Somethin’ else come up?”

Herb nodded and placed his hand on her shoulder. “Yes dear, there is. Right about now, Gordy, Chris, and Dave are going head to head with darkness, letting Ed Jones know about Brodine Emerson III, that old man that we know so little about, and how it all ties together with us…, and the future of this nation… Hmmm, never been on offense like this before. How are the prayer groups doin’?”

Diane swung around to look him full in his face. “They are not only doing fine, but relish the opportunity to take it to the darkness. In fact, some asked why we weren’t doing this before?”

Herb thought for a moment, then grinned. “In a way we were. You see, all that Elise’s parents did to set us up in advance, all in faith, not knowing what we know now. Now Ted and vision, and mine…, kind of like we’re on the cutting edge of takin’ on the darkness. Somehow I feel as if a piece is missin’, you know, the final piece where we can step back and say, aha.”

Diane picked up his hand in love and understanding. “Come on, let’s go check our messages. Maybe the answer will jump out at us.”

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