IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter One Hundred and Fourteen

Ralph and Elise were supposed to go next, but they turned to Herb and Diane. “You should go next. You had vision too.”

Herb and Diane walked across the stage to a hushed crowd. Diane looked down to see people quietly weeping, others too stunned to show emotion. Diane filled her mind with the Peace of God and held out her hands toward the audience. “Do not be afraid, for the God who is Righteous and Just is also Healing, able to heal each of you and this land from many afflictions. I know of His Healing Power, for I witnessed it happen in a little girl, two old men, and a crowd of hurting people.” She raised her hands in the air. I saw His Healing Angel stretch out his hand over Tent City, where the Shield of Faith now abides.

For you see…, God is Love and Light. I know He can Heal you too, when you turn from sin and trust Him, like I have and the others standing with me here today. I know of vision, having felt the Healing Power of God pass through me and into Herb.

I know of darkness, seeking to lure you away with false gods of society that will lead you back into darkness. I know and believe that Calamity is about to fall on this nation. Herb will tell you, for he too, suffered many things to bring you this word.”

Herb looked into the crowd, trying to catch the mood. He strained to see some, tears running down their face silently turned up toward heaven, lips moving in prayer. Other faces filled with hate and shock toward him. Lord, let these feel your presence here today. Let them know Lord, that you are the Only God. May I be so used in your service. “I remember quite vividly that night when an intruder placed two bombs in our home, hoping to take us out. I remember the heat of the blasts as they took away our home, but I also remember the quiet comfort of God’s Hand, holding us firmly to the ground as hot debris blew over us. I remember too, standing in vision, in a place of higher understanding, as he showed me that yes indeed, the water will come right up to here.”

He placed his hands on his waist where the water came up to. “According to several agencies measuring the approaching water, it’s almost at this point now.”

He paced back and forth showing the crowd how high the water will come. “I don’t know if others in this country had similar vision. If so, I’d sure like to hear from you.

I remember also, the healing of the Spirit as I sat so discouraged, and also the Healing of the spirit in my ankle and knee. I feel twenty years younger too.

But what is next? I don’t know…, yet, the nature of Calamity. Calamity that is poised to consume this nation, but it will come, for it is in the works right now, ready to catch the unprepared, the one whom isn’t ready to turn to God. So turn from your dark path, turn to God.

Others will be sharing this day about what God has done and what He’s going to do. Then…, come to the cross.” He bowed his head a moment then turned and walked off stage.

Ron and Tim, each in turn, told of the now famous attacks and how God saved them from a fiery grave.

Ralph and Elise shared how God saved them too. Elise turned her eyes above as she proclaimed. “Come, all ye who are heavy burdened. Do you not know His Light? Learn from these examples that we are not here to frighten or amuse. But to simply obey His calling, to trust in Him in Faith. We have no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey. I remember as I lay on the smoking ground outside our home, not hatred or anger toward the terrorist, but of concern that he would find a way out of darkness. You can too, no matter where you are, or what you’ve done, Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”

All eyes turned back to Herb as they switched places. He waited, letting the Lord speak vision if he chose. Finding none, he entered the last phase of the service with a plea. “All of what you heard today is meant for you, the one who wants to find the Light, but is instead focused on other things, that seem bright for a passing moment, but then are gone. Turn now. Seek ye the Lord while He may be found.”

He turned directly into the camera. “America, you too can reach out to God wherever you are, simply call us at the number on your screen or by email. Thanks to Bill and Jean, we have two fully manned phone banks ready to take your calls. Come to Christ today.”

The mixed choir broke into a low hum, slowly building into the words of the hymn, ‘Revive Us Again’.

Dozens broke from the crowd and hurried forward, revival sparking across the crowd. Ralph hugged Elise. “Revival. That’s it. I can feel it happening.”

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