IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter One Hundred and Fifteen

High over the Arctic tundra, the gentle angel blew energy into the storm, changing direction slightly, moving the storm at precise schedule. The clouds spiraled tighter, building on the added energy. Within two days, the spirals reached out, making the system appear to be a fully developed winter storm to those watching from weather satellites. The angel blew harder with purpose, forcing the storm to spin, moving it into warmer air where it slowed to feed, to build, and become the monster it is destined to become.


Herb wanted to say something to the three busloads of volunteers heading north to Chicago to join Gordy, Chris, and Dave. This is such a big deal, to move over to offense against darkness. These people are taking on the darkness in its home court. Hmmm, Lord, what do I say?

He let his gaze wander from one to another. “You will be on the front lines of a new venture. Take the Name of Jesus, wherever you go.”

He centered on little Sam and her parents. “You have the advantage, for you have Faith so great, yet a little child can lead you in that Faith. A little child who saw an angel lift away a broken wall so she could be carried to safety. A little girl who saw Healing angel sweep over our multi-purpose building in a show of Power and Light, and this same little girl who can speak against the darkness, to heal those who believed in Tent City. Faith is the Victory. Believe people, believe it and you will do well.”

Diane and Herb stood by and watched as buses pulled away under heavy security. Diane held her breath a moment. “You think they’ll be alright?”

Herb thought of vision, of healing, and put his arm around Diane. “Oh, they’ll be more than alright. They’ll be wonderful.”

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