IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Six

Pastor Herb sat back in his chair which responded with a sharp squeak.

Ted looked up at the sound. “That squeak is getting worse. So is our situation. I can’t get Randy’s words out of my mind. Somehow I’ve suspected that there might be dark plot to take over the world and now… Rita and I…, we’ve seen his darkness…, stretching over the horizon, seeking its’ own, then His Grace covering it all…”

Ted caught a grimace on Pastor Herbs face. “Diane and I had a talk last night, way into the early hours of this morning, laying it all out before the Lord. I really rely on her intuition and she’s firm on this as bein’ answer to our prayers.”

Ted put his hands to his waist. “Imagine? Randy, the same vision, now Rasheem with the great one and FEZ. Like the last pieces to a puzzle, I’d say.”

Ralph’s loud voice cut into their thoughts. “So you guys felt the pressure too? Elise and I are worried ’bout the others. They didn’t go to your high place Ted, to see what you and Rita saw. They don’t know. Imagine a force so powerful it can take people over and bend them to its will, then move that to an entire country or more. Makes any news out of the Middle East more compelling, like what, hmmm, like a beacon maybe, or a barometer, that’s what I mean. Like a barometer, telling the level of heat or darkness in the region and still manage to cover it up. Wonder…, when will it be time?”

Ted shook his head with his eyes closed. “Yeah well I remember the strength of darkness. Such an overwhelming force. It’s no surprise to me that it could subvert an entire population and manage to keep it under wraps at the same time. Think of all the political or economic platforms it can hide behind, just under the surface, not even known to party members but only a small group of elite. Imagine a force so strong that it can and has formed a secret society. What did he call it? FEN? No, that’s not it.”

Ralph snorted and shook his head. “Randy says it’s FEZ, not FEN, for free economic zone. Think of what it offers compared to what we have here, or what is coming.”

Ted jerked his head up. “Hey, that’s right. I let myself get so caught up in this whole story that I forgot the comin’ storm, an’ I don’t even know what it’ll be, just some kind of disaster big ’nough to stop this nation cold in its tracks because…, because…, because we didn’t stop to realize that God is in control. As a nation we don’t stop our striving without God and each other, and turn to Him in Faith and…”

Pastor Herb covered his face with his hands. “Yeah, just like we did a moment ago and most of last night. Me too. I let my fear and wondering take over and I’ve been allowed to see the Light of His Glory, just like you Ted, and Rita too.”

Ted got up and marched to the tiny chapel window. “Don’t know what’s comin’, but it will be from the west or northwest maybe…, so strong, strong ’nough to crush this nation down to a standstill.”

He seemed to drift for a moment then shook his head. “Remember, we have the Light and His message to stand fast. Gather the faithful and stand ready. Will we pull back in fear as some might, or do we step out in faith as before, guided by His Spirit of Light? That is the question before us and man.”

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