IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Seven

Randy didn’t answer Ramona. He stared off into space, his hands still holding a crusty plate. Wonder when it’ll go down? Certainly not yet, but soon. “You see, right now Christians like you and me, and those at goose River, and the bunch at the little white church on the bluff, stand in his way, in part through the Spirit of God…, and prayer. That’s what I learned from them, the Spirit and prayer. But wow, if we’re gone, suddenly taken out of the equation, then…”

He turned back to his dirty dishes in a deliberate attempt to break his thought. “Here, I’ll start that load of whites for you. Hmmm, lots of bleach, right?”

Ramona stuck out her tongue again. “You’re so funny. Yeah, lots of bleach and, um, oh, don’t touch any of them, or your hand might fall off.”

Randy smiled as he took the reeking clothes to her wash. Now that’s the Ramona I remember. “So how is our dear Jeff and Stone? Any sign of females in their future?”

Ramona shrugged in mock exasperation. “Nope. They’re hopelessly in love with me, I guess. I had hopes for Stone with that cute brunette, but then Stone is still Stone and she didn’t last long. Too bad.”

“That bad, huh?”

“Maybe that’s why they call me so often. I’m still curious though. What do you need to tell me about FEZ and don’t change the subject again because of putrid laundry, or dishes, or whatever.”

Randy squired under her scrutiny. “That obvious, huh?”

He dried his hands by wiping them absently on his jeans, then sat down next to her and sat still a moment. Beads of sweat came to his forehead as graphic scenes played out in his mind as all thought of dishes or laundry flew away.

Ramona leaned forward and wiped her hand on his forehead in understanding. “Tough one huh?” Then she leaned back and let Randy form his thoughts.

Randy held his voice to hushed tone, as if the walls would break in and capture him for what he might reveal. “What I can tell you is this. Remember Rasheem, my college contact, from Syria? Rasheem is running for his life just because they know that he knows this. How he found out and escaped, that must be of God and God alone. Who else could hold power over such a force as this? I know because what he told me matches up exactly with…”

Ramona whispered an interruption. “You had vision didn’t you? This time a horrid awful vision of the great one?”

Randy let out a deep breath. There. Now it’s out and another person will know as soon as I’m done here. “Not just the great one, but what he’s accomplished behind the scenes. It’s testimony to the greatness of his power, and to the blindness of the world.”

Randy sat back and then back down, showing her his anxiety. You see, all this will break in a near future time of chaos. That’s all he needs, a time of great chaos, you see, of world dimensions. Just like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, he’ll break forth with wide banner, proclaiming his solution to chaos, and the…” Randy shook his head in misery. “And the nations will buy it up, big time, as in a rush of acceptance…, makes me sick to think of it…”

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