IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Eight

Ramona fidgeted with a towel. “You think they’ll fall for something that false?”

Randy nodded and smiled. “The great one isn’t stupid. He’ll announce with great splendor, the granddaddy of all marketing schemes. What you don’t know is this. He offers a false free trade zone across national borders, cultures, whatever – it all bows to him… He seems to be able to create economic calm wherever he goes. Throw in rapid military upgrades, and the political will to bend all to his rule of law and there you have it.”

Randy reached out and grabbed her hand as he continued. “So the nations will flock to him, until now under a black robe of deceit. And why not? Under his watch the people eat better, have steady grid, a false sense of safety under his military and political might. See how after a time of chaos people outside of FEZ might view this, while they’re losing money, with nothing to eat, or gas to run. See what I mean, how the allure of it will fit into the coming time of chaos?”

Ramona swayed at the table, drawn back to her pain by what she’d heard. “Is it as graphic as that?”

Randy shook his head. “No, it’s worse than that. My vision…, it haunts me what is coming. The horrible power he welds at his will, able to force those who might oppose him.” Randy stopped then, a pall of fright covered his face as he remembered.

Ramona pulled her hand away from his fierce grip, kneading her wrist from the pain. “Randy. It’s okay. You’re safe here for the moment.”

Randy shook his head again in despair. “No. There is no safe place with this knowledge, ’cept maybe at the little white church on the bluff. They know his way. For everyone else, no safe place. Not until the good Lord comes for me…, and you…”

Randy stared bug eyed into the air as memory returned in rush. His neck muscles clenched and unclenched as each scene passed. He gripped her hand again as if she could pull him back from some dark brink. Then he whispered. “The great one knows how to take each separate entity in the Middle East, like separate fingers of the same hand, and make them bow to his dictate, forming them all into one mighty fist of mysterious power.

You know the history of that part of the world, how they fight each other as much as Israel. No more. Now they’re one great fist of power, hidden under the FEZ banner, determined to rid the world once and for all of the hated Jews.

I saw a session happen, just like I was there. Captured military and political leaders were brought bound and gagged before his portable gold throne. Then he has them unbound and ungagged as they stood before his mighty power. He reached out his hands and brought them together as two fists aimed at them. Some kind of power released as he did so because they fell to the ground in death anguish. Then he pulled his arms back and they stood as one, joined to him forever and to each other. Can you imagine that? Sworn enemies for generations now standing as brothers for each other and the great one. That’s how he takes them over. One group at a time now under the FEZ dictate. And that’s how he’s able to keep it under wraps – until a time of great chaos, then he won’t need to hide any more. You see. This isn’t just political, economic, or a religious movement, or a military attack. It’s all of that – and more.”

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