IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Nine

Rita gasped as she met Ted for breakfast. Oh Lord, not ’gain… It isn’t fair. We needed a moment away… Yes Lord, for your Glory… She twisted her lip in repose as Ted stumbled toward her in his awkward fumbling way. Lord, he needs me! What do I do? Ted gasped as he half fell into her arms. He whispered out his words as if each syllable hurt. “The storm and something else…, so strong it could crush us…, need to sit…, down.”

Rita helped him over to a bench by the parking area frantically looking around for help. Lord, we need the prayer teams, like beyond now…


Ralph stood up from the sofa and felt pulled to the window. Elise noticed his movement and stood by his side. She heard him mumble. “It’s Ted ’gain, and Rita. We gotta go.” She knew that look and jumped back in alarm. “What…”

“No time to explain. We gotta go.”


Herb stopped washing for breakfast, holding the cloth halfway to his face. He leaned out toward the door. “Honey? Diane, did you just here someone call?”

Diane came to the door in a rush. “No, but we need to go. It’s Ted, or Rita. Come on, we gotta go.”


Rita knelt by Ted, brushing his mop of hair away from his sweaty face. My poor Ted. Always gets hit with this. Must be a strong one ’gain. Oh Lord, protect us whatever this is.

Sensing his need, she pulled him close, feeling each spasm pass through him. She looked up to see Herb and Diane rushing toward her, followed by Ralph and Elise. Stephen and Carrie appeared across the lot, pointing toward her and waving toward someone else. Thank you Jesus.

Her tears of love dripped on Teds mop of hair as she felt moved for her man.

She nodded as Herb came up fast, breathing hard. “It’s ’nother vision, or ’nother battle. Really tough one.”

Issues of prayer grew louder until a chorus of love ascended for Ted and Rita and what God was about to do.

Carrie pulled at Stephens arm. “Look, he’s comin’ ’round.”

Rita felt Ted relax and shake as a wet dog might fluff off a spray of water. She bent over to kiss his wet cheek and whispered her love in his ear.

Ted responded by pulling her over into him with return kiss, ignorant of those around. Overbalanced, she fell into him to a chorus of oh’s and oh my’s. Ted became aware of those around them but held her close, nodding his head up and down. “Rita is truly a gift from God. The only one who can help me through my fits. An’ what a fit this one is.”

He let loose of Rita so she could sit up. “I think you’re good for me.”

Rita flashed him her special look. “I’m sure of it.”

Ted waited a moment to collect his thoughts. “Listen up people. The coming time of chaos is at the door. An’ so is the evil one. But first…, do you remember, well here goes… Do you remember before Ravenna and the disaster, how I felt the chapel floor shake and glass break, and then a year or so, the disaster happened that brought us all together? Well, I’m happy to announce that it’s on it’s way ’gain, ‘cept it won’t be a year. The ground will shake an’…, but not here. Can’t figure that part out. Somewhere the ground will explode like never before along with a second effect that also puzzles me. Somehow, a hot blast and cold blast will happen together, but…, how can that be?”

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