IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter One Hundred and Thirty

Guards paused to watch a commotion at the first roadblock. Several grabbed for rifles as alarm spread around camp. Rasheem patiently waited as the officer looked from him, back to the clipboard, then back to him. “I’m sorry that I don’t have enough ID for you, at least none that would make sense, but I’m supposed to be down by that group huddled in the parking lot. This might sound weird to you, but they’re expecting me. Could you check with them? I have nowhere else to go in this entire world, literally.”

Pastor looked toward the commotion by the front gate. “Looks like our friend is here. I’ll go sort this out.”

The guard showed reluctance to let Rasheem talk with Pastor Herb. Reggie came out of the church with a clipboard and a steady pace toward the group. “Yes, yes, this is all in order. Here are the appropriate forms, just like before, but in this case, we welcome him like a lost brother in the Lord.’

Turning to the guards, he motioned them together. “That same group as last week, Randy and Pastor Rondeau are on the way, maybe another. You see, the faithful are gathered to battle for the Lord. Keep a weather eye out, for a great storm is about to swallow us all up, not at this moment but soon. Be prepared.”

Rasheem followed Reggie and Herb to the waiting group. Ted stood as the group approached. “This is it guys. Now that Rasheem is here, and Randy and the rest are close behind, then the prelude to chaos will start, indeed, as if we could stop it, huh.”

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