IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter One Hundred and Thirty

The quiet angel flew to one side of the storm as it blew past. “Full delivery, right on schedule. Beware, all who must endure, for this is your time of testing. Turn to the Lord while it is still light, for the new dawn will break full upon you.”

Jolene checked and rechecked. “No doubt about it guys. The dome has stopped moving but the pressure is building to a dangerous level. We need to evac now. Drop whatever and bug out. Now! Also know that a huge late fall storm is coming. The weather service has issued warnings for seven states in direct path. This is one monster storm. Wherever you end up, you will probably be locked in because of the high altitude blizzard. We have cabins set up at the three mile point as well as farther out. Check your assignments and move. We’ll let this array of equipment watch for us.” She hurried to the window and raised her scope. Something’s different, but what is…

“Look people, the last of the geysers have stopped blowing. Now more steam is comin’ from that crevasse. Let’s move it people. Now!”

Brodine shivered again, knowing that another blast of light was moving toward him, working well to suppress his dark advantage. A dark messenger tumbled in ahead of the approaching Light. “Warriors are riding toward us dressed for battle and riding the wings of a huge storm shouting. It is time! Time for what? What should we do?”

Brodine shook his head and covered his eyes as he moaned out a reply. “No, no, no defense against the Light…”

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