IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter One Hundred and Thirty One

Rasheem stood before the huddled group, a picture of inner piece. “My friends. I don’t know any of you, but yet, I know this, that you are dear friends before the Lord.”

He paused and spread his arms out. “Do you know?”

Ted felt spiritually drawn to stand up and greet Rasheem as one might a close ally and friend. “Yes, for I saw you huddled in discouragement and fear, but no more, for God is Refuge and Light.”

“Yes, exactly, but do you know?”

“Um…, know what?”

Rasheem held out his hands wider. “Do you know of the Radiance of Light that flows from this place? You see…, I was pursued by dark evil until I approached this place. Even from many miles away, a bright light glows up into the sky above you, like a shield against the darkness. I assume that not all see this. The evil ones chasing me held back as I approached. Indeed, could not advance against the Light, for it is God and something…, a phrase, or something…, about simple, or, true, and from my heart…”

Stephen drew himself into the conversation. “It is a gift from the Lord. Our phrase has power because of Him. From the Blood of the Lamb.”

Ted turned away until he faced west. Rita joined him as they both raised their arms to the Lord. It is Power for us, given by the Creator of all, in order to beat back the darkness, for you see, it isn’t us, it is faith, simple and true, straight from the heart, for the Glory of God. It is faith, like that of a little child, like Sam, that binds us to our task; a task that is growing larger by the minute as it wings toward us.”

Rasheem joined Ted and Rita. “So you know of this too? Whatever is coming will be both hot and cold. It is mystery to me, but in faith, as you say, I believe. I have much to share with you about the coming time of chaos, which is at the door, waiting for the signal to begin. What the signal is, is not for us to know, only the Father.”

Pastor Herb joined them in worship. “Yes Lord, even so, come Lord Jesus.”

Diane stood by her husband until the time passed. “Come, brunch is prepared in the multi-purpose building, an’ Reggie has some exciting news. Seems as if some people in this country have caught onto our ministry…, in a big way, really big way. Come on.”

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