IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Thirteen

Yes! With a shaking roar, the first wave passed under to be followed by several more. Land south of the bridge wasn’t high or confining. As a result the raging waters turned in their fury and engulfed a large portion of the broken city.

The two barges in the lead seemed to each select a building for demolition and dived directly into each. With a crunch each building and barge exploded in shattered masonry, windows, twisted steel, and dumped grain.

The raging current continued through the city, crushing each obstacle in turn. Cars, trucks, many people trapped in ruins, and even a bright red toy wagon with a girls doll in it, all surged south into the old docks.

Shortly after the twin geysers opened up behind Miguel north of Ravenna, five similar geysers pushed through in a line forming a half circle south of Ravenna and curving back into the river.

These new geysers, along with the continuing swarms of mini quakes, radically altered the land south of the city. What was a series of low rolling hills and depressions, became a flattened mess of broken highways, broken railroads, and tossed up landscape.

The geysers ripped up the shoreline as well but the surges of the river water weren’t as confined here. These waves of debris flattened out and dissipated to the south and west. Piling on top of this, the northern waves of debris added their accumulation. In this manner a large fan shaped debris field developed south of the former city. The five geysers, their initial energy spent, settled into five rings of hot muddy tangles of debris.

By now, the anxious crowd around Raven pushed their way off the wounded bridge and up the hill. Raven looked around her, then up the hill. This is it. First turn on the right and up the hill.

The little white church on the bluff stood out as a beacon to Raven. Hope they’re up to…, to all this.

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