IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Two

Reggie met the team for brunch. He kept murmuring quiet words to himself, occasionally shaking his head not willing to share until brunch was over. “It’ll keep until after brunch with our new friend.”

Rasheem finally turned to address Reggie. “I only know you by introduction, but these good people are waiting to hear from you and I believe you have good news about the approaching battle, for the Lord.”

Reggie set his coffee down and cleared his throat. “Yes indeed for the Lord, for it is through the Lord that the gift is given. Watch people, for the Lord is providing for us, even now as we wait for the coming storm, God is providing a way for us to help hundreds, perhaps thousands in real, hands on practical ways, for the Glory of the Lord.”

He smiled and nodded at the anxious looks. His eyes teased the group. “Want to know what it is?”

Carrie exploded. “You are a tease.” She laughed along with the group.

Reggie stood. “Come with me. This is something you must see for yourself, and…, yes, it should be about time right now.”

He led the group outside. “See what our Lord is doing.”

The group gasped in unison as a long line of heavy trucks curved down the long drive and around the bend. Seven dark blue vans with the bright church logo painted on the side stood in line along with busloads of volunteers. Reggie looked around the group with a tear showing in his eye. “You must’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to these last few weeks. Well, this is it. People from all over the U.S., especially a strong group from Georgia have answered the call from God to come here on this date in preparation for something, not quite clear yet, what that is, the Lord knows, but regardless, here they are, along with all these truckloads of supplies, to refill us and prepare for a siege of sorts, and all…, all the Lords doing…, for…, it is time.”

Pastor herb and Diane gave a loud whoop. “Yes, thank you Lord. I have to confess. Diane and I helped Reggie coordinate this, along with Bill and Jean. They were the leads in this, for…, it is time. Can’t seem to get that phrase out of my mind.’

Diane shook her head. “Me either. It is time. I know this now, seeing all this help in our time of need. But…, I’m still not sure how all this is supposed to play out other than, it is time.”

Rasheem spoke up. “Yes, I know of this phrase too. It was told to me as I left my secret camp to come here. It is time.’

Ted turned to face the others. “Yes, it is as the angel told. It is time. Perhaps it is time for the big storm, but no, it is something more than that, something about a hot and cold blast – makes no sense.”

Reggie listened, then held up his hand. “Tomorrow all will be revealed, of that I’m certain, for the dawn will bring our message, and our hope. This afternoon, however, we need to get these people and truckloads settled and organized, oh, and you’ll want to welcome a few more Spiritual prayer warriors that I’ve come to know through e-mail. Come on.”

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