IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Three

Pastor Herb led the way up to the checkpoint where officers in charge looked at him in wonder. “We thought you meant a few reinforcements, not all this. This’ll take us a week to sort through and ID.”

Reggie shook his head again. “Nope, not this time. You have those cases of paperwork from last week. You’ll find each team member here will have an ID that’ll match those papers, you’ll only need to check ’em off. See, here comes some now.”

Reggie held out his hand to greet the leading volunteer, an energetic balding middle aged man in a dark blue t-shirt and large plastic coated ID badge clipped to his front. “You must be Don. Here, everyone, meet Don Zearne. He’s the one who organized these busloads from his end in Georgia. Am I right?”

Don pumped his hand vigorously. “Yes you are, brother.” He gestured back to the buses where hundreds of volunteers disembarked in groups, all wearing the same dark blue t-shirts. Turning to the officers, he pointed back. You’ll find everyone with one of these, and a bus leader with a packet of ID for each bus. Don’t know ’bout the truckloads. Did you know? We passed three more convoys of trucks headed this way. It’s like God just dumped his supply warehouse on you, but for what reason is beyond me.”

He turned to see the church buildings and grounds. “So this is it, where it all happened. I think you’ll find the volunteers are like me, more than a bit anxious to see firsthand, what they’ve seen from your services.”

Reggie looked from his clipboard back to the officers. “Do one more thing. Check with your weather people. You’ll find that we don’t have a week, ’cause a severe autumn blizzard covering seven states is bearing down on us, because…, because it is time.”

Pastor Herb turned as Ted and Rita followed, facing west. “Oh Lord, provider of all. Thank you for this moment of friendship in your name, for the supplies, for each volunteer, and for your Blessing, for now, oh Lord – it is time.”

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