IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Four

Swarms of miniquakes suddenly flew out from under the dome, restarting its upward journey, pushed by unbelievable pressure.

The first thick flakes of the storm, swirled over the crevasse, pushed there by a sharpening cold wind.

The quiet angel saw that all stood ready and raised his hands in worship as he announced. “It is time.”

As a result of the storm, no one witnessed the earth rip. The deep crevasse disintegrated into millions of fragments as a blinding flash of released energy announced the event. Rolling echoes blasted out from the point along with continental shaking primary shock waves, flattening anything above ground in each direction. Anything that could be moved, was moved, at an alarming rate. The electric grid blinked off and on, then out ahead of the blasts. Sound waves from the blasts would be detected on each coast as people turned in wonder as the waves in the earth passed underneath.

Seconds later molten rock, flame, and steam, blew thousands of feet straight up into the early morning sky, pulsing through the front of the blizzard.

Weather satellites, monitoring the storm, witnessed the pulse first, then the bright thermal effect as the blast surfaced through the ragged cloud tops.

The remaining portions of the west thumb of the lake, the flattened lodge, the geyser pools, all rocketed skyward in a second massive eruption, peeling back the land as the crater expanded into the lake.

Weather satellites caught the second larger eruption for the world to watch as it ripped back the blizzard and sent a rising thermal of steam and ash through the swirling cloud cover.

The icy cold fist of the blizzard caught each wet particle of ash that it could and carried it up, the only direction to go, adding to the growing cloud mass. Each particle fell back as a frozen clump, then caught up in the thermal again to shoot back up, tumbling over and over, growing to frightening size.

Out in front of the storm, the icy blast joined the pulsing strength of the continuous eruptions, flattening all into weird contours of defeated topography. In back of the storm, the pulsing eruptions blew the storm back on itself catching Joelene and her colleagues in a fist of power that disintegrated the tiny cabins and them into the hills beyond.


Ted felt the ground jump first grabbing Rita into his arms. “It is time.

Those in Tent city jumped in alarm. “No. Not again.”

Panic tinged with fear spread out across the middle of the country as more seismic shocks heaved under them, splintering society and topography. Stations with standby power raced to get satellite views of the phenomenon. People stopped whatever they did in shock at what would soon overwhelm the nation. Stopped moving, stopped running, stopped striving, barely able to comprehend the power of dueling storms.

Reggie pulled those around him together. “This is it, what all the supplies and volunteers are for. When this is passed, we are positioned to reach out as no one else will be able, to go far beyond our precious resources to rescue the perishing, care for the dying, for Jesus is merciful, Jesus will save. Say, isn’t that an old hymn?” He shook his head. Thank you Jesus, for letting this foolish old man witness your power and to now be an instrument for your good work. Yes, thank you Jesus.

Ted leaned forward in earnest expression and led Rita to the bluff. Others had the same idea. Soon the bluff crowded with those wanting to see the edge, not of evil, but of God’s enormous power. “Don’t know honey, might still be too far away from here, but it will dawn on us soon, you’ll see. Right now this storm is swooping down on an unsuspecting world. You know, that gives us precious hours to prepare these volunteers and load these new vans for, um, I’m not sure what for, but we’ll be ready, as ready as Reggie can get us.”

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