IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Five

Brodine paced back and forth. This storm isn’t of me or the great one. Makes me nervous. What’re the warriors up to? A storm like this will ruin my plans. It’ll set the bigger picture back for months, maybe years.

Another dark messenger raced to his side. “Just like before. The warriors are out in front of the storm singing…, it is time. Time for what? What is this about?”

Brodine tensed as another series of shocks rippled under him. “It’s time for…, time for…, what?” He shook his head and murmured his ancient words, letting himself sink lower into darkness, searching, searching…


Ted raced back into the multi-purpose building where teams of volunteers stacked supplies from trailers backed up to the wide doors. “Wow, Reggie even thought of a small fleet of power loaders to handle all these pallets. “Look Rita. There’s Carrie and Stephen. Wonder if she’s doing a report on all this?”

They watched the harsh glare of bright lights and noticed her gesturing to the busy crews, talking into her headset.

Rita pulled on his arm to slow him down. “Look. Is that Randy with Rasheem and Pastor Rondeau? I wonder if Ramona made it back? She looked so pale last time.”

Ted stopped at the three. “Glad you made it back in time. This is so beyond, even for me.”

Randy adopted a serious look. “Yeah, beyond all measure, just like what God is, an’ somethin’ else. Hmmm, I wonder.” What I didn’t think possible is happening right in front of my eyes and yet, I still am in awe of what Christ is doing…, or will be doing with all this.”

Rasheem nodded his polite way. “Randy, my dear friend. You indeed have some amazing friends, of that I have found. You and Ted and I, and the pastors here need to have a long talk, just as soon as we can get away from all this. These kids are so anxious to help…, amazing, just amazing. I’m going to get one of these t-shirts too. Finally, I can fit into a larger group, in safety, and help further His Work. My life to this point…” Rasheem choked at his word and turned away.

Ted and Randy knew that feeling and put arms around Rasheem. “Your part of our family here, in the protection of that bright light you described.

Rasheem could only nod as tears welled up in his eyes. He finally choked out a few words. “Finally…, in the family of God.”

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