IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Fifteen

Ted raced past the church toward the warehouse. If we can get things opened up in time we’ll be able to help hundreds of people. Now I get it. God placed all this here for this moment, for His Glory. He stopped as another thought flew threw his mind. Hesitating he looked to the east over the shaking tree line. Something else too. Something else so sinister in its approach. The problems here aren’t the only thing started in sequence. What is it Lord? What depth of evil could drive people to this sort of dark motive?

Among the early arrivals was an off duty sheriff deputy. Andy realized the depth of need and quickly used his radio to turn help this way. He shook his head in despair, then turned to Herb. “Looks like you’re the one in charge here. We’ll have help within the hour. I’ll direct them to these injured first.”

Andy waved in the general direction of the crowd. “You have quite a set up here. Didn’t know any of this was here. Glad it is though. Everything below is wiped out.”

His radio crackled to life with more help on the way. Andy responded in a flash. “No, repeat no, to that response. Send your units to the bluff above the city…, to the little white church on the bluff.”

Andy turned to Herb. “How ’bout that? We have two army medical units in river rescue training this weekend. They’re only minutes away. What’s the chance of that?”

Herb didn’t answer but a look of understanding spread over his face. Thank you Lord. I have a feeling that’s just the start!

Herb looked past the officer to where a team was frantically setting up tents from the warehouse in the field across the drive. Where did they come from? Lord, this is so cool. I have a feeling we’re all parts of a much bigger plan. What do you have in mind Lord? Is this the start of what we’ve been prayin’ for all these years?

What Herb couldn’t see were emergency teams carefully picking their way back into the stricken city from the high bridge access point. Makeshift liters, broken boards, anything at hand was used to get the seriously wounded away from the collapsed city without becoming victims on their own. Some raced away to the nearest hospital, forty eight minutes away over broken roads. Most added to the barely organized chaos at the little white church on the bluff.

Herb took a moment to break away, listening to his inner voice screaming for him to stop and listen. He could see Ralph and Elise, side by side with Diane, doing the same sorting and comfort that he’d done. Stepping away, he saw Ted take charge of the chaos in the lawn and driveway, staying calm in the midst of frantic people. His team of bikers jumped right in, helping in the same way.

Herb joined Ted for a moment with a pile of blankets and a smile as big as the whole outdoors. “This is it. God’s at work here. I don’t know how, but I have the same feeling I had during my vision.”

Ted reflected the same glow. “Yes. I’m getting’ the same feelin’. You’re right Pastor. This is it. God’s started something here that’s way bigger than you or I. Seriously! Something much greater is started, a timeline that I’m only beginning to understand!”

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