IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Seventeen

Raising his arm, the young man pointed at Rita and sputtered in anger. “You have to stop this! Now!”

Rita heard herself automatically answer. “You’re wrong. I will do this by the Power of the Blood of Christ!”

The young man fell backwards off his bench as his hands covered his face in horror. “No, no, not the Blood, ah, the Blood! Can’t face His Blood, ah!”

Ted moved over toward this group and saw and heard what happened. Ted knelt down beside the young man and reached out to touch his shoulder.

The young man stiffened as if hurt, swore at God, and started to shout vile hatred toward Ted. “Don’t touch me. You’re a man of prayer!”

Just as Rita experienced moments before, Ted heard himself automatically respond. “By the Power of the Blood of Christ, be gone!”

With a shriek as loud as a siren the young man rolled back and forth and then collapsed into a heap. The wild eyed young man was gone. Before Ted lay a sobbing, broken life.

Ted looked up to see a circle of Christians around them, murmuring in prayer. He felt a wash pour over him as the young man convulsed on the floor. Ted heard the group of Christians pray louder as the battle joined, both new and old together, united in His Love for each other and for this sobbing young man.

Ted reached out again. I’m Ted and Jesus loves you.”

This time the young man didn’t jump or shout but only nodded. “Help me. I’m so bad. What do I do?”

Ted pulled out his New Testament and turned to the familiar words of John 3:16.

For the first time the young man could see with clarity what he should do. He looked up at Ted with clear eyes. I’m Chris and I need Jesus too.”

Repeating the process as Rita did, Ted led Chris to Christ. In the flash of a moment, the old Chris was gone. The new Chris picked himself off the floor. Gingerly he stood and shook his head in wonder. “Wow, that was powerful. I don’t, um…, don’t know what to do next?”

Ted put his arm around Chris. “I know what you mean brother. Here, let me introduce you to some new friends.”

Brodine jerked his head around as if he’d been hit. He turned east toward his power source. “What’s this? My own operatives falling away? Don’t they know the power they could’ve held for me? My own handpicked people?” He furrowed his brow and closed his eyes, murmuring his dark words.

His staff knew the signs and knew his look. They scattered from the big chill soon to envelope the room or from his uncontrollable wrath.

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