IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Nineteen

Herb knew the feeling. Oh my. Thank you Jesus. I need to get away with you, don’t I? How ’bout some company like Ted and Rita this time. I think Ralph’s about done for the day.

Herb looked away from the crowd wondering where to go for some quiet time with God. He felt a poke on his shoulder and turned to find a grinning Ted and Rita.

Rita blurted out her news. “Ted just had an awesome idea. All these people need to hear ’bout Jesus and the buildings are full of wounded…”

Ted cut off Rita in his haste. “Yeah, an’ I think I can get the guys to help me set up space for an outdoor service, right here in the parking lot. You know, we can run some cords out from the church and set up a mic…, let’s see, right over there, so the church is in the background away from the smoke of the city.”

Rita felt so moved by an idea coming to her that it frightened her. “Oh my. I just felt something wash over me with an idea. No seriously, like I’m in the grip of the Spirit, you know?”

Herb and Ted looked at each other and answered. “Yeah, we know that feelin’?”

Rita started to twitch and shake in excitement as her idea grew into an intense plan. She suddenly realized what the Spirit was telling her. “Hey guys, what would you think if I told you I just had one of your visions?”

Ted grabbed her from falling down as her knees buckled. “Judging from the glow on your face and your shakin’, I’d say you’re right on.”

Herb stepped up and helped hold Rita. “Isn’t it great when the Spirit sweeps in with a message? What is it?”

Whoa here guys. Maybe I need to sit down. Sorta shaky here.”

Herb and Ted helped her over to an area on the side of the church where they could be alone. They spied a pile of blankets and some chairs set up like some people where there a moments before but were gone now. “Here’s a spot readymade for us.”

Rita needed a moment. Herb and Ted knew the familiar whoosh of the Spirit and gave Rita time. “I’ve never felt such Calm Assurance before…, ever!”

Herb looked into her eyes. “You know that Ted and I understand exactly how you feel. Seriously. What did you see?”

In her soft but firm voice Rita explained. “Ted, your idea for a service outside is spot on, but…, we need to plan for two services.” Nodding her head she continued, now excited by the Lord’ plan. “See the people who turned to Christ this morning? We need to be ready ‘cause that’s just the start. I feel the Lord is movin’ here. Isn’t that what we’ve been prayin’ for, for years now?”

Herb closed his eyes at the thought and whispered the word. “Revival.”

Ted bowed his head and repeated the whisper. “Revival.”

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