IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Twenty One

Rita tore Ted and Herb a fervent look. “Look, we need to be ready to lead people to Christ in a big way. Who can we get? This is so important!”

Now Herb felt the Spirit. “I know quite a few, like Bill and Arlene, the Turners and Linders. You know, I think the Covenant pastor could help find some more of his people. Their building is flattened and anyway it’s underwater now. I’ll try to contact them right away. Is this what you meant by a second service?”

Rita exploded back. “Yeah, big time! I saw us in a service right out here, just like we’re plannin’. You did the speakin’ and singin’ parts, but then, oh my, this is so beyond.” She pumped her arms up and down in her excitement. “You see, after the first service people didn’t wait for the alter call thing. No way, they just started comin’, all excited like, an’ weepin’ for the Lord. We need to be ready for like, hundreds.”

Rita grabbed Ted’ arm in her excitement. “An’ Ted, this is so beyond. We got on TV, the whole bunch of us. Don’t ask me how, but what the Lord’s startin’ here at the little white church on the bluff is gonna spread like a Holy Wind of fire, spreadin’ out ’cross the land. Oh my, I’m gonna cry ’gain.”

Ted held Rita close as she turned into his shoulder, letting her feelings out. “Ted. It’s so intense, being held by His Spirit. Too intense for words!”

She struggled to regain her composer, wanting to remain in the grip of the Spirit. Then she looked deep into Ted’ eyes and murmured to him. “You’re quite the man, standin’ with me through my cryin’, an’ understandin’ my way.” She put her hands over his and flashed him a look that froze him in place.

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